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Farmers furious at EU's sheep-chip scheme


€2.25 per sheep more like £70.

Their's similar legislation for Horses, but due to the way the Government (defra) have interpreted "Qualified Individual" to mean vet, it will cost us £70 and our European friends only €2.25 / horse, I'm sure they will do the same for sheep so that will be £70 / sheep.

There's no riddle to Dell's Limerick move


You need a balanced approached to Jobs

In my opinion a society needs a balanced approached to Jobs, in the U.K. we have expanded our university and technical college education system and payed for this by putting our students into debt. This easy debt seems to discourage students from taking the low paid jobs (getting a job on £6/hour once the cost of working has been taken into account will have little impact on £15,000 worth debt). This in the U.K. has lead to the importing hundreds of thousand of foreigners to fill need for low paid workers.

Governments have got to learn that they must compete at all levels and that Jobs will go to the regions where costs are lowest and they need to structure theirs societies accordingly. As soon as a state starts using social security and tax credits to move it's population out of food and fuel poverty it starts removing it's low paid work force. If food and fuel poverty are an issue then this should be provided in a way that the base requirement does not come out of a persons income (i.e the government should provided all it citizens with a base level of these items free thereby re-moving the issue). this would then allow workers to benefit by working even if all they can get is a low income.

Ireland would be well advised to lean from the mess created here in the U.K., they need to find a way that allows low income jobs to be a stepping stone to up would social mobility.

Most biometric checks will bypass ID database


What a missed opportunity

"Most biometric checks will bypass ID database."

The only real value would have been checking for lost / stolen cards and the additional services the government could have charged for like checking ID's, can the holder work in the U.K.

Currently I do not have a valid Passport has I do not need to travel and I have never passed my driving test, if I was not married and my wife did not have a driving license I would not have been able to do the following:

Open a new business bank account.

Change mobile networks.

Rent a house.

We already require photo ID cards, but they are all two expensive (why should I pay for driving lessons and driving test fro the Driving ID card or the £90 for a passport) all we need a simple Photo ID card and a MMS service that can be used to check it is valid (I.E you take a picture of the user and type in the photo ID card number and for £2 or £3 the lost/stolen DB is checked and a simple Biometric check is performed) the card should cost no more than £10.

Why do labor make things complex, costly, useless, unusable etc....

Roadpricing satnav spybox trials under way


transponder units labour do it again.

There could be many advantages to replacing number plates with transponders but as usual New Labour will do it the 3rd way and it will take ever to develop, be far to complex, open to fraud, oh and lets not forget fail to work.

MPs join fight to save McKinnon from US prison


What is the crime Trespass ?

Was criminal damage done ?

Why does Gary deserve any more or less time than say grandmother Lindis Percy ?

Lindis Percy climbed the gates of Buckingham Palace and has been detained more than 150 times since 1996, In total, Mrs Percy has been imprisoned 12 times since she started campaigning in 1979. She was jailed for nine months in 1999 for trespassing on MoD land at Menwith Hill and also served nine days of a 14-day sentence in 1992 for climbing over a perimeter fence and trespassing at RAF Alconbury.

Both people are accused of trespass on government property.

UK confirms e-voting death


Working E-Voting == Working Digital ID

It is becoming clear that we need a dependable (cheap, simple and reliable) ID System, yet all the solutions being proposed are expensive, complex, unreliable(complex in my book = unreliable).

There are so many case where we need our identities to be checked even if we would like check we are not victims of identity fraud. More and more I'm being asked for a Photo ID i.e a passport or Driving License neither of which I have. Why should I spend hundreds of pounds to get one of these when I do not intend to travel abroad or drive a car where a £5 card (which could include a securId style fob) linked to a secure central database that holds the details found on a passport. A text message could be used to further verify the card has not been stolen and sending a MMS text could be used to verify that the persons photo matches that stored locally. The government could then charge each time the system is accessed thereby further reducing the cost.

Mobile broadband: What's it for?


My Business users are converting to Vodafone BroardBand

Regus charge £70 / Month / User - Vodafone charge £14 / Month

My application takes 10 Minutes to obtain it's startup data via Regus but 1 Minute via Vodafone mobile broadband (also 1 Minute via Zen) so I cannot complain.

I'm also looking at getting it as a backup to my very fine Zen ADSL Line, as I cannot afford to be disconnected.

Many people in serviced offices should be looking at mobile broadband based on our experience.



Home Office minister gets tough, then gets stuck


"It's right"

I thought the mantra was "It's right" or "It's right and proper" to be said 1,000,000 times a day.

BSA: Software piracy's 'tragic' impact on US society


If piracy was ZERO - would equate to less products used ?

if piracy was complete ZERO - Would this equate to more products sold or less products used ? I think this would equate to less products used, so smaller business community, and less tax $$$$ fewer schools

Unless the pirates did the decent thing and moved to free Solutions this would maintaining the status quo.

Software piracy's 'tragic' impact is more to do with the waste of money spent by law enforcement and the BSA - pirates go Open Source save our Tax Money.

Labour isn't working for IT contractors


MPS Should be given a lump sum into a limited Comapny

If MP's where had to run their affairs through a limited company and be audited in the same way as us contractors we would not have the tax or Paper Work issues, because MP's would abolish them.

A quarter of UK adults to go on child protection database


Another tax on the low paid.

Another tax on the low paid. - What do Labour stand for these day's ?

IPS leak suggests ID card fingerprint chop


@Simple ID system

For many activity's we already require an ID - some of the ID's used today include credit cards, driving licenses etc... for example:

obtaining credit

renting a property/car

getting a Job

getting your pension

Entry into some clubs requires an ID.

You can currently be refused liquor or cigarette's if you do not show proof of age.

So most people in Britain today need ID. All I'm suggesting is that simple system can provide most of the requirements:

Cutting and pasting photo's on to ID cards only works if you not sending a picture of the card holder to a central source to be verified.

Each card has a unique ID, so it maybe possible to copy cards but this does not help as many people will be sending in a photo of the card holder.

ITV manage to get the SMS network to respond fast enough for voting on "Dancing on ICE", that show's it could work the application does not require sub second response the first four requirements would be happy with day's as a response time and clubs and pub and shops already verify visa cards sub second so verifying an ID cards could also be done sub second.

NB: The issue with chip & pin is that by closing one hole in the U.K. they opened up another, the rest of the world. Until chip and pin is used by all outlets around the world and a better way of authorising Internet based transactions is used (say some form of secure ID may be the answer) these holes will not be closed.

So in summary we already need ID's for many functions, lets have some that works and is cheap. Nothing I've seen from the government to date works not even chips in passports they keep looking at the wrong problems.


A simple ID System is whats really needed

The main problem with current government based ID systems (Passports, Driving Licenses etc...) is there is no way to identify stolen or fake ID's - which seems to be the biggest issue these days.

Why can't we have a simple ID card with a large photo (Whole size of a credit card) a card number, a imbedded chip (only holds the owners private key of verification and digital signatures purposes)

The card cost would be small, under £1. and as an added services the government could offer verification services via SMS for a small fee, service that could be included are:

a) Verify if the card is O.K.

b) card holder is old enough to drink,

c) card holder can work in the U.K.

d) card holder has a valid driving license.

e) Verify a picture of the person against a centrally held copy (the photo's do not need to be held on a online System as the operator could have two systems one online to receive the verification request and another off-net to access the stored photo's.

e) etc.....