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Apple iOS 7 remote wipe: Can it defeat the evil scrumper scourge?


Re: Half-assed implementation.


Even reflashing doesn't bypass activation lock.

Activation lock never needs the remote wipe or lost mode - it's always on.


Article Incorrect Title

The new feature isn't "remote wipe", which has been part of the iPhone since OS 2.0

The new feature is "activation lock", which prevents activation of the iPhone even after a full reflashing.

China's robot population to lead world by 2014



If the supply of robots in the whole of China is 32,000 robots a year, how can Foxconn reach 300,000 a year?

Entering a storage jail


iTunes = DRM free, example you gave is easy to do

Article wrongly says: " I can't extract a music file from my iTunes collection on my MacBook and send it to the same friend, not unless it came into iTunes from me as an MP3 file in the first place."

Super wrong, it's easy:

Step 1: Right click song in iTunes and choose Show in Finder/Explorer

Step 2: Drag or copy and paste into email

This works with any song purchased from the iTunes store.

iTunes also lets you convert to any other music format in one click by choosing Convert from the Advanced menu. The format is chosen in Preferences > Import Settings

Is Samsung imitating Sony?


Samsung: We did it to "monitor the performance of the machine"

You've missed the second article:


Where Samsung says it was installed to "monitor the performance of the machine and to find out how it is being used"

Nokia jumps into bed with LightSquared


Infneon more likely

Infineon long ago announced they are making LightSquared chipsets. Nokia already uses their chips in some of their products.

US trade body decides Apple has case to answer


Apple also took HTC to the ITC

What happened to that, it was back in March?


Second biggest WiMAX network switches to LTE


LTE for Clearwire post November 2011

While Clearwire has said that they will transition to LTE at some point in the future, they can't make the switch until November 2011.

They are obliged to stick with WiMax until then due to contractual obligations with Intel.

Google search piles on pounds of facts to score fat dollar


Not new

I'm sure I've had this in my Google for at least a year.

Beafon S50

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iPhone Accessibility

One of the most remarkable demos i have seen is on Apple's site on how to use an iPhone without sight (yes, totally blind).

The video is on this page:


Amazingly, you can use all the built in functions, browse the web and compose and read emails etc without any sight. It looks incredibly easy too. The iPhone can even stay in your pocket.

Google remarkets behavioral ad eyeball creep


Safari Blocks by Default

Interestingly, Safari's default setting - to block cookies from third party servers - prevents this from working according to Google's Opt-out Page.

iPad forces operators to shave their SIMs

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iPhone 2010 will have this too

The SIM card slot is by far the biggest component on the logic board all iPhones.

It's MASSIVE. Here's a pic:


Expect the iPhone 2010 to have a micro-SIM slot too.

Toshiba hints at sooner-rather-than-later fuel-cell debut

Paris Hilton

I don't get it at all

Why the rush to return to disposable/refillable batteries?

I really like being able to plug into a wall outlet to magically recharge my phone/laptop etc.

Power outlets are everywhere! They are easy enough to use.

I just don't get it!!!!

Should Europeans pay to receive phone calls?


Well who's going to pay for LTE upgrades?

"Europe needs no more network infrastructure"

Well who's going to pay for LTE upgrades?????

O2 falls short of 3G target


Slow coaches

Slow coaches....

In Australia we built a HSDPA network that covered over 96% of the population from day one in 10 months from concept to day 1 of customers...

An average of one base station was built and activated every 25 minutes day and night over that period.

On top of that it shared the spectrum with a CDMA network, was the first to activate 14.4Mbit across the network and it now covers 98.8% of the population...

HP latches onto Qualcomm's Gobi chipset


Japan has 2 GSM 3G networks

Japan has two 3GSM HSDPA networks, Softbank and DoCoMo.

Apple on the lookout for one million unlocked iPhones


Wrong- latest firmware not unlocked

Jailbreaking enables third-party applications that aren't loaded through the iTunes Store.

Software-only network unlocking (that doesn't require the device to be opened) hasn't been achieved for the last two versions, 1.1.3 or 1.1.2


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