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Wipe your arse less, suggests Sheryl Crow


Nothing to "Crow" about

Seriously! Sheryl, you've got millions and, obviously, too much time (or something else) on your hands. Time to get off your butt seeing as its cutting off circulation to your brain.

Safari zero-day exploit nets $10,000 prize


Lions and tigers and porn... Oh, my!

I don't know about Victors porn cruising habits but mine have never crashed a Mac. That has to be some serious one-handed surfing! Power plug pulling, even!

On the Office format wars


Office2007 - Vista redux

For crying out loud, Victor! Office-07 is as much of a mess as Vista. Bloated eye candy for the unfortunates who have to slave under its "standards". More bugs....er...features, obfuscation and crap than any mere mortal should have to endure. And at a price to bring tears of misery to end users and mirth to Bill. Its not being adopted as quickly as Microsloth would admit (hell, when would they admit anything). I'm all for Google, and they're the only one with the clout, to crucify Microsofts efforts in locking the world further under its lying acronyms.

Chinese translation software blamed in racist sofa outrage



Apparently there are folks who wear their ethnicity on their sleeve as well as their sofas. Someone so evidently thin skinned that they compound the faux-offense by trumpeting it to their friends and making a circus out of saying they wouldn't even sit on it. Crazy seems to come in all shapes, sizes and colors!

'Please read this important email: you are being shot'


How about low-tech

Wouldn't something as simple as a "campus phone" be enough? Every class and dorm etc. Doesn't even need to be tied necessarily to the outside world but through campus switch board? Just a thought.

California Senate fights RFID tracking for schoolkids


Identification Ipso Facto

I remember, while getting my drivers license renewed, asking the governmental droid across the counter why they needed my thumb prints before I could even get the picture taken. She said, "So they can identify you in case of an accident.". Oh, really? I thought the picture, address, etc. would be enough when picking up the pieces, but now, like some convict, you need fingerprints. In the future will it be DNA swabs, RFID, or retinal scans a-la "Minority Report"? So, like simple-minded cattle, they can brand, tag, catalog and herd us around? This is the stuff of Nazi wet dreams.

'Cops help kill 32 Students', claims furious blogger


Who has the biggest guns rules

How ironic that people would trust "governments", the very ones with the biggest and baddest weapons, and a history of recklessly, and often in the name of "democracy", using them on the weak and unarmed, with somehow restraining themselves and focusing exclusively on those who are construed as "the bad men". Thats a hoot!

As if looking around the world day today should tell us something about this. Why only 32 dead might be considered a "good day" in Baghdad. And never mind all those civilians who "accidentally" get gunned down by the "good-uns" but whose lives are shrugged off with a wink and a nod. Who cares about them... since they're just ignorant "rag-heads" or "foreigners" to self absorbed Tee-Vee indoctrinated Brits and Yanks. Better not to trouble ones head with that but instead focus on the latest music or fashionable crap to spend money on.

And who exactly minds the "minders"? Hmmm? The fact that this Orwellian gun control mindset has infiltrated peoples' thick craniums to such a degree must bring tears of joy to Statist hive-minders. Pity the poor Russian or German who in the past was similarly disarmed, silenced, and effectively murdered later by his "caring" government. All in the name of "peace and security" no doubt.

Attacks exploit Windows DNS server flaw


WeeWease the Pwiznahs!

I just came home from the local electronics store and, to be quite honest, had the most terrible time with the demo units and their pre-installed copies of Vista. Now I'm no idiot, having been in IT for over twenty years , but ye gods! What in the name of heaven did MS do to this release?! Its so slow and frankly more confusing than I cared to admit. After playing around, and thats what I do with every OS and their releases, I can honestly say there isn't much reason to move to this. The only sales this will likely get are the usual OEM copies that are regretably forced on the ignorant purchaser.

Windows on Mac: BootCamp vs Parallels Desktop



I've used Virtual PC for Mac and found it to be "slick" but hopelessly slow... regardless of the amount of memory or how fast my machine was it still behaved like a 500mhz clunker. Parallels, on the other hand, works very well and is quicker by far. If you have those Windoze apps where there isn't an OSX equivalent then it nicely fills the bill. It doesn't have to have XP with service pack 2 to load up as BootCamp does, and on my MacBook Pro I can give it 512mb or less and it runs very well. Startup from a saved state is on the order of 7 to 10 seconds! Thats pretty good in my book. What I'd like to see is better VM management and a "drag and drop" capability. These are minor issues so I'm looking forward to its development.