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International Maritime Organisation turns salty gaze on regulating robotic shipping

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Re: Last of the dinosaurs

Somewhere in the S China sea in 1980 7 shell gas tankers had the very first commercial sat nav to safely carry a dangerous cargo down a narrow strait near Palawan island. Much of the watch was giving out positions to other ships who had discovered the shell tankers actually did know where they were....... I'd love to see unmanned ships trying to get into Singapore Roads! LOL

Alleged German YouTube-to-MP3 ripper sued by labels

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Just about any music editor software can record what is being played internally on a PC. If you can hear it, you can record it at the same quality it is being played at.

Kindle Paperwhites turn Windows 10 PCs into paperweights: Plugging one in 'triggers a BSOD'

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Re: Printer drivers. why

As many students have discovered rather than pay for uni printing. H aHa

GPS, you've gone too far this time

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So what is the real distance?

This reminds me of what someone told me 30 years ago. When working on the very first satellite navigation systems I found they calculated distances that were different to the longhand spherical trigonometry. - Navigation - the science of estimation and the art of guesswork. And here is the clue. What is the "real distance". A nautical mile is defined as a minute of arc, but because the earth is not a true sphere the length varies depending where it is measured. It differs by nearly 20m between poles and equator, so an average length is used. Of course, the satellites follow orbits that follow the shape of the earth - an oblate spheroid. So which is correct? the distance measured by GPS calculation from a satellite with a non-spherical orbit, or a land-based calculation with all sorts of averaging and compensation to arrive at a standard datum? Its easy to fix a position by lat and long.It's not quite so easy to decide exactly what the surface distance is between those two points.

The Big Debate: OK gloomsters, how can the music biz be FIXED?

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So how do you explain....

I have been going to gigs by "Show of Hands" for 20 years. (Google them) They play all venues from small to teh Albert Hall. Nearly every concert Steve encourages the audience to copy their CDs and give them away to their friends. He figures, the more people hear ofthem the more gigs they sell out. Making a nice living for 20 years, so he can't be that wrong!! THIS is market forces. Enough people like what they do to buy tickets, and many like original CDs to add to collections, and yet they encourage what is to all intents piracy. Ironic!

What happens when Facebook follows MySpace?

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Silver is the way to go

..as in silver halide prints. Remember them? Actually, it's all still out there and some of us still shoot film and have darkrooms. Memories for posterity because negatives and prints are immune from technology obsolescence. Tech angle? well I've just got a very smart exposure calculator/computer to help with printing.

EMC's Mozy saunters into the UK

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One World. One Price?

I too have been using Mozy for a year or so, no problems, unobtrusive, seems to work well. I note that there is now a website at mozy.co, mozy.co.uk and mozy.ie (their Europe HQ is in Cork)

Guess what - all the same price - 4.95. just the currency changes $, £, € !!

Think I'll stick with $$

Filesharing laws to hit websites and newsgroups too

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Hee Hee BT

Got BT business broadband? then you can enable your own openzone access point. (if it hasn't been enabled automatically) How they going to figure whose laptop was busy downloading using the public access openzone connection on your router? yours? passer by?

Anyone want some openzone vouchers?

Virgin Media 'overwhelmed' by broadband customers fleeing BT

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No such thing as a free lunch

Don't understand why everyone runs away from BT. I have BT Business on a residential line (opt 2) Its not the cheapest, but.... I can watch iplayer HD most evenings. Its an unlimited package (OK fair use, but I don't peer to peer or have massive DLs except for iplayer) I get free openzone minutes which I find useful and they threw in a mobile dongle I'm not supposed to have on this package. Plus I get UK based support with real people on the end which was good when I moved house and ran in to an exchange problem when my number was moved. Think I'll stick with them - they've never let me down yet

Want Gmail? Best have your mobile handy

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Problem. What problem?

So they want to check that the person signing up for a gmail acct is a real person. Since robots don't tend to have mobiles, this is a pretty robust way of sorting real people from the bots. It looks like it is only intended for the sign up process. If you change/cease your number it has no effect. They will retain your number for future reference, but won't pass it on under the T&Cs.

Where's the problem?

In any case, I gave my mobile number to google ages ago because I quite like having gmail pushed out to my phone using their activesync service. I certainly haven't noticed it being spammed.

Irish ISPs rally against record label anti-piracy threat

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So basically......


Ha Ha

BT OpenZone: Is it or isn't it?

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Not all bad

I have this enabled in our coffee shop. BT offered the firmware upgrade a couple of months ago. For me it is something to offer customers that costs me nada. I did have to enable openzone within the router admin screen after the update (perhaps that has changed now?) I really can't see what the fuss is about as the openzone facility runs a separate SSID, a separate subnet mask, takes second priority to local traffic, and anyone using it is identified as a registered openzone user so the "stolen bandwidth for dodgy uses" angle is a non-risk as well. However, it does surely murk the waters for IP checking from people downloading music etc. Be interesting to look into the future and see the music co's asking who was using xyz IP at a certain time, only to find out it was an openzone hotspot......

BT reprograms biz customers as hotspots

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Why so negative?

I was offered this a couple of months ago. I run a coffee shop and was wondering at the time how to offer my customers WiFi access. This to me is a benefit that costs me nothing - I even asked BT for some stickers to advertise the service. I think a few people should read up how it works - different subnet, different SSID, so openzone traffic is isolated. Local traffic takes priority over openzone traffic, etc etc. Most of the envisaged problems don't exist.

1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update

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In defence of 1&1

When I retrieve my POP email, I simultaneously access accounts from 1&1, BT and Plusnet, and have done for 7-8 years. Short outages have been most common on BT, less common on Plus and almost non-existent on 1&1 in that time. I also use their hosting service and have had almost 100% up time over the same period. Other peoples experience may differ, but 1&1 works for me, and I have no negative comments at all.

Dell's dinky designer desktop

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Jobs Horns

No XP. Bad News

Its on the front page of Dell UK now. I, like many will only use XP. I suggest everyone who thinks the same could go onto their online sales chat and ask if its available with XP, or you won't buy one. Its a nice looking little box and I would seriously consider it for a new PC I need to buy shortly. but Vista sucks.

Criminal record checks could hit over 14 million people

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Anyone see a connection?

Adult males deciding they no longer want to do any constructive youth/charity work - sports, scouts, duke of edin, clubs etc because the perceived risks and CRB hassle are too high.

Disenfranchised youths running amok with knives because they have no role models/nothing to do that allows them to obtain some social standing/personal reward/satisfaction

Alien because I feel like one in this country

Logitech Squeezebox Duet multi-room music streamer

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BBC doesn't just broadcast real audio

Actually, most (all?) national BBC stations are also available as WMA streams, although the URL's are not easy to track down. Alternative Roku media streamer maintains all the links through radioroku, and I routinely listen to BBC WMA radio streams. I guess, if you track down the URLs the squeezebox can listen to them too.

Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears

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Paris Hilton


Publicity stunt. I note pay-per-month for over-18 area of site. Looks like a pseudo-porno site.

Paris, cos she's far too sophisticated for Faceparty

Brennan JB7 Micro Jukebox

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Really just seems pointless

A solution to what problem exactly?

Another vote here for soundbridge. Once set up, almost totally painless way of delivering your music from PC/NAS box. And it looks cool. And it plays internet radio (which I didn't buy it for and now is what it plays 75% of the time - long live Radio Paradise)

So, really, what's the point of this unit?

Luddite and paranoid - why the big record labels failed at digital

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Exception or example?

There is a band - Show of Hands - who have been around for many years on the Folk/Rock circuit. Pretty big - played the Albert Hall a couple of times, regularly win awards, easily fill provincial venues like The Lowry, and as far as I can see make their living entirely from playing their music and selling CD's.

When I have seen them play live they have always made a point of telling people to go out there, copy their CD's, give them to your friends, tell them to copy them etc. Last time I saw them they told a story about how a chap came from Germany just to see them just because he'd heard a copy CD and explained that this demonstrated how they wanted their music to reach people. They have always worked on the basis that CD copying spreads the message of their music - the more copies, the more potential concert goers.

At concerts, people queue for the original CD's the same as anywhere. The only conclusion is that if the music is any good, and listeners respect the effort that is made to produce it, they will pay to own a part of it. Music is more than the sound, it is part of life. Owning an original CD is like keeping family photos; every so often, you dig out the old stuff, do a bit of reminiscing, remember the good times.

The record companies have to find a means of adding value to physical sales. Perhaps artwork, discount vouchers for concerts, access to limited edition clothing. Whatever. The only certainty is the present model will never work.

Also, regional copyright deals are nuts. I have ordered CD's from the USA of bands I have heard on Pandora/Radioparadise etc. Many American bands are losing potential sales with the restriction on world wide airplay caused by the stupid regional restrictions that are now being put in place on some net radio. The World is crazy.

Germany flicks off-switch on DAB

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digital but not DAB

I have digital radio in my kitchen. It comes via a neat little wireless media player talking to the internet via my wireless router. I get all the Beeb radio stations, all the commercial stations and have access to about 6000 other worldwide stations, all neatly categorized by genre and name. (try out radio paradise, or smoothjazz for no-chat background music and you're hooked) Many of the best stations display artist/album info (not The Beeb tho'). This little box was about the same price as a DAB radio, and also plays all my music on my home PC over the network as well. Surely *this* is the future, not some line-of-sight signal attenuated by buildings/trees that will only give a decent signal if you are lucky.

Spotted in the wild: Home router attack serves up counterfeit pages

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uPnP & BT

Hmm. My 3com router has uPnP enabled, but I don't use uPnP for anything on my network. However, turning it off stops my router connecting to BT business broadband!! It just will not connect when uPnP is disabled - doesn't even attempt to. No idea on this - not savvy enough I guess. However, I do have non-default subnet and non-default PW. Perhaps I should call BT tech support and ask them. On the other hand, don't think I can be bothered............