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Boffins FREEZE PHONES to crack Android on-device crypto


designed to extract encrypted data from RAM

Is the data encrypted in RAM as well as in flash or should that read "encryption data"?

BBC blueprint to make EVERY programme on TV a repeat revealed


Re: re. TV licence needs for iPlayer

www.tvlicensing.co.uk/notv specifically states you don't need a licence to watch iPlayer except if it's being broadcast at the same time. If you fill the form in to say you don't need a licence then "I just watch iPlayer" is one of the check-boxes. Don't believe the bit on that page that says "we will cancel your payment scheme and update our records to show you no longer need a TV Licence" though, they took a year to cancel mine after I filled it in.

Report: Over 1.5 million UK drivers will have hydrogen cars by 2030


More coal fueled power stations needed?

Where are they going to get the energy from to produce the H2? Burning more coal in the suburbs probably.

Wireless performance will collapse, prices rise: Deloitte


Less power Scotty

If the problem is more serious in the cities why not just install more aerials and turn the power down on each one? Putting low power aerials near school playgrounds would be a good first step since the children's phones would then adapt to the lower power setting and reduce cooking their brains.

NASA aims Curiosity's percussive drill at pink, veiny target


Mock up

I can see the letter "C" followed by a few more letters on that rock so it's probably the infamous 'C Rock' from the faked moon landings being re-used. NASA ought to get new props.

Scientists spin carbon nanotube threads on industrial scale


Power transmission?

More conductive than copper and stronger than steel; makes one wonder if we could string it up on our existing pylons instead of having to erect yet more of them to make a super-grid to cope with renewable energy's fluctuations.

Where do old supercomputers go to die? New Mexico


Chopping it up for metal or spares makes sense but chopping it up and giving bits of it to individual universities would just burden them with a load of old scrap. I read it as being old enough to being pre memory controller and CPU being on the same die so these "xeons" would be 5400 series that needed southbridges? Do you get the cooling system and plumbing?

The amazing magical LED: Has it really been fifty years already?


Every one already?

I find it hard to believe that "Every traffic signal in the US is now lit by LEDs", anywhere I can verify that from?

PayPal founder funds 'tornado-driven' power plant


Plane crashes?

What happens if an aeroplane flies through the virtual chimney created by the vortex?

Second Higgs possibility pops up in CERN data


El Reg's comment section has gone down hill.

HP deed-poll drama: MORE new names for storage kiddies


New racks too

Could do with it, cable management on the old ones wasn't so good.

Western Australia powers up 10 MW solar farm


If you constructed a seawater greenhouse around a solar tower similar to EnviroMission's one it may be possible to generate all the energy needed to pump the water, produce crops and to make clouds from the moist air that goes out the top of the tower. Enough of them could change the local climate although hopefully not to the point that it was cloudy all the time which would stop them working.

SpaceX confirms Falcon rocket suffered engine flame-out



It didn't damage the other motors so the control system and design gets +1 vote from me. RAID5 (or maybe RAID6) goes into space.

HP pitches four-socketeer Xeon E5 borg boxes


$8,640 licensing cost?

Don't see how three ProLiant DL560 Gen8 servers (or any 3 node virtualisation cluster) can have a whole load of VMs run on them for $8.640 license cost, at least if MS Windows is involved. Windows Datacenter Edition is about $4.8K per CPU and even if you spread that cost over 3 years and ignore interest it's still about $18K per year.

Dell's blade data-centre-in-a-box 'much better than HP's'


Re: A step forward

Inner tray slides out for hot-swap.


Re: Typical meaningless comparison

It's a real hardware product that comes with LeftHand P4000 VSA bundled in but it isn't recommended to dedicate the whole VMware host to a single VM running VSA; one would normally fill the host with RAM and run a load of other VMs on it as well, that's what Virtual SAN Appliances are all about.


Typical meaningless comparison

They've installed VMware on two HP blade servers just to put LeftHand VSA on, nobody would do that in the real world, they'd be running Exchange and SharePoint on those same VMware hosts. The Dell solution is indeed more streamlined, but the HP solution is not a real HP solution, it's a Principled Technology solution using HP kit.

HP slips out ProLiant DL560 Gen8 four-socketeer


Re: @author: there's room for improvement

Huzzah for quickspecs, but they weren't out publically when article was written.


Re: Err, know the industry much? Or just getting paid by HP?

The Dell doesn't support 16 disks with top performing CPUs, try their web configurator and you get this error:-

If 4 x 130W CPUs is selected then the HDD's is limited to a max of "8" and must have "2 x 1100 PSU"

Cisco blends server with a twist of flash, tastes benchmark glory


Way higher?

11.30@10 tiles is way higher than 11.13@10 tiles(DL360pGen8)? I'd call that just a little bit higher, not way higher.

Are you a hot BABE in heels and a short skirt? SCIENCE is for YOU



Video is now marked as private, probably good job too.

HP 3PAR flattens the SAN


Would be useful if they could do the same thing for Virtual Connect on the Ethernet side - allowing routers to be plugged straight into it instead of having to go through an additional switch.

Austrian village considers a F**king name change


Re: Don't Give In

They're already welded to the posts so it must be people pretending to have it off in front of the signs that's bothering them. Lost in Scotland has their signs welded too, not sure about Mearse Lane in Bell End.

Hitachi GST lays 4TB Easter egg


Re: Way Cool!

You can cram 70 LFF disks in 5U albeit in slideout drawers rather than all seen from the front, 8 per rack, just over 2PB.

Robotic surgeon successful in first prostate snip


Re: 'First' prostate snip???

Royal Berks in Reading has also been doing "robotic" prostectomy, I too wonder what's new about this particular operation.

Speedy 3D printer creates 285µm Formula-1 speedster


It's like my car, the tyres are only flat at the bottom.

Pacific nation prepares to flee rising seas


Can an atoll sink?

Isn't an atoll just a ring of coral sand sat on top of an island that's already sunk below the waves? Surely if the original rock island sinks a bit more (or the ocean rises again) that coral ring will just get flooded more often making the biological sand creation run a bit faster. I don't think you can kill a coral island by drowning unless you kill the coral that made it.


Time gentlemen please

They brought this on themselves by moving their timezone to UTC +14; every time anyone flies over Kiribati the islands sink a bit due to rifts in spacetime.

HP previews ProLiant Gen8 servers



Eww, looks like they got them second hand from Dell; hopefully an optional extra that they don't have as standard.

New driver-snooping satnav could push down UK insurance premiums


Going slowly in th wrong lane

Is it going to notice someone going slowly in the outside lane with a queue of cars zooming past on the inside with the drivers blaring their horns and shaking their fists?

Spacemen urge NASA to build nuke ship for Mars trip

Thumb Up

Assemble in orbit

Rather than putting the nuclear fuel in the reactor robotically on successful ascent they could even get the chaps on the ISS to do the final assembly.

An NT-powered Windows Phone? Not so fast...


NT is a trademark of Northern Telecom

So in one way a good OS to pick for a phone.

Tape lives on: Sony to squeeze out LTO-6


210MB/s = 210*60*60/1000 =756GB/h so a little over 4 hours to fill a tape if your disks can feed it fast enough.

Google Maps takes scenic route

Thumb Up

Changes here too

For the last couple of months Google Maps has labeled the road outside my house in UK as the "A329 motorway" even though it's full of busses and pedestrians, that's just been corrected so they must have loaded some better maps.

Chinese confirm Beidou satnav system is operational


Getting crowded up there

A few more targets to get hit by space junk.

Plastic semiconductor makes solar cells more efficient


Sounds good technically

But will it make me have to pay yet more subsidies to people who have the luxury of sunlight falling on their roofs?

Worm spreads via RDP



MS say Remote Desktop isn't installable on XP Home and looking on the web the only way to install it on pre-SP3 versions is to hack the registry to fool Windows into believing it's XP Pro which is of course a breach of the EULA. Are you sure it's not just the RDP client that's installed?

Thousands of gb.com sites go dark


They're small businesses

They don't know anything about DNS. The fault's really with .COM registry for allowing these sort of domain names.

Triceratops horn find supports meteor extinction theory


They keep changing things

Aren't we meant to call it the K–Pg layer now?

London Olympics shop in Union Jack outrage


Talk about the obvious

The colours are wrong, it should be purple and green.


EU parks disk drive mergers ahead of competition probe


HP don't make hard disks

Title says it

HP ProLiant power supplies 'may die when dormant'


Hardly new

Known problem, http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?admit=109447626+1303807984398+28353475&threadId=1118732

Neighbourhood watchers in Reading get speedguns


Does this make Reading more car friendly

Only yesterday Reading was voted as the least car friendly town in the UK.

Diary of a Not-spot: One man's heroic struggle for broadband


ad-hoc network

Couldn't you just use a chain of laptops on top of telegraph poles and street lamps?

Hitachi quietly slips in new, big hardness


Strange units

The areal density is 411 square inches???

PayPal update email 'violates own anti-phishing advice'


Just got it out of my trash bin

Didn't trust that the URLs were all email0.paypal.com/...

HP uses Home Server to power storage for small biz


Home server?

Where do HP say it runs Windows Home Server? Says it uses Microsoft® Windows Storage Server 2008 Enterprise in the quickspecs.

It's compatible with the EVAs and XP arrays so 8 gb fibre channel is not unreasonable.


Learning to read

I realy should read right to the bottom before commenting.



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