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Giant solar plants in Negev could power Israel's future

dr johnny

60% of 6%

they are referring to 60% efficiency of current technology..which is about 5 to 6%.

60% of 6%...this is the numbers used in their guess-tamation estimate.

10% of the desert is just a figure...solar fields would be spread all over the world where needed.

they are just trying to make a point.... about the size needed to supply the world.

use some common sense folks.

dr johnny

dr johnny

yall are nuts

10% of the desert..is just a figure.

no one is proposing to supply the worlds power from the sahara.

secondly, sand storms, dust, etc would not significantly effect the glass or voltaics.

thirdly, solar power and wind power WILL most likely power 20% of the world in the next 20 years.

dr johnny