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Arizona teen's mobile shops him to cops


one touch emergency dialing

Pressing and holding the "9" button will trigger a call to the police on some phones here in the states.

Budvar beats Anheuser-Busch in latest Budweiser battle


In defense of USA beer

There is some good beer in the USA. It is called microbrew, small companies & some restaurants make em.

They don't get exported because the get consumed locally.

And there is not really beer. If you think the American Budweiser is bad then I suggest you try (or give to you enemies) Coors and Corona [which is not actually a mexican beer - only Americans drink it]

Sex crime 'lie detector' pilot could prompt wider use


What happens when the liar gets through

And what will happen when the screened fiddler gets away with lying for a while and then is discovered?

Will the people running the test be held responsible for helping him continue his fiddling cause the test couldn't be wrong?

US prosthetic todger pair plead guilty to conspiracy


How to get Conspiracy to defraud

The product was advertised, to be used for the fraud (faking drug test results). It is the same reason the commercial bit torrent companies lose in court. They advertised the product was for illegal acts and therefore for were conspiring to commit them.

Selling items capable of committing crimes is not conspiracy. Advertising that they should be used for committing crimes is conspiracy.

As for faking the drug test being a "legal" issue, think along the lines of drug testing of government employees. Providing fake urine would be the same as lying on an application.

US couple sue over McNudes


And the IT angle is

The whole case depends on the ip address and time of submission of the pictures to the website.

That will be the only way to prove the upload was done by employees an not by someone else.

United 'bankruptcy' points to new stock scam techniques


the Minimal Risk

If it was intentional and the perpetrators were smart, they most likely did not short the stock. The most likely bought it while it was down low after the news hit. The reasons are that shorting the stock before the crash will in hindsight look like you knew about the crash and is a financial risk if the article resurrection did not work. Buying when it is low like $5 is hidden in the confusion and can be explained away by saying you realized the article was old and were picking up a bargain stock. Sell it at $10 when it recovers and walk away with the profit.

Expect to see this trick carried out again, most likely by copycats that wont do as good a job as this one.


Drugs, hookers and cranked customers: Ex-Broadcom boss indicted


Invoicing was the PHB in him

He had to invoice so he knew the employees weren't on the take. He had a business to run.

Employee's silent rampage wipes out $2.5m worth of data


Already Dissatisfied?

Anyone else note that she was looking through the help wanted ads?


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