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Anonymous relaunches fight against Scientology

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I assume that Scientology is practicing the Christianity that the Christian Churches practiced for almost all of the time they were the supreme authority in the world.

The Church that dealt with any critics about their theology , by taking them down to the Torture Chamber prior to a trip to your personal Barbeque .

Galileo was fortunate to just get shown around the Torture Chamber , but he knew to keep quiet after that.

Actually the Christians were quite prolific in burning women and young girls accused of being witches. Bit like the McCarthy era in USA- if you were accused you were guilty.

Peace and Joy to you all. Including you know who.

IBM hacks into chip peoples' pay

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Dead Vulture

IBM-at it again

I remember the way IBM behaved in the eighties,when it was on top of the PC industry. It controlled everything and Microsoft was very smallfry .

They were considered as a bully , much as MS is now by many.

A monopolist and all that.

They are out of the PC market but big in the other fields of computing, and just like most American Corporations- a bunch of greedy shits.

Clone dog mistress denies she is 'sex in chains' McKinney

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Stop It

If these posts keep coming , I am likely to need medical attention.

I can see the newspaper story now

Ambulance staff report- " Found laying on floor , rolling around , tears streaming down face and making noise that sounds like hahahaha etc"

Wind farm wound down on air traffic fears

Bruce Sinton

Radar Theory

Thanks for that. I understood it , wish more posts gave us useful information.

I did fly a bit some time ago in NZ, before we had to use radio in light aircraft , and radar had still to arrive here.

All this technology takes the fun out of flying !

Old ships' logs show temporary global warming in 1730s

Bruce Sinton

A warm 1730s

One alleged warm year in the 600 year long period known as the Little Ice Age,

The one where the Thames River froze solid and people had Ice Markets on it.

Good timing has caused a documentary on the TV to be screened last night,after bed time so recorded it.

(Two hours long-been viewing it during tea breaks)

Apart from a few million of the population dying from the cold weather , triggering the French Revolution , Bonaparte having a disaster in Russia in 1812 etc , I expect it wasn't a bad time.

However I think I prefer a nice warm time.

Inside the tent, the best bioterrorist money could buy?

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Taz Taziuk

Taz, I tried that link, all I got was " Unable to find the page you requested"

What a bugger!

Oz man cracks one off while speeding in drug-packed car

Bruce Sinton

Kiwi Accent !!!

Listen Mate, we don't have an accent , down here we speak the King's , err no we have a Queen now I believe, so Queen's English.

God bless her , and also Paris.

More dodgy phone-ins cost BBC £400,000

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No TV license in NZ

Our kindhearted Government abandoned the license years ago. They did however provide us with lots of adverts.

These tend to be more interesting than the programs.

So much so that I watch Sky whenever I do watch the goggle box.

So it's heads they win, tails you lose. Paris is nice to watch though.

Microsoft pledges love and money to open source

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Jobs Horns

Geeks bearing Gifts

Yes Fred,

Beware of dragging that Trojan Horse inside.

It will have Monkey Man hiding in there with other MS barbarians , ready to slaughter you , just when you thought you were safe.

Doctors: Third babies are the same as patio heaters

Bruce Sinton

It's Simple

Population reduction is simple, just get a little microbe that caused that reduction a few centuries ago.

It was the one that infected people with the Black Death.

Unpleasant but very effective.

Sabre-rattling Europe threatens US diplomats with visas

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Up the USA

As long as the EU let the USA piss on them ,with the treatment of their citizens who travel to America, they will continue to do so.

The paranoid , demented , shithead American government should be shown that you will not be treated like this without retaliation .

Bush and his fellow war criminals should be sent to Coventry.

The country to trade with should be China. More honest ,more reliable, less treacherous and their word is there bond . (Much like the Englishman's word used to be)

Must rest now, before I get excited . Mm think of something nice!

The return of Killer Chlorine

Bruce Sinton

Back to Cycle Helmets

I flew over the handlebar of my cycle when I was fairly young, didn't have helmets then. Low speed crash , no fractured skull.

Flew off (not sure of which direction) of my cycle when I was 22 . High speed crash , was wearing a good helmet, no fractured skull.Protective jacket and gloves saved me from much ripping of flesh.

That cycle had a 500cc motor attached and got me up about 100mph when a thing called speed wobble happened.

I think even for low speed crashes they do keep your flesh of your head looking neat and tidy.

I am now like all of you now, very conservative and responsible.

Cancer doctor cites 'early' data on cell phone danger

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You are all very cynical

But then so am I. Years ago the World Health Organisation stated that the millions of dollars spent on trying to show that cell phones cause cancer , would be better spent on something useful.

They are dangerous though , minds turned off from paying attention to traffic while driving.

Paris cos she is turned off even when not driving.

Climate protestor claims glued self to UK Prime Minister

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Super Glue

Or Contact Adhesive- always keep your bottle of Acetone in your workshop ready for it and Apoxy Resin.

Works like Snibo the wonder product ( For the more mature /old folks out there)

Should one get stuck on or in Paris?

Lenovo stock falls as IBM retreats

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Gates Horns

Non China made laptop

I don't think there are any,but perhaps Korea , Formosa (can't spell the other name), or Vietnam may make some . Certainly none in USA.

Police told: Delete old criminal records

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Is it a Copper's friend

Who or what is Jacquie Smith.

I am in NZ so don't know all your local scumbags.

Dell hits all the wrong keys – again

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Wots wrong with US Key boards

I have had US Keyboards supplied with my computers for some years now.

Mind you that is because here in New Zealand we now have more in common with the USA than England/Britain. Your may recall about 1970 you went into the Common Market and told us to get stuffed .etc, etc.

Peace be with you, and with her

El Reg tells you what the Highway Code can't

Bruce Sinton

Dear Glyn

"Speed never killed anyone"

Boy, that is a surprise to me. I spent 11years as a volunteer Ambulance Officer ,and so quite a number of dead people , whose cause of death was speed, and the sudden deceleration when hitting something like a power pole.

AMD loses $1.19bn and CEO Ruiz

Bruce Sinton

From the Armchair

I note how nice it is to give advice to a business on how to run the show, and have absolutely no responsibility if such advice is a heap of dung.

Firefox sweeps away carpet bombing bug

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I am happy for all of you

posters out there , whose biggest problem in their lives is getting updates and bug fixes for Firefox.

One day you might actually get some problem (Health , family or financial) that will take your mind completely off this eenie , weenie ,teency weency irritant .

Peace and Joy.(from me and Paris)

SCO ordered to pay Novell $2.5m Unix royalties

Bruce Sinton

Oh yes

By Daniel B,

Thank you Mr Ed, job well done

Global warming to stone US kidneys

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Stones and bloody global warming

As this assumption about increased kidney stones is from that Global Warming intergovernmental mob, it is more male bovine excrement.

The statements by that political group has got to the farcical stage. Every week there is a new disaster due to GW or Climate Change as they now call it.

Their statements have the same ring of truth as George Bush saying the USA invaded Iraq to liberate the population , and absolutely not to get their greedy mits on oil

It is likely that climate will change,climate is never static. Read up about the Little Ice age 17 to 19 Century, the Medieval Warm period etc.

It is interesting that James Lovelock , of the Gia Hypothosis , now says that we are NOT all doomed.

The district in New Zealand where I live the climate has got wetter and cooler over the past 70 years that I have lived here. That's an inconvenient truth as Al Gore would say.

I have not believed half the lies I have been told for the past 50 years, especially the ones that are spouted by Politicians or their stooges.

Will go away and think nice thoughts about a nice thing called Paris.

Missing Webroot founder found dead

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Bipolar/Manic Depression

The trend now is to change the name of a medical problem to one that no longer describes or relates to the condition.

This is the modern "Political Correctness" idea effecting everything.

My niece told me a more recent name for this condition- Globular disfunction I think it was.

Soon we will not know what we are talking about.

In my case , I am just a rundown, clapped out , one foot in the grave 77 year old meat eater.

I do however appreciate the problem of mental Illness - Was an Ambulance Officer in the 70s and 80s and had experience with such patients.

Also support the Neurological Foundation, and keep up to date on brain issues.

Gotten Himmel - even run Folding@Home (research into cause of diseases ),

on my computer.

Not all of us are insensitive swine.

Ubuntu trumpets aromatic pistou of borage

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IT angle

In a jungle far far away, a long time ago my Hominid ancestors discovered FIRE,

and then found that using that to heat(cook) bits of other mammals , made it much more easy to digest.

I understand that started our brain on the enlargement path.

They have much to answer for.

But it did result in Paris!

Raptor and Eurofighter go head to head

Bruce Sinton

Oh well

Dear Heystoopid,

Your argument is then that we should never get into a war at any time.

I expect that you think the world would be a better place if Adolf Hitler and his murderous shit Nazis ,had been allowed to subject Europe to the genocidal , enslaving principles of the Master Race. Genocide of all Slavic people and anyone else Adolf didn't like.

Now people like you can now go on talking crap, without learning the lessons of history.

Our governments do make things seem more peaceful now, like the organisation that prior to WW2 was called the War Department, is now called the Defense Department.

Peace and Joy man.

Microsoft kicks Ubuntu update in the hardy herons

Bruce Sinton

Attn. Ruairi

Greetings Ruairi,

Do you allege that a computer with MS OS is 99.999% + ,reliable / accessible ?

Bugger me rigid, I never got that using MS.

I no longer have to worry about MS, I got Ubuntu working for me now.

BBC must reveal EastEnders costs

Bruce Sinton
Paris Hilton

Are you all Males ?

I think you probably are.

I have never watched it, but my Wife and Daughter do.

This is in NZ, must be some nostalgia for the old countryl

My Wife even loves the Royal Family.

I love Paris.

US retailers start pushing $20 Ubuntu

Bruce Sinton

Ubuntu buy the Book

I brought a book about Ubuntu ,published 2007, cost me us$40.

Very useful , am learning how to do useful things.

I did manage to download 8.04 ,install the ISO file and all that. It works well, and as soon as I sort out how to make my Folding@Home program work properly , I will have all I require.

If I, a 77 year old, definitely non-geek can do it, then almost anybody can.

As said above ,security( by Steven ), -do I have to go on.

America wakes up to the surveillance society

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Attn. Mr. Kevin Kittts

If what you say is true, I am glad I live thousands of miles away in the vast Pacific Ocean.

However the apathy of the citizens of USA is what allows the Government skumbags to get away with all the spying etc.

If they would get off their fat arses and vote during the elections it would prevent insane , warmongering ,murderous Christians like Bush getting elected.

Only 40% of you vote,so you have only yourselves to blame.

Paris for President- I think she believes in universal Love.

Arnie terminates driving and dialling

Bruce Sinton

Arnie says

Do as I say not as I do.

Like politics everywhere.

Eurofighter at last able to drop bombs, but only 'austerely'

Bruce Sinton

Bombs on a Fighter

From 12,000 miles away, it appears to me that they want to make a fighter carry bombs.

A short time ago a fellow named Adolf , asked if a fighter(ME262) could be made to carry bombs. When the answer was yes, he told them to start on modifying it.

Caused an unfortunate delay in getting it into production a a fighter. With unfortunate results (for Adolf)

This time you may not be in such a desperate situation - thankfully

Peace and Joy to you all.

PS -Don't let them put Microsoft systems on it.

Xandros buys Linspire, says bruised ex-CEO

Bruce Sinton


Hello Ken BW2,

I tried Xandros a couple of years ago . Actually paid for it . (Forgive me I knew not was I was doing).

I gave up on it , found it would not install any updates , and they only gave 30 days support.

I now have Ubuntu 8.04 , works quite well,except when I try some things beyond my level of understanding.

Still it's easy to do another install. And no need to worry about that MS thing called reactivation .

Long live that man that lives on the Isle of Wight.

Bruce Sinton


In my previous posting I said Isle of Wight ,I think I should have said Isle of Man.

Sorry about that . I live 12000 miles away.

UK clamps down on bus-spotting terror menace

Bruce Sinton
Black Helicopters

Mr. Hans -- The Terrorist have won

Your dead right there mate!

But the Google mob must have given the job of driving around photographing every thing and every body, as you are now all suspects.

And will be presumed guilty until you can prove you are innocent.

Good Luck

Hiel Gordon

Heavyweight physics prof weighs into climate/energy scrap

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The Prof and Climate/Energy Scrap

The fear of Nuclear Power among your posters is surprising, considering the fact that your readers are supposed to be intelligent.

The French have 80% + of their electric power generated by Nuclear Power Stations.

They don't seem to have any problems- and I am sure that I would soon hear about any little hitch.

Sure Chernobyl in USSR was a disaster, as was almost everything in that mismanaged empire.

Tens of millions died in the time of the Communist Dictatorship of Uncle Joe, and his successors , with widespread pollution like no other nation (even China) have seen.

Down here in sunny New Zealand we have the coldest houses(uninsulated) in the world apparently, but we are now trying to improve. My house has underfloor insulation and a second lot of ceiling insulation installed. Paid for by an unusually enlightened Government. Got a modern electric hot water cylinder installed last year to replace the 1952 model! Very energy efficient now I understand.

When I moved into this house 40 years ago , I dug trenches and installed field tile drain around the house to keep it dry (clay soil),-less heat required.

Drive my car to town for shopping (about 2 mile trip) as arthritis makes pedal power a non starter.

I guess I am trying to say that I am doing my bit to save energy (the usual low energy light bulbs etc), just as some of you younger types

I don't however go in for the extreme things promoted by the Greenies (shows bias) like turning off the TV at the wall etc. With modern appliances , the standby power use is bugger all -my TV is less than 1watt.

Peace and Joy to you all. -Greenies and Nuke lovers.

Icon -Why not?

Devil dog laughs in the face of Taser

Bruce Sinton

Coppers can do nothing right

Mr Charles Tsang,- The police apparently should carry a dangerous dog breed reference book with them, so that if they or some member of the public is attacked, they should then refer to the little book.

If classed as dangerous breed - OK to shoot or do whatever is necessary to protect humans.

If not in the book, then what do you suggest that they do, while someone is getting mauled?

Numerous posts slang off / abuse the police , in what seems for them, a normal reaction- I hate police , etc.

From what I have read of the UK , you have a lot of depraved criminals that the police have to protect you from.

Try going without Police , and you will soon find that the only law will be the Law of the Jungle.

(Refer to the strike by Melbourne (Australia)Police around 1926. Life became very unpleasant for the citizens . I think they appreciated the rule of law a great deal more after it returned)

London hospital loses 20,000 unencrypted patient files

Bruce Sinton
IT Angle

Thanks for the Tips

When I get into the business of stealing laptops,I will know how to access the information on the disks, thanks to the information given out on these posts.

Must remember not to shed any hair or leave fibers,footprints etc at the scene .

I watch Crime shows and now I can get the knowhow on computer crime right here on The Register.

Firefox 3 downloads hit 7m despite server FAIL

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Hmmm- Nordrick Framelhammer

I tried Opera a couple of years ago and gave up on it when Firefox came along.

As you say if it is now so magnificent , why does it rate in the low single digits?

I smell a conspiracy ! Perhaps however the ordinary user is not like the nerds that get onto this site in large numbers, and who enjoy difficult things.

China in anti-monopoly investigation of Microsoft

Bruce Sinton
Gates Horns

Which to hate more China or Microsoft ?

I was going to compare Microsoft to Adolf , Uncle Joe and Attila the Hun , but that would probably be overdoing -just a bit.

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

Bruce Sinton
Paris Hilton

I am lonely here

I am not a geek like vast majority of you posters .

You seem to prefer Opera-so why not just use it.

The choice is yours.

Strangely though , Opera is very low on the popularity scale from what I have seen.

I am on Ubuntu, and my browser says "Firefox version 3.0".

Had it for a couple of months now.

Peace and joy to you all.

My icon is another very friendly ,warm , cuddly thing.

God makes you stupid, researchers claim

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IQ - out of date

I read some time ago that this IQ idea had been rejected as , well a bit of bullshit,

unscientific and all that.

Actually I have no idea what I would register on the IQ scale, or even how it is obtained , or who does it.

Is there a standard test?

My favourite icon, good girl.


Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan

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No Visa - and No XP anymore

I got pissed off with having to reactivate XP , and then to add insult to injury I had to do it using an INDIA based site (help site ?).

The hard work trying to communicate with the indians , who probably tried hard, but their INDIALISH meant a very hard exercise .

The sad thing is that I purchased an HP Officejet Pro L7580 printer, and had to use

a help line in INDIA also , which was an useful as a broken leg, My friendly local computer man fixed my problem for me.

For me , Microsoft and Indian help centres will be avoided at all costs.

I am using Ubuntu 8.04 now, and am most happy.

God bless the creator -of Ubuntu.

Shame on you HP for going the cheap and useless way.

Paris seems the most appropriate icon .

NZ hydropower drought could see leccy rationing

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It will be alright- I think!

Heavy rain is predicted and we are assured that panic can now be avoided.

We did have a very good electricity planning and construction of power projects- Ministry of Works and Electricity Dept. But politics ,changed that, it all got privatised . You know to give us assured low cost , reliable power supply!

Re Comalco , the big (for us ) Aluminium Smelter, the reason it exists is that the Manapouri Hydro project was specifically constructed for it. The Govt. wanted to get some heavy industry in the arse end of the South Island.

There will be some legal undertaking by the Govt.. to provide the electricity to Comalco .

Perhaps (after uthenasia )cremating Greenies would provide a short term energy source , and also help raise the IQ of the country.

Icon of my idol.

Climate supremo deploys knitwear in war on patio heaters

Bruce Sinton

Heat the Atmosphere

The Patio Heater is the most dingbat idea ever created . How much warmth for a patio person in a bit a breeze- bugger all at best.

Anyone wasting their money on this shitbrained contraption needs treatment at the place when kind white coated men guide you around.

ISS toilet sucks again

Bruce Sinton

A Log ?

Re the Captain's log being responsible , when I was in the Sewer business as a shit pipe designer the "log" was referred to as a Golden Admiral.

Not built like a butterfly however.

My coat is the brown one hanging all on its own.

Drugs, hookers and cranked customers: Ex-Broadcom boss indicted

Bruce Sinton
Paris Hilton

Title - Anonymous Coward

My Zipper is always ready for action.

An icon that is appropriate .

Chinese crackers blamed for US power blackouts

Bruce Sinton

Hacker /Cracker

I thought I understood the difference before this discussion , but now I am confused

Almost as confused as Confucius will be.

Dell rapped for £60 delivery charge on £200 laptop

Bruce Sinton
Paris Hilton

Ding Dong Bell

Dell has just been convicted of Fraud and other naughty things by the State of New York.

Read all about it in the New York Times .

Dell have become a bunch of dishonest ,deceitful heaps of dung from what has been going on over there in USA , as well as UK.

Icon of another naughty thing

ISS toilet fails to suck

Bruce Sinton

Re Piss Poor Performance

To avoid those unfortunate misunderstandings , perhaps you should call those things on the table for spilling your food on and wiping your dirty fingers, what we do--- A SERVIETTE .

In Kiwiland -South Pacific

Electrical grid overlords take drubbing over cyber attack vulnerability

Bruce Sinton

The Web /Grid

The threat to the supply grid is vastly greater from the lack of funds to do the required maintenance.

The lesson of the blackout in New York a couple of years ago does not seem to have been learned.

They will have to learn the real hard way , when a wide spread failure happens

They have been close to this a few times apparently l

I expect paying for the Iraq "liberation" and giving them peace and joy, has sucked up the necessary funds.

I wonder when the next highway bridge collapse will happen. The national roading network has been have studied neglect for years and a good disaster will be needed to make them aware of the folly of neglect of another vital network

President Eisenhower , the bloke who saw the need for a good roading system must be whirling in his grave.

Land of the free etc is more like the land of the fools.

Peace and Joy to you as well.