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US Air Force outlines combat raygun safety

Alex Timchula
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as a member of the USAF I assure you that compliance with every AFI is mandatory, believe me I know. And 32 pages for a death ray isn't bad considering the AFI that outlines how to wear our uniforms is about the same.

Microsoft: Finding flaws on our website is OK

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@ Skeptical Bastard

Wow you really hate MS. I suppose the next time someone says they make cars you'll jump on them and tell them they don't make all cars.

Get over yourself, go buy a tinfoil hat or something.

I remain skeptical but this looks like a step in the right direction

Afghan networks start nightly shutdown

Alex Timchula

@ steve evans

My Nokia N80 doesn't do crap when when I hold the # key :(.

I can't really understand why the Taliban are doing this, it makes no sense any way you look at it.

Oh well.

Mines the terrorist putting a bomb in his jacket

Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head

Alex Timchula


A person from my high school did this a few years back. He never used the weapon, and never chambered a round, but someone else had before him and didn't clear it, and now he's dead. It really is an exceptionally stupid way to die, but it is still a death and he was someone's son, friend, brother, its still sad.

All you sit here on your high horse like you've never done anything stupid and just happened to live. I can think of a lot of times where I probably should have died, and when my story was told, people would say "That is really dumb, why would you do that?" Hell thats a good question for us all, but the fact remains that I'm lucky and am here, and so are you.

Admit to yourselves you've done stupid things and probably should be dead, and we'll be good. Just get off your high horse for a minute and hang with the peons, you'll see it.


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