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Jordan mulls mamtastic epitaph

Matt Zywina

Obvious, really

Thanks for the mammaries.

Council employs automatic PC shutdown

Matt Zywina


This was hardly earth shattering when you reported it about Staffs County Council two weeks ago. Some of the quotes look decidedly similar, too..

Virgin Media tech support goes premium rate

Matt Zywina

Straw, Camel's back, etc.

Byebye Virgin, expect the disconnection phone call later today.

Grats on f*cking up the last vestige of anything that was good in the cable companies you've recently consumed. Does this mean each minute of each call will now pay the salary of one support person in India for a whole week? Surely if you're going to charge premium prices, you should be able to at least afford to supply a premium non-Hyderabad service?

French claim fastest train title

Matt Zywina

To the last guy who posted..

Sure you're not getting your units mixed up?

Intercity 125s run at 125mph and the Virgin Pendolinos are designed for 140mph though they currently run slower, iirc.

None of those crappy European metric speed units here, thank you!