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HP plunks 16GB SSD drive into slim business PCs

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SSD - Still a Bad Idea

SSD of recent mfg have sectors that are said to have lifetimes of 2 to 5 million writes. A logging process often will write to the same sectors, for tree balancing, pointer updates - whatever - for every actual data record written. So, after some time the SSD sector virtualization is going to declare the sector bad and transparently substitute another. Still you've just killed a sector. How often you say? That's a good question.

joseph oberzeir

SSD for Windows - Bad Idea

SSD drives are flash based and have upper limits on writing to any particular region on the disk. "Wear leveling" algorithms built-in to the SSD mitigate this to some extent. Problem is, Windows operating systems, their owners and clueless suppliers, install all kinds of crapware which may have logging functions - that can't be turned off. From spyware-like process monitors to freeware firewalls, these logging processes drive the little blinking LED mad and can use up the limited life of a SSD. Perhaps the larger problem is that for many PCs they can never be "Green" again. One of the largest uses of electrical power in a PC goes to the disk drive. On many PCs today, because of such logging activities, the hard disk drive never shuts down. This means the power-supply never goes into standby. This means the PC uses (at least) 100x more energy than it would have without the crapware.

How many PCs in your business burning a hole in your pocket?


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