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Dell XPS M1730 17in gaming laptop

Jens Fallesen

Yeah, but …

… has it got all the keys in the right places, being a Dell and all?

IBM hopes to patent 'dealing with chaos'

Jens Fallesen

Dealing with chaos? They're just the ones!

IBM? Rings a bell. Wasn't it IBM who developed the new T5 baggage system? Or who managed to great deal of cockup yesterday, causing total downtime for several banks and logistics companies most of the day? And important ones too: Carlsberg couldn't deliver any beers for two days.

Guess these are the guys for chaos stuff …

Motorola brings VoIP to the shop floor

Jens Fallesen

Amnesia at Motorola?

Brilliant! A fantastic new invention from Motorola, the company that bought Symbol Technologies.

Only one little thing: Symbol actually introduced an integrated WiFi barcode reader/VoIP phone back in, uhm, 2000 or so. I remember testing it with a customer.

Admittedly, the new one looks quite a bit snappier than the old Symbol NetVision phone …

The IBM ThinkPad: 15 years old today

Jens Fallesen

Didn't Lenovo already make them?

IIRC, Lenovo was already making the ThinkPads for IBM when they took over the whole business. Production quality should thus be the same – unless, of course, some bean counters wanted to lower costs …

(Or am I mislead about them doing the work for IBM for the past few years?)

Gates predicts death of the office phone

Jens Fallesen

So, what's new?

As always, nothing is new here …

First of all, the technology which Bill Gates is touting as yet another revolution of the world is already here. PC-based phones have been available for well over ten years – first, they were plug in cards, around 2000 they became IP-based applications.

Are people using them? Only few are, and most cases I know of are call centres enjoying the easy integration with they CRM software. Something which can be done using desktop phones and integration software as well.

But of course, since Microsoft has seen the light and has finally started talking about introducing technology that others have been shelling out for 5+ years, it is now the New Wonder™.

And trust me: It will work. A lot of executives will buy into this, throwing a lot of money at Microsoft for getting it, being all excited about having the vision to be first movers into this new technology. And then … silence?

Cisco borgs ________

Jens Fallesen

Technology mergers

Generally, Cisco mergers are not a matter of adding revenues.

Most of their mergers are actually technology mergers, i.e. to get hold of technology that they do not already posess. The reason for this will either be to improve existing solutions or to extend business into new areas.

Obviously, the end goal of this is to increase revune, but it will at least be through moving into new markets and/or introducing new products.

Missing the PowerPoint of public speaking

Jens Fallesen

Annoying subtitles

I live in a country of subtitles. I am thankful that we do not use dubbing, but I often enjoy the fact that on most channel, my STB allows me to disable the subtitling altogether.

When watching a programme in English, I typically prefer to hear what people are saying, as many details get lost in the subtitles. However, it is very hard to force myself to ignore the subtitles, so I often end up both hearing and reading – often causing me to miss important points.

Even when a programme in my own language is subtitled for the heard of hearing, it will often have the same effect.

Coming back to PowerPoint, I typically find it hard to concentrate on both slides and the words of the speaker. And even though you may sometimes be better informed by reading the slides than listening to a bad speaker, this is most often not really the case: The slides will typically be written by the same bad speaker, and he is often not a good slide author (or editor) either …

Glastonbury online ticket sales fiasco

Jens Fallesen

Always like this in Denmark

Here in Denmark, it is always like this whenever there is a big gig going on.

Be it Billetnet (Ticketmaster) or Billetlugen, the two major sales agencies, the sites cannot cope with the load of those major events. Every time they claim before opening up sales that this time there will be no problems – and every time they have to come up with excuses as to why problems had not been solved after all. On a good day, they will even claim that there were no problems, even though reports in the media clearly contradict that claim.

Just over a year ago, Citrix proudly announced that they had delivered a new, intelligent load balancing solution (Netscaler) that would make sure that such problems would never hit Billetlugen again. After the next major event, they were remarkably quiet about delivering that solution. :-)


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