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It's alive! Duke Nukem Forever breaks out of vapour trail

Chris McKinnon

PAX Demo

I was at PAX and the line for the Demo was up to 5 and a half hours long! Needless to say I didn't play it...

The people that I talked to to that had played it suggested it was very playable.

Available to buy: your own frakkin' 7ft Cylon

Chris McKinnon


Interesting to see a mention of Space Above and Beyond. I don't think I've heard anyone mention it in years! I think I still have all the episodes on VHS somewhere, too bad it got canceled by Fox like everything else good.

Giant solar plants in Negev could power Israel's future

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Lanuch loops

If you want to store energy during the day and release it at night (and you have the resources to build 550,000 square miles of solar collector) why not build a bunch of launch loops? Then you get cheap space launches out of the deal too.