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Republican senators shoot down a triple whammy of proposed election security laws

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We do, but because the ASA is specifically excluded from oversight of political advertising, I think this actually causes problems in the UK. There's a general understanding that "if it wasn't true, they wouldn't be allowed to say it" which is fair enough most of the time but means that political advertising either online, in print, or on billboards, etc. can get away with - essentially - lying, without any consequences whatsoever.

The ASA did used to police political advertising as well, but that was taken away from it on the understandable basis that it was unable to respond in a timely enough manner to the kind of advertising used in the short timeframe of, say, an election campaign. The power was taken away on the basis that a new body would be set up which was specifically designed to respond quickly. Fair enough, except the new body was set up so now... nobody regulates political advertising.

Adobe results show it is still creaming those subscriptions but its share price fell – why?

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Re: Optional

If you're using Photoshop daily and other products occasionally as well then, sure, $50/month might seem like a reasonable cost, and I presume that the bulk of Adobe's users are creative types who do use the software every day and presumably benefit from regular new features and innovation. However, anecdotally I know that I'm certainly not the only person who has always used Adobe products, but much more sporadically.

I'll typically use Photoshop fairly intensely for a week when I have a particular job to do, but then a couple of months can pass without it being used at all. We use InDesign a handful of times a year. I'd suggest that for this kind of user 4 years ISN'T an unusual upgrade cycle at all, and in fact it may be way longer. In fact, I'm still using an old copy of CS2 which I think dates back to the mid-2000s? I'm sure people will scoff at that, but for what we need here, it's fine. Without wishing to litigate all the alternatives, Photoshop CS2 still does things which (just for example) Paint.Net doesn't, and more to the point we have years-worth of client design work in Adobe formats. Our quandary is that during various office moves we've lost the installation CD and the PC it's currently installed on is ready for the knackers yard. The path of least resistance would be to stay with Adobe - we know our existing files will be fine, there's no re-learning time costs and we get all the applications we need in one go - but at $600/year (actually more for us, since we're in the UK) it kind of forces you look at alternatives like Affinity.

Trusteer rebuffs bank security bypass claims

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Big Brother


Couldn't agree more - I installed it because my bank wouldn't let me access my business banking service and it slows down _everything_: absolutely bloody awful. Particularly annoying when the same bank's internet banking doesn't work properly with anything apart from IE...

What worries me though, is if I choose not to use it (ie: for home accounts or whatever) then if I were to have a problem, the bank would kick back responsibility to me because I hadn't installed this bloatware. It's not in their Ts&Cs specifically but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some clause or other to that effect... Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

Virgin cops to bad routing

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Still out

New estimated time for fix... 22:30 tonight (12th Sep). That's up from the previous 21:00 and would mean a total outage time of around 38 hours... I know I shouldn't be surprised, but... dammit, what can f**k up so badly that it takes the best part of two days to fix/replace it? Does the cable for Leeds actually go under the sea via Reykjavik or something???? Genuinely, if anyone can tell me, I'd really be curious to know!

Google G1 successor spied in video?

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Battery says G2

Could be wrong but I think it says "Dream G2" on the battery when it gets taken out?

NHS chief explains NPfIT delays

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To be fair...

If you've ever done any consultancy work in any large-ish public sector organisation, you'll know that half the time on any given project is spent on providing tiny features to replace bizarre paper-based systems that Julie from the Midlands office uses because she's always done it that way. The poster above is absolutely correct when they say that what should be done first of all - way before even the requirements capture - is a standardisation of the paper-based system so the consultants are bringing one system into the 21st century, not fifteen. If the consultants _then_ go on to balls it up...

Just my $15m. Invoice to the usual address.

Infra-red cameras to tackle congestion in Leeds

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Easy there Bristol boy: the A647 was the first 2+ lane in the UK when it was launched about 10 years ago. The (separate) Roundhay Rd route is a newer one.

Major HTML update unveiled

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Has anyone actually read the change spec?

It's actually a pretty good job of accepting and codifying some things that are already being widely done by all the major browsers and trying to provide simple ways forward to allow HTML to handle some of the demands of AJAX-like functionality, thereby cutting down on reams and reams of the god-awful javascript that is causing so many of the recent security holes.

Jesus, people: this isn't slashdot.