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LEO, the British computer that roared


Remember it well

Looking forward to this. As my father, uncle, aunt and grandfather all worked for Lyons at Cadby Hall. Played tennis & cricket at Lyons Club, Sudbury Hill. Believe the 'Leo' dept was called 'STATS'

Can Jonny Ive's new 'iOS Vista' SAVE the BBC's £100m BRAIN? Yes!



Wow. Having just tested gov2 I have confirmed absolutely all the liinks lead to zero info. Was this the object? Secondly why? what? when? and how? A great report!

Sky wins TV riot battle


Sky wins riot battle. Are you Joking?

Not our experience. Kept trying Sky, so amateurish and disjointed. Returned to professional BBC for real news of the YOB mob. Couldn't call it a riot could you?

Ricoh GR Digital III compact camera

Thumb Down

No Proper viewfinder????

All that cash for another camera without a proper viewfinder. Camera shake plus drain on battery. I'll carry a top of the range compact when a proper viewfinder is fitted.

BMW, Fiat partner to dominate small e-car biz?


Also Heinkel, Messersmidt, et al

Having driven several bubble cars during the late 50s my wife I recall our great pleasure & enjoyment. Bring them on!

Dear ISP, I am not a target market


Only a few need fight for freedom from ISPs

Oops - most people will greet this as they do the mountain of junk through the letterbox - with the dustbin.

Why not ban anything not requested by the recipient?

Surely there is no great problem removing all cookies several times a day and in this age of broadband they aren't needed to speed things up, did they ever.

Am I right "remove the cookies" and you can't be tracked?

Probably remove all files recording your internet activity & save all personal info on a stand-a-lone drive not accessible by the net is the way to go.

TETRA defends itself against RIM onslaught


Here's a picture


Tiscali executes stealth LLU migrations


Pipex in 2007 only supplied advertised bandwidth during holidays

Having been a very satisfied Pipex customer for many years through dialup to become first BB user on our BT exchange I was persuaded to sign up to the fastest service last February.

Everything went pearshaped and, until Pipex gave up, my bandwidth never exceeded 1247kbs and averaged out at 247kbs. This was lower than my average on my previous 1000kbs service. This continued for 9 months.

However there was one bright spot. During school & public holidays the bandwidth went up to around 4mbs only to sink immediately holidays finished.

I was in continuous email contact with Pipex, ran all their tests, the BT engineers checked my installation many times with no negative reports.

Although I cancelled my Direct Debit instructions immediately I had realised the service was non existent, Pipex did not give up until last October. I then switched ISP. This has given me excellent performance, although never reaching the 8mbs sales pitch, at no more cost than Pipex/Tiscali wanted to charge me.


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