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Thunderbird 3 release has wings clipped

Sebastien Mongrain


It's energising, with cattle prod energy.

Illuminati spook fails to disarm Soviet cow nuke

Sebastien Mongrain


"MERV6SS-22AN warhead, with 14.5 kg of enriched uranium and a plutonium trigger, capable of delivering a 40-kiloton yield"

Isn't that a line out of True Lies?

Trick or trojan - watch out for Halloween malware

Sebastien Mongrain

there is no such right

as a right to source code. It lives only in the utopian universe of open sourcers. It is also ridiculous to think that anyone in his right mind would have time to audit every line of code running on its computer. There are millions of lines of code running in there. Not to mention that a very small fraction of the computer-using population that can read source code. And then even many programmers aren't working on low-level programming, and wouldn't know/understand the intricacies of low-level/optimised code. I know I wouldn't.

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins

Sebastien Mongrain

You forgot RUFUS!

...He'd server you good...

'Microsoft' to compensate 419 victims

Sebastien Mongrain

Fool me once, shame on you...

Fool me twice, shame on me, or so it seems....

Speedy evolution saves blue moon butterflies

Sebastien Mongrain

Religious nutters...

have come out of the woodwork, innit?

Surely it's useless to point out there's a definite difference between evolution and speciation. Besides, it can't be video-ed either, this is not transmogrification.

'The 3D Flickr' is go

Sebastien Mongrain


That's "n'est-ce pas", if you're going to use French. Now you'll have to copy that a thousand times with consonants in green, vowels in red and hyphen/apostrophe in blue.

For being bad at French.

Yahoo!'s pink liberation army a threat to America's youth

Sebastien Mongrain

Sense of humour mega-failure

Have none of you ever read an article by Otto Stern? It IS satire, so deep and bizarre that most wouldn't see it if it hit them in the face. Oh wait.

Space boffins fire up plasma engine

Sebastien Mongrain

RE: Cooling issues

How do you manage to stay out of direct sunlight? It's not like a space station that relies on solar panels to generate electricity can hide in Earth's shadow all the time. Plus, a spacecraft can't hide in a shadow if it expects to go anywhere at all.

You should also know that cooling in space is a huge problem, what with being a 'hard' vacuum and all. Heat radiates really inefficiently in a vacuum.

Spitzer spies potential planet-harbouring binaries

Sebastien Mongrain

re: orbital paths

It is believed unlikely. But it was thought nigh impossible for planets to form around binary systems...


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