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Panda soups up freebie cloud anti-virus

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Panda Soups

Green Peace advises against Panda soups!

Missed flight woman goes absolutely mental

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not a tantrum

Does not look look like a spoiled brat or tantrum episode to me. The lady involved seems more panicked and afraid than angry. Did she have a child aboard the aircraft? Shouldn't jump to conclusions about behavior. Won't lead to understanding.

Big Climate's strange 'science'

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risk of extrodinary danger = zero?

A good rational article, thank you. But i do question the evaluation of down side risk. There are no guarantees that the downside will be manageable. The system which may be most sensitive to any climate change is the human economy, the impact on which will be complex with many possible scary scenarios and with the population predicted to be over 10 thousand million by mid century, economic impact could be devastating and beyond control. In other words, the possibility of sever damage to large numbers of people (e.g., wars of dwindling resources) is, even if a low probability, worrisome enough to make us attend to climate change risk now.

One more word, it is in some ways irrelevant whether climate change is anthropogenic. Even if global heating is actually caused by nature, the risk of negative consequences still remains and the question becomes, can humans initiate any planet cooling technology?

In 1798 the dismal economist, Thomas Malthus, ask how long humankind could keep expanding. The answer he arrived at was proved wrong by developing technology. The question remains, will he be wrong forever?

NEC goes Back To The Future with XP for biz users

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xp upgrade availability?

Are these XP upgrades available to non NEC users?

Mozilla security chief confirms data leakage bug in Firefox

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Window S.

Yes, that is her real name. She is Mozilla's Chief Security Officer with the actual job title, "Chief Security Something" She came from security at M$. Here is a C/net piece on her.



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