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iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

Jamie Hylton
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Solution for existing iPhone 3G users...

OK, so I'm not rushing out to by it on contract next week while my current contract doesn't end till Jan 2010.

But what if I just paid £538 for the PAYG 32Gb 3GS, sold my current 3G on eBay, they are currently going for around £300-£350, carried on using my contract until Jan 2010, then switch to the 30 day contract tarriff of £20 per month with 600 mins and 1200 texts?

I would even be free in Jan 2010 to unlock it and use it on Orange instead, plus by then, the tethering would be cracked.

I work it out to cost approx £1100 over the 18 months if bought the 32Gb 3GS next week and paid off the remaining 6 months of the contract.

And £688, if I sell my 3G for conservative £300, continue for 6 months on £35 and then change to £20 month contract for another 12 months.

Apple adds 'S' to iPhone 3G

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@Simon Says

I'm starting to think the same... I started my 18 month contract on July 11th 2008 and if they aren't offering a discount to existing iphone users then I'll just upgrade to 3.0, then see where we are in January (probably v3.2 by then). Can't understand the huge jump in price for an extra 16Gb memory, its ridiculous.

And 24 month contract? What, so next year, when the next version comes out, you can be dissappointed again at having to pay the remaining contract time to upgrade? Plus they didn't alter the pricing last year, so I'm not expecting them to drop the price later this year.

Disappointed there is no video calling, just because I thought the idea of Steve Jobs appearing by video call at the conference would have been great.

Can't believe they still have no FM transmitter.

Waiting to laugh at how much they will charge for TOMTOM, and wondering how they will cache the maps, or whether you will be able to download the whole UK map.

And disappointed they are charging for tethering.

I was excited at first. But now the novelty is wearing off now I've seen the pricing plans.

All they are going to do with their aggressive pricing plans, is make a bigger blackmarket for jailbreaking. Why don't I just wait and pay £500 for the handset and get free tethering, free TOMTOM, free applications???

Steve Jobs could return for iPhone speech next week

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He'll be "live" at the WWDC...

I can picture it already...

Schiller - "And I'd like to announce the new iPhone 3G Video!"

Crowd cheer.

Schiller - "Its simple to use, just go to your contact list, select who you want to call, and click Video, I wonder who we have in this contact list?"

Crowd start to murmur.

Schiller - "Lets try this number."

Big screen behind Schiller comes up with the screen of the iPhone and the "Calling" screen...

Call is answered and there is that moment where nothing seems to happen...

Schiller - "Hello? This is Phillip, whom am I speaking to?"

Picture appears and...

Steve Jobs - "Hi Phillip, Steve Jobs here..."

And the crowd go wild, whoop, whoop, whoop....

Apple to look to software to differentiate multiple iPhone models

Jamie Hylton

Enterprise, Home, Professional

Based on the Microsoft ideaology...

iPhone Enterprise Edition - Some kind of encryption available, aimed at blackberry business users, basic menu, no extra toys.

iPhone Home Edition - Standard OS3.0 menus, AppStore available, but most of these users probably won't bother using it.

iPhone Professional Edition - OS3.0 on steriods... Camcorder, iMovie Lite... etc.

Can't see them offering different software versions for use of Camcorder, iPod, YouTube etc, that would just be stupid.

Microsoft insists debt issue not a prelude to SAP bid

Jamie Hylton

SAP is worth more than $3.75bn...

... They gross profit approx $6bn a year...

Pig plague and Twitter: The terrifying truth

Jamie Hylton

Mexicans rejecting vaccinations...

... Latest news is that Mexicans are questioning whether they really need a vaccination, and are asking whether a Tequilla Shot is sufficient...

iPhone's Wi-Fi problems cause heated speculation

Jamie Hylton

Stick it in the freezer...???

Isn't that what they used to say about car stereo's when you forgot the security code for it?

I'm guessing that the person who first tried sticking their iPhone in the freezer was panicking after bricking the phone trying to install v3.0, and then trying to revert back to 2.2.1

Why the iPhone's megapixelage alone won't matter

Jamie Hylton


I like the idea of an iCamera to create the iPhone Pro. Now they've extended the API around the docking interface, why not just sell a camera dongle which maybe even has its own power source (solar power charging?), that you plug into the bottom of the iPhone when you want to take iProfessional iPictures and download them to your iMac and use iPhoto to edit them, facial scan them etc.

iPhone rumor mill conjures multiple models

Jamie Hylton

whatever happens...

...it will be a dissappointment... can't see them releasing more than one model... but no doubt there will be a tsunami of hype around this until it is announced, and I'm guessing they'll try and get it out just before the Palm Pre.

Nokia N97 price skyrockets

Jamie Hylton

At times like this...

.... you appreciate Apple and the policy of not announcing their phones 6-9 months in advance...

I suppose at least Nokia have decided not to release a buggy version of the N97 like they usually do with their phones...

Apple fights iPhone unlocking (again)

Jamie Hylton

Apple love the fact you jailbreak...

If Apple had somehow managed to make the iPhone v1.0-1.4 jailbreak proof, how popular do you think it would be today?

Remember that the jailbroken iPhone enabled:

Countries who weren't on the "global" rollout could get it.

People who weren't prepared to change network during their other network contract were able to use it.

3rd party Installer of other Apps, the AppStores older brother.

The jailbreak community has opened up the Apple to a worldwide audience, many of the developers on the previous Installer applications (MooCow etc) have come under the Apple umbrella, embraced (?!) the App Store and the chance to actually profit from their skills.

I hope Apple aren't so arrogant to realise this, and I think their strategy of continuing to pretend to lock things down with newer version numbers is just a PR strategy to look like they are trying to act on these "jailbreaking hackers", but really, although they could calculate a jailbroken iPhone as a potentail loss of revenue, they also recognise that similar to Microsoft, if they did actually completely lock down their software, they wouldn't get the global footprint that they are looking for. (Don't tell me that MS couldn't lockdown their software if they really wanted to).

So let the game of cat and mouse continue on.

As time goes on, and 3rd party developers carry on pushing the iPhone to the limit, for example, xGPS are about to release proper "turn-by-turn" Sat Nav for the iPhone, wait and watch Apple take advantage of this and before the summar, Apple will have released the new version of Google Maps, which will be a reverse engineer of the unofficial app which will go through the bug fixing staging much earlier, allowing Apple to release a decent quality version of it.

Intel convenes iPhone hitman summit

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sick of iPhone wannabees

wish they'd stop trying to create iPhone killers... can't someone come up with something original...

Analyst predicts cut-price, updated 3G iPhone models

Jamie Hylton


My wife's friend Zoe, used to go out with a guy called Mark, but now Mark is with Sue and they have a dog Buster, who goes to the Vet on a regular basis as he has a problem with his hearing, now the Vet has another patient which is a budgie, and the budgie's owner lives over near a construction site, where just the other day he was speaking to one of the builders who has a cousin who told him the new iPhone is going to have a camera either equal to 2Mp or better....

One of the worst stories I've heard, similar to this article...

Outsourcing suddenly less popular

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Do companies still think outsourcing is actually cheaper...

...I thought they'd realised that although the cost per man day is cheaper, it takes 3-4 times longer to get anything done, and at half the quality...

419ers take Canadian for $150,000

Jamie Hylton

Jack Bauer?

Now that Jack Bauer is getting involved in African nations, maybe Season 8 could be where someone really dumb, aka Kim Bauer, gets scammed by a 419er and Jack takes revenge and actually gets some credit for it this time...

(You need a Jack Bauer icon by the way... I think the Paris Hilton one is way out of date...)

Mattress maker can no longer spring for SAP roll-out

Jamie Hylton

SAP need to...

... offer Business Objects as part of the standard applications and stop trying to charge extra for the licences... No one is going to pay extra for fancy applications for next few years at least...

Evidence for 'iPhone Nano' gathers pace

Jamie Hylton

Stop the hype...

Apple are very clever at their marketing. They send out little snippets of information here and there, knowing only too well that they will be "leaked" to the media, and create a load of hype.

People start discussing non-existent products, some people think it'll do this, some think it'll do that, some couldn't care less, but you all comment nevertheless, adding to the speculation and the hype of a product which will inevitably be a disappointment because something will be missing that we all thought would be really cool.

iPhone 3G finally unlocked

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Andrew Catz...

... great idea... although I'd wonder whether the SDK APIs give developers access to the signal strength?

Jamie Hylton

And about time...

Its taken them long enough to do it... Seems like Zibri has given up, as his domain is up for auction.

I suppose with the credit crunch, it makes it easier to sell it unlocked when you are running short on money to pay the mortgage...

Online storage start-up pitches 'USB stick on the internet'

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Not interested until...

... the ISPs make my upload speed the same as my 10Mb download speed....

Adobe preps Jesus Phone Flash Player

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64-bit XP not supported.

I'm still struggling to get over the fact iTunes doesn't work in 64-bit XP!!! Apple are so arrogant its annoying, but the iPhone is just the best phone I've had, so I'm umming and ahhing over whether to just use the 32-bit XP until they sort it out... if ever...

Axon 100mpg car gallery

Jamie Hylton

Doesn't look very safe...

...wouldn't want to be in a car crash whilst driving that! Looks like it'd crumple into a recyclable mound of carbon, with you also being recycled...

iPhone toolkit goes graphical

Jamie Hylton

if I could unlock it...

...it would make selling it a bit easier... I was going to sell my old one, but as more time goes on, and everytime I have to do restore cos its crashed whilst installing something from AppStore only to find out that the 3 hours backup process didn't work properly... I'm actually considering selling it and using the reliable 1.1.4 software, with the Installer.app...

Apple faces lawsuit over wobbly 3G claims

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...hope you peeled off the screen protector which covers the speaker before complaining about not being able to hear your calls... ;-)

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

Jamie Hylton

I waited, and waited, and waited outside the Apple Shop...

... for the 16Gb version, which the O2 shop didn't have... waited from 7:50am, 12th in the queue... only to be told at 10:40am, that they couldn't get the contract booking system working on their Apple Mac Safari browser because the O2 system is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer.. At which point the O2 Shop guy came over telling us they just got delivery of the 16Gb Black version... we all ran over to the O2 Shop and got one within 10 minutes.

Apple need to sack whoever did their UAT of their system!

iPhone apps hit the racks at the iTunes store

Jamie Hylton

I'm in the queue outside Apple store

and have been for over an hour and no one has walked out with one yet

something wrong with the O2 network apparently

Jamie Hylton

I'm in the queue outside Apple store

Now the server had gone down and is being rebooted. Been told that will take 15minutes

Analysts call for secure Facebook access for workers

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mobile facebook

Does it really matter anymore when anyone can access Facebook via their mobile phone?