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SR-71 Blackbird follow-up: A new TERRIFYING Mach 6 spy-drone bomber

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Re: Shouldn't it get shorter as it moves faster?

Budgets get stretched out considerably anytime the proposed speed of a flying machine goes beyond Mach 2.2, and one can imagine that the growth in girth - where area ruling had been evident in earlier times - will be quite visible at M=6.0.

Imagine the fuel consumption if they can get a scramjet to sustain itself for longer than a minute (which already is orders of magnitude longer than present ability). The fleet of tankers and particularly the suppprt logistics needed for a long out and back trip of the SR 71 was well known. The USAF simply will NEVER have the resouces to support this dream.

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Back to Aero Dynamics

So the discussion left the technical field and landed n the social domain again.

Geez.. a shared intake AND a shared nozzle between the scramjet and turbine that actually works? And THAT intake shown in the pic can manage Mach 6 airflow? Wow. AND a scramjet that can burn longer than just a few seconds? Amazing guys, those clever Americans.

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South Africa

Flippin' tosser: Sun's magnetic field poised to SWIVEL on it - NASA

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Re: Low activity

A "little ice age" every 11 years?

Dawn of the X-Men? MUTANTS swarm AMONG US, say geneticists

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MUTANT? My word....

"......as with the Europeans as they moved out of Africa and became more pale-skinned to cope with the lack of sunlight."

Really now - that is why they turned white? Pray tell what smell had caused the nose to become narrow and prominent IN FRONT of the teeth and chin line?

And what had caused the frontal brain box to assume the flattened, barely slanted and exceedingly forward position in line with the chin?

And what had completely reshaped the totally different ear shape and geometry?

And what had caused the totally geneticaly new ability to design and build structures like bridges and wheels and develop writing which in two million years to this day had never occurred in Africa?

And ALL the above in an astoningly momentary revolutionary flash of evolution over about 16 000 years? My word... truly amazing, some scientific opinion is.

Pilots asking not to fly F-22 after oxygen problems

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Re: Solution

The sensor will have to be in the pilot's oxygen mask. BUT: there has never been an oxygen supply problem with any fighter ever before so the need for supply sensors was not needed and should never be needed.

Like the engine, the oxygen supply should not stop suddenly. Full stop.

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F-22 and Annoxia / Hypoxia

What both the manufacturers and the USAF (amazingly) refuse to accept is that the onset of annoxia (low oxygen partial pressure) is an insidious process which is NOT noted by the pilot, particularly at high altitude where the condition rapidly transits to hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

One of the first results of annoxia is a "good feeling" - "I'm okay and I'm doing just fine".

That translates to "I do NOT know that I am suffering from a lack of oxygen". And the pilot probably does NOT know. That faculty of the brain which deals with self criticism and self evaluation and evaluation of options by default needs a 100% oxygen flow to realize it is not receiving 100% oxygen. The dichotomy must be clear.

The workload in a fighter cockpit is high. If the aircraft was engaged in route flying on auto pilot like passenger jets then maybe the pilot would realise a problem was occurring. High "G" maneuvring against an adversary in combat causes hyperventilation. If this hyperventilated intake is lacking in oxygen then consciousness is lost before the human being would have been able to even recognize his dilemma.

Now the emergency oxygen appears to be from that small cylinder which is attached to the ejection seat to allow the pilot to remain conscious should he need to eject at altitude: in such an instance he remains in the ejection seat down to about 16,000 ft above sea level before separating and when his 'chute opens.

To expect that the semi-unconscious pilot would a) recognize his hypoxic condition, b) remembers where the difficult to reach lever of the seat cylinder is, c) reach down and activate it, d) wait for his condition to stabilize, all during a 40,000 ft per minute dive and before impact is somewhat reckless. Particularly if there IS a known design problem with the main oxygen generation system - but pilots are being criticized for not activating the emergency system when this known fault in the main system occurs. They simply can not.

This is a dangerous, unprecedented design error.

ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. - Humans begin artificial CO2 emissions

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Don't jump to confusions, I say

Geez... is this "find" and the subsequent "finding" not a little over zealous? These guys are known for jumping the gun.http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/flame_32.png

More likely the lady had brought in some charcoal twigs or tree limbs that had been burnt in a natural fire to make pretty marks on her face and brighten up the cave walls with artful designs.

The whole message is that THEY started the fire. Like hell they did....

Did they find how the fire had been started? http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/mushroom_32.png

Now THAT find would have said something.

Foreign sabotage suspected in Phobos-Grunt meltdown

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Phobos is not to be investigated

Every previous Russian attempt to land a spacecraft on Phobos has been "sabotaged" - within Martian space.

Someone is not impressed by attempts to analyse Phobos surface. It is WAY, WAY lighter than it size demands.

Is it hollow?

Why? And how did that come about?

Gerard Depardieu takes piss on plane, gets tossed off

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Pissed Off

Display of bloody bad manners, that's all.

World first: UK boffins print out working 3D aeroplane

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"...to do what other men have done...."

One wonders what the application would be.... 3D is so useless on fine tolerances that it is well... useless. Certainly there is far better aerodynamic data available than the 1930 elliptical wing design - not to mention the "space frames" over Berlin!

What a waste of money and energy.

RAF Eurofighter Typhoons 'beaten by Pakistani F-16s'

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Your unresearched and historically slanted comment is noted. Thank God there were no black pilots - even the RAF chaps would have been better than them! And we honour the Royal Navy / prior Fleet Air Arm pilots who came out to fight against communism here, and were assets to a man.

That fight in Angola was against communism, not a white against black war. Against the best from East Germany and Russia and against the best of Russian equipment.

Count the number of South African pilots that helped you won the battle of Britain against Germany. And a South African general who was the true father of the RAF, Field Marshall Jannie Smuts.

And then count the number of women and girls killed by the Brits in the Anglo Boer war. When 160 000 of Her Majesty's Little Britain killed 27 000 women and girls in "concentration camps" and burnt our land and shot our cattle when they could not win their war against 50 000 farmers and their young sons, armed with only their hunting rifles. All in order to get our gold and diamonds. When you could not beat the Germans you bombed ( how many millions?) civilians in Dresden, and kept on attacking the ambulances and ambulance trains with rockets as they were evacuated. The cultural heartland of the German people, and not the war-machine factories of the Ruhr.

In South Africa YOU started the 8 wars against the Xhosa (called them Caffir Wars) and lost each one of them.

At Blood River 440 farmers defended themselves successfully against 15 000 Zulu, with ancient flintlock rifles. Later in two instances similar sized British columns were decimated by similar number of Zulus. The Brits were armed with Lee Metford magazine rifles and an endless supply of ammunition. Spear-bearing Zulus took them to the last man.

You are good at fighting civilians because they do not fight back. So, please sir, read the crux of my post where I do NOT belittle the grand RAF chaps who came here to join the fight against communism, but because of the silly training they had received and still receive, they could not make the grade. Strange that the RN guys were up to scratch in at least one case one of them was right there with the best.

By the way, what was termed "apartheid" (and which is hinted to in your unkind post) was started by Britain in South Africa. The "protectorates" of Bechuanaland, Swaziland and Basuthuland became independent homeland for these ethnic groups and eventually independent nations. So did the Transkei, and Vendaland and Kwa'Ndebele and Baputhotswana under the Nationalist Government.

ONLY, you Brits assisted the SA Communist Party to fight against that, AND shielded and fed them in London, and assisted them to let Xhosas now rule Zulu and Venda people under the banner of the communist ANC. (At least we flew in to unknown London and killed a fair number of them right there under your righteous noses, and walked out, and flew back to Pretoria).

YOU put Robert Mugabe in power with ballot box swapping (I was there, I saw it) and YOU still keep him there despite him killing 100 000 of a different ethnic group. Sadam Hussein killed 148 opponents and you went to war against him. You almost went to war against Ian Smith for daring to defend his country against REAL communist terrorism - something you have not lived with.

The main thrust of my post was that the RAF must look at their training curriculum for pilots. And buy proper fighter aircraft - 60% cheaper F16s. Your country does NOT have the economic ability to maintain the Eurofighter.

I was in London again a few years ago. It is now your world class AFRICAN city. It looks terrible west end way. Congratulations...

Watch the crime, AND the profile of the criminals.

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RAF training and RAF aircraft

When the South African Air Force (the second oldest air force in the world) was at war in Angola against the heaviest (East Bloc) defences since WW II a number of chaps from the UK military flying establishments wanted to join us. Those from the Fleet Air Arm (RN) were just excellent and were an asset to the squadrons they had been attached to.

Despite being apt at words during interviews, not a single individual from the RAF made the grade. Oh, they could fly the Mirages beautifully and did the most impressive aerobatic displays - but understanding how to use it as a weapon? Not good at all. Knew nothing of - and also were not "trainable" for ACM (air combat maneuvring) . Not in a single instance in advanced air combat training did any one of them even meet the basic standard.

This is no criticism on individuals. The South African man grows up with weapons from very early age. Fighting a foe many times our own numbers, and with old equipment has been bred into our genes over 400 years. Only the Israelis at the time were a match. RAF pilots have become good at air displays an at coy ("my little pink body") remarks to the media after returning from a sortie over Iraq - where the aircraft systems had failed.

As for the Typhoon against the F16: In close combat with equally well trained crews the F16 MAY have a match in the new F18. And that is all. The Typhoon's air combat ability is grossly overrated and crews depend on over rated weapons and systems. In plain aerial gun combat even the museum flight's F86E Sabres will kill it in each instance.

Sad but true. You taxpayer guys have been flat-spinned into a very expensive, very beautiful but not too good flying machine.

Skype goes titsup across globe

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"We saw earlier today"..... Goodness they are quick, the problem has only been there for exactly ten days!

US Congress to vote on in-flight mobile ban

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Oh man, what chaos. To hear your own voice in the din of callers you shall have to talk louder, and then the lady in the seat next to you talks louder, until everyone is shouting, and then the phones can be switched off as the shouting shall reach mother earth.


Croydon devil dog execution: Exclusive photo

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Man, if it a threat to society or even a liability, kill it. Human, dog or plant.

Satyam ups the ante for World Cup tech

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And what if...

And what if the world cup is not held in dark sunny South Africa due to spectators not liking the 2 000 (yes two thousand) murders committed each month in the Johannesburg-Pretoria area? Or the lack of electricity when the power giant ESCOM sheds the load to a certain grid during a game? (FIFA promises HUGE generators but that does not fire the traffic lights and railway supply); or the 50 million previously disadvantaged Africans (whose team Bafana-Bafana will fall out in the first match if they at all play) do not like English soccer fans aping the apeman? Man, IT is in for a surprise in the NEW South Africa...

Selling off spare spectrum will fail

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The Rules of your Lives

"We decide what to educate (read "indoctrinate") society with, you hear!"

Dries Marais
Black Helicopters

The Rules of Your Lives

"You shall only be educated by what we decide is at any one time required for society to be educated (read indoctrinated) with."

Autothrottle problems suspected in Heathrow 777 crash

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At a Boeing "Dreamliner" (B787) conference my query regarding whether the auto-control systems on the 777 and later, can be overridden by the pilot in all instances, was answered: "In all instances".

I was happy to hear that, as it is not the case with the Airbus design philosophy where the auto-control can override the pilot in ALL instances.

As a flight safety practitioner and independent thinker I believe very little of what has been made public yet.

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