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Human rights court rules UK DNA grab illegal

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Oppose the EU

The EU are NOT your friend! The Prum Convention shows what the EU thinks of your privacy rights.

Under the Prum Convention, police across the European Union will have free access to the DNA database as well as fingerprints, and vehicle and driver registrations.

The (non-EU) European Court of Human Rights may be a small restraint on their ambitions.

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Not the EU

@John Young - correct!

The European Court of Human Rights has nothing to do with the EU.

It rules on the European Convention on Human Rights.

The European Court of Justice is the European Union's court - ruling on EU Law.

I think the confusion of naming is deliberate so the EU mistakenly gets some good press.

Spanish cheesemaker launches ovine Lolitas initiative


Banned ?

Surely you meant baaarred.

Farmers face subsidy error fall-out


Claim more of our money back from the EU

What is the smallest limit for farms to claim CAP funds. Does an allotment qualify? Perhaps an allotment would have to be reclassified as a Farmed Urban Community Kept Environmental Rented Smallholding. Many thousands of tiny claims for subsidising F.U.C.K.E.R.S could hardly be refused by the EU - I think that is the core purpose of the organisation.

Blears pitches prize draws and online polls at young votes


Just need to find the right prize!

I fully support the concept of a prize draw for those voting. It is just the proposed prize they have wrong. There should be one prize draw for each constituency, and the prize in each constituency should the votes of all losing candidates. Popular candidates winning over 50% of the vote get elected, but otherwise, the prize winner has a seat in parliament. Couldn't be worse than the tossers we currently have in the commons. This would actually provide an electoral system much more representative of the electorate, and at no additional cost.

Fire extinguisher resolves German smoking dispute


Why take HIM away?

If the police decided to take someone away, then surely it should have been the visitor, rather than the resident of the flat. She had initiated the conflict by smoking in his flat, so prevention of escalation would be the removal of the temporary cause of the conflict (i.e. her, and not herr).

EU president sets green plans in stone


This is trivial sums by EU standards.

So, that must be about 3 * 52 * 50000000 = € 7,800,000,000 a year they want to take from EU citizens! Presumably you have to add the compound cost of lost growth to the economy which completely dwarfs this ridiculous sum to be spent on windmills.

Please can someone point Don Quixote in the right direction - we are being overrun by these malevolent giants.