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Engineering student cracks major riddle of the universe

Dr. Funk.

perhaps they can turn their attention to...

What would happen if you tied jam on toast jam side up on the back of a cat and dropped the cat onto the floor

Pre-release Windows 8 code hits PC makers

Dr. Funk.

M$ innovating like Apple

ie taking something that already exists. pimping it up a bit and then passing it off as new and innovative.

Who says Microsaft can't learn ?

Doctor Who co-star Nicholas Courtney dies at 81

Dr. Funk.
Thumb Up

@AC (1)


Nvidia four-core chip to power quad-res Apple iPad

Dr. Funk.

Ipad3 to be powered by mystery power source from alien asteroid


Everything Everywhere dips toe in retail waters

Dr. Funk.

Altrincham, Bishops Stortford, Eltham, Lowestoft and Evesham

Interesting selection of towns.

I'd be interested to know what their criteria were when selecting the locations .

First reports on XM-25 Judge Dredd smartgun in A'Stan

Dr. Funk.

or possibly

the peaceanator

Murdoch & Co unveil iPad news rag The Daily

Dr. Funk.
Paris Hilton

revolutionized finances ???

What the heck are they when they are at home ???

Cold call scareware scammers aim to bring Mac fans into the fold

Dr. Funk.

One can only assume...

That they have realised what an easy mark your average apple user must be <g>

$1,000 reward offered for stolen cancer research laptop

Dr. Funk.

not only did they not back up

but they left the macbook in plain view inside a car.

How stupid is this person and how the hell did they get a degree and a research job ???

Ace Reg reporter in career suicide shock

Dr. Funk.


Sad to see you go but congrats on the new pos


It's almost enough to make me buy the Torygraph but not quite.

May sneak a peek at the copy the right wing bore down the pub comes down with though.

Bonne Chance!!

Investors fight to buy secret special-offer Facebook equity

Dr. Funk.

f**k me

there really is one born every minute.

BT tests 1Gbit/s broadband

Dr. Funk.

That's fine but.....

If you are unlucky to live near somone who has IP TV such as BT Vision you may find your BB connection speeds compromised

It is my understanding that BT undertake traffic shaping on lines through the cab to the exchange to ensure Quality of Service on the TV service (or Bus Lanes as BT like to call them)

so, if your neighbour(s) buy BT Vision expect your connection to be f**ked.

iPhone app tagged as terror tool

Dr. Funk.

surely the best place to find airplanes

is an airport. no need to bother with overpriced smartphones or PCs.

just go stand behind the perimiter fence at the end of the runway

Spending Challenge closure countdown begins

Dr. Funk.

Not sure why they need this site

The new Con-Lib government seems to be getting the hang of announcing poorly thought out/barking mad policies all on its own.

Bubble-baron Bigelow bags Boeing boosters

Dr. Funk.

@ Wheel

That'll be Dr Evil, Mini-Me, Number two, Scott and a few hangers-on...

BT mops up after flood and fire

Dr. Funk.

All working here

we got broadband and phones back this morning (I work in Paddington)

Yesterday was the quietest day I've had in years.

The usual 'when is it going to be fixed' complaints stopped when the users went out to lunch and found out that they couldn't buy anyhthing coz all of the POS stuff was knocked out and the cashppoints wern't working.


Flood, fire at BT Paddington node causes widespread problems

Dr. Funk.

My office is down the road from the exchange

And we have our broadband back (altough the Easynet status page still reports an error). Monitoring software tells me it was about 2am this morning.

Still no phones though.

Fire Engines still outside the exchange as well.....

Sky to pack pubs with 3D TVs

Dr. Funk.

Many of the pubs

I know locally that had Sky TV have had it removed as the Landlord/lady could no longer justify the punitive costs imposed by Sky.

Can't see 3D making any difference to those pubs

MInes a (TV Free) Pint.

Another annoying cloud pitch

Dr. Funk.

rebranded dog food


What you mentioned is nothing new and this was the point of the article I believe.

The martketeers etc are simply rebranding existing technoligies and methodologies as something new and exciting - of which it is usually neither

Companies have been renting external computing capacity for decades. I recall doing this in the 1980s at ICL.

Most recently I beleive it was referred to as outsourcing.

Windows Phone 7 Series website collapses under weight of traffic

Dr. Funk.

give the VLSC fiasco

this surprises me not one jot

Sun takes over MoD's UFO bureau

Dr. Funk.


When I saw the title on my RSS feed I thought Larry Ellison was extending his empire into outer-space !

Does Apple patent claim show iPad with built-in camera?

Dr. Funk.

so, the iPad may have a camera but......

will it have a flash ??????????

Ghost of Gates' tablet haunts Microsoft's future

Dr. Funk.

Thanks, but No Thanks.

Sorry, but his all looks like a case of a 'me too' device. 10 year old hardware platform with a slightly re-hashed version of an overbloated OS on board. No thanks.

I was tempted to buy a linux netbook but I think I may wait and see what Apple to with this segment of the market. All I want really is a light,portable device with decent battery life that I can use to surf on the move or on the sofa - not interested in using Office productivity apps as I don't work on the move

What I do find interesting is that nobody has mentioned so far that a while ago Steve Jobs said that Apple wouldn't enter the netbook/subnotebook market. But, if the rumours are correct, that seems to be exactly what they are prepping for .

Mine's a pint please

Microsoft volume licensing website takes festive holiday

Dr. Funk.

another day

another message saying it will be back online tomorrow.

MacBook range revamp snippets slip out

Dr. Funk.



New Bond movie is Quantum of Solace

Dr. Funk.

Possible plot

Apparently SOLACE stands for Society of Local Authority Chief Executives in the UK

I beleive Quantum is the from the latin Quantus and generally means a packet/part/amount.

so perhaps the plot is based around a group of Local Authority Chief Execs hellbent on World Domination/Destruction or perhaps above inflation increases in the Council Tax

just a guess


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