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Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA

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...Will be rolling in his grave.

Game laws to make underage selling illegal

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Gates Halo


I agree with the AC at the top: As an avid gamer, I approve of this legally binding enforcement, so kids can't buy games rated 18, and then proceed to blame it when they kill someone because "they say in a game" (here's looking at you, 'Merica).

The problem then lies on how do 12 year olds prove thry are indeed 12? Great if they have a passport, but they'll have to carry it around, otherwise?

Ill thought out, thus far...

Gates, because I love PC Gaming :)

Palm politely cuts Pre tether

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Y'know, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe if every single site has a mobile version, or if they were flash heavy (does the iPhone support flash now? I haven't been keeping up with the iPhone news, tbh), I can believe it.

The last case is that your spend less time clicking actual links because you have to scroll down furiously to get to the bleeding thing...

Hitler kicked off iPhone

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@Fred Bauer

@Fred Bauer: wouldn't it be more like self-referencing?

Wasn't the first one (at least it was for me) about being banned from Xbox Live?

Non-beta Google betas may lose beta tags

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Agree with Keith T

I think i have to agree with Keith T here, in that they keep the Beta tag as so they won't get into legal hot water if theyt lose email in Gmail, for example. Their defense would be "but it's still a beta version, testing is still be carried out", etc etc.

The other train of thought is that they do keep adding new features in quite regularly (the newish being Google Labs stuff?), but that's usually worthy of a new version number, not another beta version?

This guy should run for Prez of the ol' US of A,; he's so non-commital it's hard to know where he does (or doesn't!) stand!

Konami nixes Six Days in Fallujah

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No title Required

What's strange is, some troops actually *wanted* this game to come out because it *did* depict what the conflict was like, and how hard it was.


... Then there are the troops that think that this will make the conflict seem like shit, without playing it.

Can't please them all.

BT does Italian Job on London traffic lights

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What's happened?

Dammit! I thought living on the Isel of Dogs I'll be bale to skip this, thinking the hole is in Straford, but no, phone lines are dead :(.Weird thing is, I can still surf the Net?? Shureley shome mishstake?

Am I being daft, or is that not possible?

PRS v YouTube: No UK vids, but royalty row runs and runs

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@AC > *Yawn*

You don't fully appreciate what the PRS have done; it's akin to an Anti-virus company charging you £x the first year, then next year the what £xxxx because your father hit the jackpot! What does your families (or indeed your own personal) wealth got to do with the SERVICE they offer? It's still THE SAME service they offer!

GooTube has done what the savvy consumer would have done; told the company (the AV co in my metaphor, the stoopid PRS in the Real World) to go and stick it where the sun don't shine.

YouTube blocks music videos in UK

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Paris Hilton

Just Tried Now...

If I didn't read this article, I would be thinking "WTF", as the only thing YouTube tells you is a very minimalistic "this video is not available in your country", with no link explaining why!

I'm guessing if they linked to a press release, say, then they can get people pissed off and they can use it to their advantage?

Paris, because her video was blocked :p

Nvidia trapped in x86 pipe dream

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As AMD own ATI, and ATI is realistically the only other GPU company*, Wouldn't that be a monopoly?

* What's the type of company called? It's not manufacturer is it, because that will be the companies that actually make the GPU, such as LeadTek, MSi, etc? Honest question, I forgot.

US cops called to McDonalds menu cock-up

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@ Sarah Bee

Calling McD's junk food is a bit rich, ins't it? More like toxic waste!

Woolies Pic'n'Mix goes for £14,500

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So by your definition, ChildLine isn't a worthy charity then?

CIA demands UK halts interrogation tactics

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I almost died choking on my breakfast reading that article!

Upon reading the title, I smirked thinking "Pot, Kettle, black?", but I could not stop laughing, and spilling the cereal when I read it!

Kudos to the last paragraph, as well... simply the best :D

Turning a Nokia phone into a hotspot

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wifi locking?

I hope there's a way of locking the wifi access as well, otherwise you can bet that the owner of the mobile phone will see million digit phone bills!

Besides, isn't it 'illegal' to use some one else's wifi connection without express consent? The only reason why I bought this up is because I just read your article on remote workers squatting on neighbours wi-fi... The comments there are as good as the article!

Alien because the phone bill will be out of this world...

Microhoo! marriage hits Google salaries hard

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£1 Salary

It's still a damn-sight more then what I get paid!

...Where'd I sign up?!

Bank turns London man into RFID-enabled guinea pig

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Octopus card in HK

AS a Hong-Kong Chinese Londoner (try saying that quickly 3 times!), I'm also used to the use of RFID cards. Basically, in HK, it started out the same way as the Oyster (because they nicked it off us, bloody Ken Livingstone), being a contactless way to pay for TRAVEL, but then migrated to paying for most convenience or fast food stores e.g. McDs and 7-11.

Personally, I knew the Octopus card idea (the one Ken lifted) would come to London, as it made sense. I haven't heard anyone complain of security problems in HK or Oyster cards here (except big brother tacking), mainly because as soon as you report it stolen, they freeze the card!

although one thing i don't like, is the auto opt-in approach: We should be able to choose whether or not to use it (I just chose to use it).