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UK gov to issue child boozing guidelines

Matthew Chadwick
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Dangerously sensible

Standing around demanding that people under the age of 18 are forever sober is not a realistic stance, similar to demanding people under the age of 16 do not have sex. Issuing guidelines at least gives people an idea of reasonable limits, just as teaching teenagers about contraception is eminently sensible.

Problem is of course the tabloids will be frothing at the mouth screaming something about the government encouraging toddlers to get off their mash on extacy pipes. Sadly this will probably lead to them backing down and shelving the idea.

Pregnant man to hit Oprah with ultrasound

Matthew Chadwick

Re: It's a WOMAN ffs!

Your tired? I was not exactly aware that this person calling themselves a man was putting any particular burden upon you. Unless you are singly responsible for maintaining the official sex of everyone in the world. Oh that's right your not, its none of your business what someone wishes to be called. Are you people channelling Bernard Manning from beyond the grave?

Whats that? Your not a racialist!? Just because it does not have a liberation movement yet does not make it fair game for you morons.

MPs squeeze science back onto select committee list

Matthew Chadwick

RE: Science and secular government

Actually I do not think it is an MP's job to follow the opinion of those that elected them. People as a whole are not terribly bright and are often prone to over react, as such most people can not be relied upon to make an intelligent decision about anything important. Religion rather relates to this, that is people might be religious but in no way should such failure of judgement govern any wider decisions apart from those concerning only yourself. It would be immoral in my opinion to base any decision governing a wide population of people on anything other than science and logic.


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