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Computer system suspected in Heathrow 777 crash


A320 crash WAS the pilots fault

The A320 that crashed into teh trees was taken down to 100 feet above agrass runway with the engines at idle. The computers actually DID make the connection. Its just that its takes more than a few seconds for several tons of metal to spool up from idle to emergency thrust.

The pilot concerned, a senior opilot with Air France had broken the airlines rules for airshow display flying (written by himself) and took a fully laden airliner with 100 passengers down to well below the declared safe height for display flybys ( i.e over 100 feet) and pushed the throttles forward way too late.

Of course he has since published several books claiming the opposite. However its simple engineering guys. Engines may spool up instantaneously in computer games, but not in real life.


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