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Apple iPad spanked with Defective by Design protest


@small distinction between MAc and non-mac #

I beg your pardon, I *have* converted a TV into an oscilloscope.

The fact that I nearly electrocuted myself in the process is incidental......

BTW regarding "free" software, I would much rather burn discs with K3B than Roxio Creator Basic.


Adobe sounds off on iPad's Flash slap


64 bit?

Happily watching Hitler on my Ubuntu 9.10 laptop with 64bit Flash.

As for iPads, WTF are those good for?

Italians threaten suit over Windows pre-install

Big Brother

At last!

Why don't our government do the same?

Because they only want to control us, not be our servants

Tories swallow Web 2.0, spit out £1m crowdsource prize


Pimp my duckhouse

And the prize for the best website goes to...... Mrs .Hunt

Arise, Sir Peter of Middle Earth

Thumb Up


And the One that can pull Excaliber from this barbecue shall be King!

On a serious note, good for Peter Jackson!

Motorola's banana-mutilation ad disses iPhone


I agree

with Paw Bokenfohr..

I bought a Motorola once, the UI was unfathomable.

Then they insulted me with their "Hello moto" campaign.

I will never buy a Motorola again! Or drink Bud for that matter - it's shite!

I also did not bother to watch the vid, I gave away my TV so that I don't have to watch incessant crap like this.

God, I'm grumpy :)

Giant iPhones invade Florida


Golf Sale?

You need to have been in Oxford St, London to know how sad this.

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7


10 what?

"for the price of 10 per month. " That must be 10 pingus, quite cheap really :)

Fedora 12 polishes Linux for netbooks



I've been trying Kubuntu 9.10 for a couple of weeks and I have to say that the KPackageKit *is* crap.

This one thing may make me stick with the latest Ubuntu with Synaptic.

The KDE team seem to be trying to emulate Vista, bad idea!

As for Broadcom I just click on "Use Proprietary driver" and it works.

In your review it would be good if you tried to print a high quality image and see if works.

I still have to print from XP for any art-work to look OK.

Pay *me* and I will do it for you :)

Vegemite unscrews lid on iSnack2.0


iwon't buy it!

After an initial shock (is that a pun?) I think that isnack is quite a fun name.

However just as I'm adverse to the "K" words (Kwiksave etc.) I will never buy any product that is prefixed by the letter i. </grump>

World's nastiest trojan fools AV software


@Tony Paulazzo

Ubuntu 9.04 comes with Evolution installed


I'm running the 64bit version on this laptop with 4GB memory, sweet :)

Hacked flight sim site in catastrophic crash and burn


Lost partitions?

I know nothing about servers but TestDisk certainly recovered my XP box partitions after I had accidentally deleted them. It's a very powerful little utility, I even sent the author some money and that is rare for me!


I have also used his PhotoRec to recover images off a duff SD card.

Malware infested MPs' PCs inflate leak risk


Deep pocket inspection?

They should be forced to have Phorm, the little wankers are problably surfing for pr0n most of the time. Websense will save them!

Can you talk and drive?


The old ones are the best

Killed whilst texting? No, I would rather die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather; unlike his passengers who were all screaming......

Silverlight for Linux hits with Microsoft punch



From Wikipedia:

Quisling, after Norwegian politician Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany to conquer his own country, is a term used to describe traitors and collaborators. It was most commonly used for fascist political parties and military and paramilitary forces in occupied Allied countries which collaborated with Axis occupiers in World War II, as well as for their members and other collaborators.

ARSes crush Novell profits

Paris Hilton



BBC relives The Day of The Triffids


Bad collective memories

No one seems to remember that the reason that everyone went blind and then died of the plague was due to orbiting nuclear and bacteriological weapons that were triggered by a meteor shower. Phew!

The triffids are really incidental to the story, it's about the breakdown of civilization.

Please keep up!

Happy Birthday, Turing's universal machine


@Tim Ardizzone

Actually 2+2=5 and not 4 because some(one) has to be doing the counting.

It's quite possible that consciousness is Universal, therefore without it nothing would exist.

Mine's the one with The Cosmic Doctrine in the pocket!

Linux weaktops poised for death by smartphone



Why can't some smartphone maker buy the rights to the microwriter system?

It took me about 20 minutes to learn basic typing on the AgendA organiser that I bought in 1989.

It had a serial port connection to a PC and would duplicate the keyboard.

I could type faster with it than I'm doing now.

I would buy another if it could make phone calls.

For you youngsters here's a picture of one.


Auntie Beeb's amazing, evolving, ID card stories



At the the Tesco checkout counter:

beep...beans 40p

beep...beer £5

beep...biometrics £75

WTF should I give my money to the shareholders of Tesco or any one else other than the gov?

WTF do they need my biometrics for anyway?

WTF should I stay in this* country? (used to be my* country)

Not long now and I'm off for good. fuck'em!

House key copied from photo

Paris Hilton

Public Keys?

All "yale" type keys are insecure. Go to Youtube and search for "bump key".

The funniest clip is of a Dutch lock picking club where they have spent years perfecting their craft.

The bump key man opens several locks in a few seconds with no skill needed, the others look *really* pissed off.

Your insurance will not pay up if someone uses one to open your house as there is no trace of forced entry.

As for me, I don't bother locking the door. This laptop is 9 years old and weighs 20lb! Plus you would have to swim with it across the Pentland Firth.

Paris, 'cos she leaves her doors open too

Scotland Mountain Rescue turns on Ofcom

Paris Hilton


Some nice folk recently left our local lifeboat station a bequest.

When their yacht had got into difficulties off the coast of Spain a nearby fishing boat would not assist them until they had handed over all their valuables.

OFCOM directors should carry gold sovereigns when afloat :)

Someone should post pictures of them so that they can be recognized all around the coast.

My inflatable Paris works well as a life preserver :-)

MoD prays RAF disk thieves aren't data savvy



It was the milkman! Have you never noticed that just about every Avenger episode is set on an old RAF base.

Then along comes the cyborg/crim/maniac/spy on his milk float and does the deed....flipping obvious to us armchair dicks. (I mean detectives :))

Mines the leather one with Emma Peel...........oh my god!

Doctors rally for right to call UK.gov quangonista a 'sh*t'


watch your back(side)!!!

40 years ago my Saturday job was to wash the Rolls Royce of the female Dean of a London medical college. Her house backed onto Hampstead Heath.

She decided that a mature tree in the park blocked her view so she drilled a hole in it and injected it with cyanide. Nice view now!

Don't piss off woman like this, oh someone at door.......

How Chrome puts the skids under Nokia


Krauts Curb Chrome Crawlers

Yesterday the German government issued a warning not to use Chrome for any online use.


I'll stick with FF and adblockplus :)

K Desktop Environment 4.1 lands


@Adrian Esdaile

I can run Bricscad (Autocad clone) and Sketchup on an ancient 433Mhz laptop with Kubuntu 7.04.

The Linux version of Briscad costs about £100 and my Autocad expert friend was impressed with it. I have no connection with either of these companys.

Hope this helps.