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Spaniards bemoan 'joke' speed limit cut

John Gray

@Steve Cuthbertson

"When my partner lived in Newcastle, she'd travel to see me at about 80mph. She'd get about 40mpg. I'd do the trip in the same vehicle, at 60mph, using other traffic as wind-breaks, and get >65mpg. "

So from this I conclude that she was 4/3rds as keen to see you as you were to see her. Bit of an indictment, eh?

( Actually I thought you were going to go on to set a problem about men filling a bath with five buckets, etc...)

Nokia Digital Radio Headset DAB

John Gray

The answer to Why?

Very simple: DAB radios take surprisingly large amounts of power to run, and the phone's battery life would drop to minuscule values. FM radios take very little power.

Honda US cops to vast data snaffle from marketing firm

John Gray

"Snaffle" is a perfectly valid word - see a proper OED


[with object] British informal

take (something) for oneself, typically quickly or without permission:

e.g. shall we snaffle some of Bernard's sherry?

Admittedly the author is nouning a verb, but, hey, he's American - they can do anything!

Diary of a Not-spot: The readers speak

John Gray

Surely "keep feet together in a darkening storm"?

For lightning is enlightening...

Seagate preps three terabyte whopper

John Gray
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Be fair - there were two instances of 2.1 GB and only one of 1.1 GB, which is fairly obviously a typo...

iPad forces operators to shave their SIMs

John Gray

The explanation

"None of which explains why Apple would choose an unexploited standard for the iPad. "

It's Apple - so it MUST be right...

Times calls time on NewsNow links

John Gray

News to me, guv!

"In fact NewsNow claims to be second only to Google in terms of UK audience for news aggregators with two million monthly visitors."

So how come I have never heard of it?

Dell accidentally sells 140,000 monitors for $15 a pop

John Gray
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@Jon Lamb does a Dell!

"26000 monitors at £81 difference = £11.34 million!"

Not by my calculator, which makes it £2.106M...

Ten of the Best... laptop stands

John Gray
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These products encourage invention!

Faced with the possibility of paying between £25 and £60 for something that keeps a laptop half an inch off the desk, I suspect a trip to my local supermarket to buy a couple of thick pencil erasers (yes,. PC rubbers) would save me between £24 and £59...

Reg Reader poll on notebook quality: results are in

John Gray

What's missing...

... is any information about the number of readers involved in the survey, both in total and by brand. If it was in the thousands, then fine - if it was in the tens then it's not far from guesswork.

Swiss strap-on jetplane ace flies Channel

John Gray
IT Angle

Much better video on BBC News!

At http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7637327.stm

Hannaford cc data thieves planted malware on 300 servers

John Gray
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> To the AC who soldered USB plugs and sockets together: It would have been better and easier to disable USB mass storage in the OS.

And, gosh, nobody would ever have been able nefariously to change it back again!

(I really hope you don't work in any job that requires logical thought...!)

English language succumbs to Symbiotic Ephemeralization

John Gray

So what's new about that sort of garbage?

I have treasured this gem from Computer Weekly in Feb 1982, a letter in response to a previous article:

"While Dr Paul Ellis's forward-looking meaningful ongoing software overview is welcome for its perceptive evaluation of the anticipated middle-future non-structured lifestyle environment, his projected scenario will engender a profoundly gloomy reaction among those of us who manifest a judgmental preference for the evolution of non-jargon-oriented communicative interactive relationships, for we are clearly in a strictly non-viable wish-fulfilment situation cliché-elimination-wise."

The 'blem wit' error messages

John Gray

Can't be denied!

Although not strictly speaking an error message, I loved the information message issued by IBM's mainframe error-reporting program EREP:

"History in progress..."