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BOFH: Carbon neutrality

Roland Volz
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Another Opportunity Gone

Agree in bulk, but I'm surprised the BOFH is against virtualization -- it makes remote IT troubleshooting a breeze and would allow him to work from the pub if set up correctly and he hid it from the Boss.

Paris because it relates to not working for a living...

Spotted in the wild: Home router attack serves up counterfeit pages

Roland Volz
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@Craig Edwards

"Its as simple as putting a meta refresh to some page in an external internet page, and boom, you'd be exploited."

It's a bit harder if you also change your home network IP range, NAT all addresses in your firewall, and hard code the MAC addresses into your DHCP server license.

Personally, I don't do internet banking over WiFi.

Paris Hilton because of the "it's a bit harder" statement at the beginning.


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