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Speaking clock gets Disneyfied

Kenneth MacKinnon

The time *sponsored* by ...

The speaking clock has had commercial sponsorship for some time. This is just the next logical step. The rot set in a long time ago!

Thus spake the Moderatrix

Kenneth MacKinnon
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RE : Thus spake the Usenet Oracle

Spot on!

IBM gives mainframe another push

Kenneth MacKinnon

Mainframe JCL

@ MD Rackham

Please don't forget the invese logic of the COND=(0,GT) clause. Although personally I always prefer it to the new fangled //IF things!

Spotted in the wild: Home router attack serves up counterfeit pages

Kenneth MacKinnon


.. and I'm sure the banks would like to re-direct competitor web sites to their own or magically clean competitor bookmarks in the same CD-ROM update!!!!!