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Royal Society: Schools should show creationism 'respect'

Paul Howie

Bloody stupid idea

"Even more controversially, perhaps, The Royal Society told the Times that Reiss’ position reflected that of the society, on the basis that “teachers need to be in a position to be able to discuss science theories and explain why evolution is a sound scientific theory and why creationism isn’t”

Oh yes, why not teach flat earth theory and suction-based gravity theory as additional examples of 'what isn't actually science' in a science classroom.

Why not take it to every subject? We can teach Middle Earth map reading in geography, 2+2=16 in maths and Playstation in P.E.

Heaven forbid we should devote a short lesson to teaching the actual bloody subject.

Hilton documentary reveals hidden side of Paris

Paul Howie
IT Angle

To see a new side of her is so exciting

It seems to me that, as boring as the old side of her was, this new side is mind-numbingly boring.

Surely there are many slim, rich women who don't spend 24 hours a day on a chaise? I don't want to watch a film about any of them either.

Microsoft crowbars Live Search into Facebook

Paul Howie

Platform within a platform within...

"Redmond will get to replace Facebook's own search effort with a Live Search box, which will allow users to scour the web without leaving the social network."

So that would mean people will be using their OS to launch a web browser, to visit Facebook, to search the web.

Isn't it curious how many different "platforms" people run inside one another these days? For some people their OS is Vista/OSX/Ubuntu, for some it's effectively the browser and now there are presumably people who never actually leave facebook.

It's only a matter of time before you can buy an actual FaceBook, which is kind of like a netbook but boots to a full-screen browser that won't navigate away from facebook.com.

Mystery web infection grows, but cause remains elusive

Paul Howie
Gates Horns

Re: Resolution

I worked for a company that nearly went bust when Code Red hit their IIS servers and caused them to constantly restart. We were soooo close to missing all our SLAs at once.

Install IIS is hardly a perfect solution.