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'VPs shouldn't go publicly rogue'... XML co-author Tim Bray quits AWS after Amazon fires COVID-19 whistleblowers


My Girlfriend worked for them for ~6mo doing remote (at home) customer support, and it was the most heinous experience I could imagine anyone going through before I told her to quit for her own good. I stopped using all Amazon products for years, until I realized I couldn't fight the machine to actually get things.

I have friends that work in aws, I have been invited to work there being a network guy, and have summarily rejected ever working for them in any capacity. AWS might be nice with blinders, but the other retail side is as evil as any retail chain still.

I feel crappy every time I buy something there, and try to limit that.

QUIC, dig in: Microsoft open-sources MsQuic, its implementation of Google-spawned TCP-killer QUIC


Re: the good thing about standards

Exactly what I thought, good old MS EEE strategy.

I'm already scared they put a "ms" in front of it, which means they adapted it, screwed it up, will push to every desktop on the market, and break every core browser not using IE/Edge/Whatever they are pushing to users by default.

Patently dogged: Apple unleashes lawyers to slash $454m patent rip-off bill – even after Supreme Court snub


Last will and testament to Steve Jobs.

Fsck VirnetX, see the lawyers beg and go hungry over my cold body.

I don't typically like apple much, but in this I laugh at every payout delay to the guppies.

We could have pwned Microsoft Teams with a GIF, claims Israeli infosec outfit


Reminds me of the 90's and days of aol when you could crash someone's computer remotely just by sending malformed html, otherwise known as punting. That was fun for years and never got old. Now I can crash a coworkers! Or pwn them, hmm...

Why so shy, Samsung? Weird Find my Phone push notification did not only affect Galaxy mobes


Got that on my old S8.

I woke up and had this as well, wondering if their service had been hacked, or just me. US here.

Come to Five Guys, where the software is as fresh as the burgers... or maybe not


Who needs security.

They will be the next on the credential leaks, but good thing they have insurance against that!

Ding-dong: Cisco delivers your Patch Tuesday warm-up with WebEx, IOS fixes for a few irritating security holes


Another Casualty.

Enjoy getting the chinese out of your systems week after week.

Eighty-year-old US 'web scam man' on the run after pocketing $250,000 in Dem 'donations'


Better use of dollars?

Likely better use of any dollars contributed than what politicians will do with it here.

Huawei website ████ ██████ security flaws ██████ customer info and biz operations at risk: ███████ patched


Any worse than Cisco?

Enough said - watch the rashes of psirt releases every wednesday from Cisco? Seems authentication bypasses across products and remote exploits are a normal thing, whether US or Chinese. Not surprising when India runs and China makes everything for Cisco.

Mayday, mayday. Cray, you cray cray: Investor attempts to halt HPE's $1.3bn biz gobble


Another Casualty.

As with most other HP acquisitions, they don't want to be another casualty. Can you blame them?

HP has the rep to ruin/run everything they touch into the ground, so probably some pride in them not just capitulating and staging themselves for burial up front.

Maybe HP will try to bring back the Cray Itanium Division in fabulous collaboration with Intel for planned obsolescence and go figure, upgrade to something less craptastic!

Better late than never: Cisco's software-defined networking platform ACI finally lands on AWS


Re: If you need ACI in AWS or Azure, you're just doing it wrong

Agreed, I've been working with or around ACI from it's launch, and it's been a perpetual disaster in almost every case. Their micro-segmentation strategy fell apart quickly when adding almost any sort of filtering between segments quickly exhausted the tcam on their switches, and blew up at least one large Biotech company I had to clean up after. I recommended the same, "upgrade" to normal nx-os, and use them that way, as it was a giant L2 network mostly anyways. They ended up turning it off and putting it in a corner instead, simply leaving their cat6k's and old nx5k's to bleed for a few more years until maybe something better comes along.

More recently I've been pinged about helping with an ACI to Arista migration from one of the big three credit card companies that was becoming painful with outages even trying to migrate away from it. Same thing, no one wanted to deal with the complexity once it was in, and quickly lost any value.

In every case I've seen it put in, network engineers retch at the fact they have to click through 90 places to try and setup a basic vlan and layer 2 connectivity. Why not do it programatically? Because old network engineers don't program, and never will. They're just hoping to retire before someone makes them have to learn.

Good news is with disasters like ACI, there will always be a need for traditional network engineers.

Fukushima reactors lend exotic nuclear finish to California's wines


Good thing Californians are there to absorb the radiation for the rest of us more eastward. Here's to hoping they don't fall into the ocean too soon to soak up all that radiation.

Dear ISP, I am not a target market


firefox/adblock plus

enough said - when the rest of the windoze users wake up and finally stop using internet explorer (pronounced: internet exploiter), they will realize about 80% of their problems go away with Internet drive-by viruses or trojans. When they have their coffee and add noscript with adblock plus, they will realize the rest of their problems go away. The idiots that still insist on opening email attachments with .vbs extensions are the same ones that will use IE until they die, and happily pay geek squad to format their box every 6 months. May those customers' pr0n collections copied without their knowledge bring the asshole end of the tech support food chain some comfort in knowingly pimping them repeatedly thanks to microsoft inadequacies. They could just tell them to stop using IE and to use firefox/noscript, but where would the profit be in that?

How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection

Jobs Horns

Be more concerned about the "passive taps"

Those passive taps documented there are basically optical taps that divert a percentage of the optical signal off gigabit ethernet (or other optical) medium for the purpose of monitoring traffic. Companies like NetOptics make nice units that sit in-line of a optical data path, and can split the signal up to 5 ways, meaning it can produce up to 5 full copies of every frame sent on their network to every state, government, and various other litigious sources you'd really rather not have your traffic. This is typically how most carriers monitor their network, but also for large ISP's like ATT to silently divert all your traffic to Carnivore-type sniffer boxes so GWB and buddies can sell you out to whoever funds their campaigns.

HTC to include high-res video support in handsets


it's windoze!

I've been using a windoze mobile phone for years, and this is just the characteristic of a crappy os. Nothing changed in wm6, still the same microsoft bloat. I'm afraid I doubt (as htc apparently does) that adding accelerated video rendering will help it at all, as the os just simply isn't built to be high-performance - it's a phone for christ's sake, and it's microsoft. They're more worried about DRM and their failing vista product these days.

I'm still waiting for hacked linux drivers for cdma modems in my xv6700 and other HTC products, maybe then we'll see what these phones can really do. Until then, quit bitching and live with a mediocre os as you have since windows 3.1.


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