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US bests UK in iTunes Xmas giftiness

nicholas king

@Craig 12

i felt i needed to edit the title for your comment:-

itunes and windows really sucks

I tried to download it, and I think the songs downloaded OK, but everytime the 8mb LP element downloads, I get error -23. At least the poor thing tried to download it everyday since Friday, so A for effort.

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8 Track on the iphone? i have an app for that.

E-car driven from Dover to Calais

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re neil 21

because 31mph is roughly equal to 50kph

Dell details 'world's thinnest' laptop

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@greg J Preece

dont be a hater


a mac book air is actually cheaper

AT&T blocks 4chan, home of weird smut

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over hyped 4chan users meet their match

So all these 4chan users who boast about being the master of the internets and untochable because they go through 7 proxies have finally realised that actually they do depent on a ISP. The last laugh i think is on them!

Apple raises retail stakes against Microsoft

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@nicholas bedworth

I think you miss the point of apple...... i think the notebooks they offer are fantastic and although more expensive, keep their value and are more stable. I mean you dont moan that a mercedes brand new is more expensive than a ford, even though they essentially do the same thing. also what features are a generation back?

apples pros are:-

strong stable reliable hardware and software with great customer services, when i phoned the uk helpline i got through to the us with a guy speaking clear english and was very helpful.

compared to ms's helpline where i got through to a guy in india struggling to speak english and was just reading off of a screen.

apples cons:-


become an apple user before slating the systems! i have to use both MS and Apple and can say that i think that apple are a better overall offering

Office 2010 tech preview leaks onto interwebs

nicholas king

well its true then.....

someone out there is actually running Vista.

Apple MacBook

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re Mac OSX

so AC how long have you been honking on the crack pipe? OSX is awsome software!

Apple patent filing suggests solar powered iPhone

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solar power

"solar power" or photovoltaics in this case does not need sunlight directly to make electricity but just light, more can be read about here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photovoltaics

Phones 4u accused of misleading customers

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not new

I don't think this is new news, i know a plethora of people who have had dodgey advice from phones for you. i have avoided the shop for a few years because of this. Damn scammers they are all a bunch of cowboys!! (off subject not to reg. i would appreciate a cowboy image as i think this would be appropriate.)

Apple update trick triples Safari share

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as far as i am aware every os i have used/installed forces a browser on you, i have a ubuntu, mac os x and xp box. Each one has come with a browser pre installed :-D

New England Patriots victims of trademark hubris

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@G Dawson

apart from your example being plain wrong as there are more than 19 games a season in the prem and man city are in the prem and have been for several years.

i think the argument is how can you trademark a numeric score or stat? i mean can man utd trademark 9-0 for their record score in the premiership match against ipswich?

also what happens if another team goes 19-0 are they in breach of trademark for calling it 19-0??

French police plan Windows-free jails, offices

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problems with it in school

this can only be a step in the right direction, all too often in schools etc. people are taught "how to make a access database" and not "how does a database work". The former approach limiting a user to use a single piece of software more often than not Microsoft based the latter allowing for general use of a technology....and inevitably more flexibility!

Microsoft's smiley browser face turns sour

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firefox standards compliant???

I think somewhere down the line people have deluded themselves that firefox is standard compliant! when it does not pass the acid 2 test itself! the only standards compliant windows browser worth downloading is Opera. However having said that i use FF just due to its user friendliness and its ease to develop in due to the plethora of extensions available.