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Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

John J. Urban
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I am not just a *diehard*

No, the very best was ...

"I'll bet any quantum mechanic

would give his life...

for a chance to fool around

with this gadget."

- Forbidden Planet

IBM snubs OS/2 open source plea

John J. Urban

I am not just a *diehard*

My company sells an OS/2-eCS- based turnkey system. We have been selling this system since the '90s. We have many prestigious customers who are very satisfied because, under OS/2 or eCS there is no problem with viruses, trojans, worms, etc. Our systems just run, and run and run, for years and years without problems.

I am a legitimate IBM Business partner.

My product, under any other Operating System, Windows, Mac or any flavor of Linux, would be inferior to its current capabilities. No system handles multi-tasking and multi-threading like OS/2 - eCS!

IBM is screwing not only me as a developer, but my customers who legitimately purchased a great system based on an IBM product, now a Serenity Systems product.

And you know what? IBM is screwing *you* too by withholding this technology from you. You would benefit from its release, whether you know it or not.