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Windows 7 OEM prices revealed

Belxjander Serechai
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Tried to install on a netbook ... needs the disc physically present,

Installing from XP and into its own partition fails with a known error...

booting it from inside VirtualBox at least worked... as for boot times...

1 core for the VM and 1 core for the Host,

1GB of memory (half each) and Ive got enough free HDD space to let it eat 40GB.

Installed quickly, and insisted on the network connection (just having a valid network is enough)

seems the "I want the Internet" bit is going to make problems of its own.

especially since the Installer actually wants the HDD to be blank or have 20MB at the beginning

entirely as free space ... lovely.

Seems like its trying to force everything to be "I am THE OS you use"... typical arrogance

Im surprised it simply doesnt let you pick the device and re-writes everything.

still cant get past actually getting an XP SP3 CD with a machine that doesnt actually HAVE

a CD drive.... that still gives me giggle fits...

Installing Gentoo linux as 2nd OS was boringly simple with USB boot options...

try that with a wintendo?.... hello FreeDOS and use the installer from that...maybe?

seems completely ironic... needs the Free DOS to make Windows functionally installable

otherwise not having any kind of installation option without errors

Im still gonna call it "Wintendo" since its trying to be a knock-off of the old style Japanese

Famicom boxes (newer ones are Playstation and Wii) ...

Nice try... still looks like a 3 yr olds playpen block set with all the pretty color scheme...

needs to have the option of letting the user define the UI "prettyness" and quit the

"Installing Windows for the first time" messages...

Paris Icon... may have a brain in her head... Microsoft appears to have brains too,

but the published version of Windows seems to be like the public "air head" persona

that is presented...

Just cause it "appears to look good" doesn't mean it is... painted gold shit is still shit.

even when "that looks perrdy" (imitation texan drawl for ++WTF++)

Rah rah rah... OS is OS... not some attempt at a permanent party...

as for the "release party" crud ... Im surprised people accepted being paid to switch brains off

Tens of thousands of kids need to be protected from ContactPoint users

Belxjander Serechai

Truly Shielded? && Internet Accessible? in the same sentence !?!?

I have doubts about any such scheme on the face of it.

Admission of a web interface also admits to an opening in the armour for such a site.

Currently I am writing my own online WebApp that will need to scale to an equivalent size or larger

and I am putting security of users in as a first priority.

any such records on-site I would require to have some kind of 2nd-teir cypher key unlocked

BEFORE any record information is even viewable by the browser over an SSL link

Call me paranoid but this appears to be similar to giving every person a number

and forcing it upon the general public by use of the children who will not know differently

*How young is too young!?!?*... I dont mind *localized* Identification, but country-wide?

Any scheme like this that is enforced is just the first of the final bricks in the wall for the entire

1984 style doublethink.

I also see targetting of such Identification material towards children as pushing the agenda

of the agency/persons who are insistent on its introduction and eroding any value of

free-speech and freedom(AKA civil liberties).

I dont know that much about history or material outside my chosen field of computers,

but this type of information gathering just sends chills up and down my spine.

1984 / V for Vendetta / The Matrix - no longer movies but made real in another form?

"Hontoni kowaii" as the Japanese would say ( Literal : Truly scary ),

Kawaii may be cute, but Kowaii is definitely another matter entirely.

Kawaii for some of the kids when they are showing pride in good work,

Kowaii at the Big Brother Tracking of their lives.

BT's Mayfair exchange downed by burglary

Belxjander Serechai

@AC - Theft of Line Cards...

Actually Ive helped dissassemble an Exchange with older equipment,

Give someone 10minutes with the line-card rack and you would be looking

at somewhere between 10 to 20 cards removed,

depending on how quick the person got used to card removal...

so all up maybe 30-40 minutes to strip the equipment into a sack and leg it...

speaking of which I can personally strip down either of my own machines

and rebuild it (including PSU removal from the case with everything else)

in about that time if I am *really* in a hurry or totally wired up on sugar :)

<< Icon is Tux because my systems are all set to something I can use

without needing to deal with a lawyer first :)

American ISP flashes phantom bandwidth cap

Belxjander Serechai
IT Angle

New Zealand already has this style of DataCapping...

and the experience of the end user there was 5GB covers *mobile* only...

if you want fixed line or unbundled internet of any form...

the ISPs have "5GB then speed limit the rest" and quite a few ISPs see the first 5GB gone in the first *hour* of Internet usage by a few people...

Ive seen a single person who would normally use *20* GB a month...

and that is using Internet TV as well, without any form of illegal or other traffic,

I would be surprised if any Internet telco actually came clean and released accurate

figures, but I know the data-caps are going one direction in NZ... upwards...

as the userbase vote with their feet and the ISPs know it...

Telecom NZ accepted "unbundling" and just dropped traffic management to prove

unbundling was the wrong thing to do... its altered the landscape there,

but data-caps have only changed in the same direction...

even at 64kbps downrate limit on DSL... 40GB or more is *easy* to do...

just leave the connection on and the machine flatlining the connection for 28-31 days and the ISP is only providing the service paid for...

but thats the point... ISPs *oversell* the service they can provide as not everyone

uses 24/7 internet...

Ive since left NZ completely... I'll stay with better Internet here in Japan now...

especially since Im making a family with my GF...

European and American ISPs might want to take a look outside the immediate rosegarden at the real world beyond the "white picket fence"...

every rose has thorns and some thorns are just the weeds...

Have fun, I know I will

Senator slams DHS boss over border laptop searches

Belxjander Serechai

@Dan @ Micheal @all

Thats how I managed to get a "free pass" through three sets of customs twice...

yank the HDD's... seal the computer with NO fixed storage and carry the fixed

storage (the HDDs) in hand-luggage... it shifts some weight but also gives

customs a brilliant "oh shit" moment when they actually realise the HDDs are

useless outside the box they were taken from ( works well when the HDDs are

"linear set" material )... you ARE co-operating with them... they just need

equipment they will *never* have and I doubt a customs agent wants to become

a bottleneck for any international airport when you ARE co-operative with them.

just gives the officer a headache he doesnt want and you just need to sit and smile

Tux and Linux... just more "headache" inducement...

especially the part where windows needs 3rd party extensions to read *other* fs

everytime a govt catches up to "latest and greatest" its still 2 generations behind

recently released from the lab kit...unless it owns the lab and who trusts that? :)

World's biggest ISPs drag feet on critical DNS patch

Belxjander Serechai

Add OCN Japan to the blackened ISPs listing...

DNS needs to be "patched" here too

but I can bet NTT is on to it...

Ballmer upset by Apple cart

Belxjander Serechai

Tenacious is right...

Tenacious like noxious weeds...

All weeds were once normal plants... its just the definition of which "class"

between flower and weed that defines the aggravation factor...

everything starts somewere... and some things that are weeds one place

maybe flowers elsewhere...

personally I would like to see "M$" 'innovate' without the draconian stranglehold

maybe actually dropping FUD and using pure truth might be too much?

US cyberspying fears hang over Beijing Olympics

Belxjander Serechai

I managed to get 1TB of Data Storage through 2 sets of customs

And I never got searched or asked about the content at all,

that was the first trip...

Two more trips later and only taking half of it with me... (the secured section)

was quite funny since none of the border controls in 3 countries even blinked...

I just said I was a Comp Tech Guy and kept the machine and drives *seperate*

they cant "search" what they dont have kit to search immediately,

simple and effective :)

Shocker DNS spoofing vuln discovered three years ago by a student

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Dead Vulture

I can see a *very* disturbing option for this...

How many "End users" are using a proxy... and where does the proxy do lookups?

if the "proxy" is force-feed by a man-in-the-middle an incorrect IP for a name....

Hello to mass-drive-by-downloads with pass-through to secure sites still possible,

more than being a man in the middle... it becomes a proxy vulnerability too readily,

just *knowing* the proxy IP is enough and then it becomes a static heartbeat to push the false address... when any end-user on that proxy uses the false address...

Hello can, Hello worms... oh... time for some fishing I see...

by which time... already it is too late for the storm on the vista...

Fun and games...

Jacqui Smith kick-starts yoof ID debate site, site kick stops

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Access Denied - Whats missing if it just errors on the main page post-signup?

Access denied

You do not have the required permissions to access this page. If you believe this message to be in error, please contact a site administrator.


and all I did was complete the signup process using a *secured* browser...

I answered the signup honestly excepting actual age...

too "simpleminded" a website if it gets broken by a simple "NoScript" plugin...

does it have "Drive By Downloads" for IE users ?

Just plain curiousity :)

***nyaan*** as the cats here in Japan say it...


IT? because where IS the intelligence if the technology IS the intelligence?

Judge grants Viacom 12TB of YouTube user records

Belxjander Serechai

This is truly ridiculous...

I wonder if I should invoke *3* government sets of legal terms here...

since I am a New Zealander in Japan viewing material from the EU/US...

wait... thats *4* sets of privacy laws...

and *3* of those are completely out of bounds for the US judge...

NZ Privacy Act requires my direct consent... where are the details to make

submissions about this lunacy?

is it now automatic that "Internet user"=="ad viewer" and I am *very* aware

through my own reading of Internet protocols there is a LOT of data shifting

international borders...

Just because *anything* is online doesnt mean its always going to be limited

for the juristictions it abides by...

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "the pen is mightier than the sword"

both come to my mind...

UK Unix group vows to appeal OOXML ruling

Belxjander Serechai

from "openly marketed" into the "standard and cout" processes?

This is getting beyond a big yawning joke now...

When is a standard going to be *complete* AND *available* in addition

to *complete* implimentations...

Afai am aware... MS Office (latest edition) does not fully comply with the OOXML

standard which it is suppossed to be the primary (only?) reference implimentation

Where is an alternate reference implimentation that has the same format as primary?

gah, I'll stick to Japanese as a second language and programming,

legal jargon reads like obfuscated code too quickly for my tastes...

I'll only write code to this standard when It is *complete* as a standard

Mines the white rain coat made from reprap kit... later...

AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic

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IT Angle

pre-scanning by pre-loading?

Where is the cache options?

anything like this would need to store and forward, and mention of "no-cache" usage,

*ouch* on the slowdown for anyone stuck with any kind of transparent proxy,

I know of at least 2(more?) NZ ISP's that run transparent proxies for DialUp AND DSL,

they are configured for DSL to be ignored but they still run a few things through it,

THAT is a problem since I have walked into those proxy systems throwing hissy fits on


and not everyone is given "generous" data-limits for downloading each month

I know of several ISPs that allow 1GB or less, (cellphone data plans anyone?)

and they also provide the same plan for DSL,

Thanks but no thanks, where is the option for selecting HOW the pre-scanner works?

can it be set for "selected only" or "pre-scan page advanced" ?

this ones to pat also, it would be useful to be able to enable/restrict "how much"

the pre-scanner hits a site, can this be set for being a transparent "localhost" proxy for scanning anything before the browser reads it and only fetched items?

Intelligent Technology doesnt always happen on the first attempt...

Red Hat shoots down brace of patent disputes

Belxjander Serechai

*Yawn*....next please...

Why is LLC bothering with such a waste of time?

mutliple displays off the same machine as seperate workspaces were done

BEFORE the GUI became a reality on text only mainframes...

Im not old enough to have ever done anything that dismantle one and it

seems blatantly obvious to me...

tools like "screen" and "synergy" make this a moot point and "public domain" in a sense as well... are they going to go after *everyone* !?!?

I'll take the coat with anti-static lining and covered in cat fur from my pet...

Online banking payment system aims to reduce fraud

Belxjander Serechai

Where is the verification of trust?

Its already easy enough to purchase an online "you can trust me" certificate,

whats to stop phishing with POL-i simply mis-using the inputs to the control

and doing a real transfer session using corrupted inputs...

this doesn't change existing security, it only makes it harder for the user to

certify the transaction for themselves

I'll keep to doing transfers without such "feature-esque" want to be secure

wet tissue jobs...

POL-i *maybe* secure, but that is only 1 card in a house, lets see if it is still

standing AFTER it is deployed

Hogging the Trough: The EFF Strikes Back

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There is more to this article than what is presented...

true BitTorrent is based on *symmetric* capability...

however "Sandvine" is man-in-themiddle and ignorant of any high-speed connection,

(I have had mid-connection-resets with and without BitTorrent running)

I run BitTorrent and find the easiest means of controlling its bandwidth use is to rate restrict

the connections it handles symmetricly, only allow incoming at the outgoing rate.

this lets "packet drop" rate manage the connection sufficiently,

its unfortunate but a "sandvine" afflicted connection with man-in-the-middle resets breaks

beyond just the bittorrent protocol being affected, *any* 'secured' protocol isfair game,

as it is now standard practise for all bittorrent protocol to have crypto applied,

There is evangelical responses for and against this, what are the facts?

without following the evidence trail with factual data and repeatable results there is no

point to the argument,

The following is entirely my own opinion,

any ISP need have a set guideline and policy with regards network "Fair use",

and have this as a document available for all users,

I consider any "TCP reset" equivalent to the telecoms company pushing "hangup"

during calls made (would any telecom company actually do this to customers?)

I *have* read the RFCs and Specifications of the protocols concerned,

I am of the impression that there is police-state erosion of the US constitution

by the death of a thousand cuts...

can anyone inform me otherwise?