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Cops cuff anti-drug ninja vigilantes

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Right to bear arms does not mean the right to wave a gun about in public.

The right to bear arms does not give you the right to carry said arms around in public. There are concealed carry laws for that, and they are much stricter then the laws around obtaining a firearm.

The second amendment does not specifically say firearm, but it's read that way because who uses a sword these days except for dumbass kids? You're allowed to own a sword but if you go brandishing it in public, you're gonna be thrown in jail the same as you would if you openly carried around a shotgun or pistol.

Think of it this way. The second amendment says that you have a right to keep a gun at home so that when the zombie invasion comes, you will be ready to defend yourself.

Paris because some of your UK people have some stupid ideas about US law.

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Arrested is better then dead.

Those who live by the sword get shot in the chest by a drug dealer with a pistol.

Being arrested by the cops probably saved these idiot's lives.

Police probe pirate-DVD detecting dog's demise

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Must have been suicide.

The dog was probably took its own life after being mercilessly humiliated by his drug sniffing coworkers.

Windows XP SP3 sends PCs into endless reboot

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I've been using SP3 on a Lenovo T60 for a couple days now. No problems.

American ISPs already sharing data with outside ad firms

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How can you be anonymous if each profile is tied to an IP address? ISP's have logs of who gets what IP address. This database isn't anonymous at all except in the fact that your name won't be in the database itself. Instead, theres a unique identifier in the database, that can be tied to your name in a different database.

Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers

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Too little too late.

Creative has shown it is a two faced company. Why would an apology letter from a bunch of people who talk out both sides of their mouth be enough to make amends?

I will never buy another creative product again.

US government forces military secrets on Brit webmaster


Streisand effect?

He should have just posted all the emails he received as a torrent on the pirate bay.

THAT would have gotten the problem fixed pretty quick.

Hard drive replacement sparks singed disk situation

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Blue smoke

Yeah, sometimes the blue smoke gets out. It's hardly a fire hazard, but the blue smoke is not healthy to inhale.

Why is this news? Was the editors porn on it?

Hogging the Trough: The EFF Strikes Back

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Throttling bandwidth throttles techological developments.

Rather then spending money on routers that drop packets or reset connections, wouldn't it be a wiser use of money to construct a network that is capable of handing the demand of the modern internet, which is now demanding much greater upload bandwidth with the development of, Bittorrent, personal web radio streamed from a home server (slim devices), VOIP, video conferencing, etc. etc. etc.

This is not 1990 anymore, where the only thing you use upload bandwidth is for sending e-mails and requesting web pages.

By implementing bandwidth controls rather then improving network performance all comcast is doing is taking a crowbar to the kneecaps of technological development by assuring there will never be enough bandwidth to go around.