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Burned by Chrome - Fire put out

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Burned by Apps

Apparently, that's the standard Google Docs EULA. I wonder why no-one has spotted it before. It applies to Google Docs, regardless of the browser in use.

The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now

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Thanks for an insightful and well considered article. This is a subject that needs to be publicized as much as possible.

Firefox 3: now available bug-free, say devs

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No known bugs

I guess this just comes down to the definition of a "Blocker". There are bugs that the developers are aware of they just don't consider them to be enough to block the release.

For many people using offline html/js applications, forgetting security settings and prompting to allow certain actions with every session is a blocker. For some, it's enough to block download and use of FF3.

BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch is iGo

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Not in UK

Sadly the BBC have decided that Central London is no longer in the UK and refuse to stream to my office. So I can't try this (mind you I don't have an iPhone anyway).

I'd like to see Wii support too but I doubt that is a BBC problem. If the Wii supported Flash 9, then the BBC Flash iPlayer would work. Flash 9 support won't happen until the relevant developers kits are made available by Adobe.

I'd much prefer to see them drop the Digital Restrictions Management on iPlayer downloads so that we licence payers can get what we pay for instead of being tied to proprietary hardware and software.

Tiscali bandwidth throttling flub fix flops

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Nildram> -> Pipex ->Tiscali

All becomes clear. I suffered major evening problems over the weekend with my line dropping to <500K when I normally get about 3M.

I called Nildram (owned by Pipex (owned by Tiscali)) support who assured me that they had no problems and then had me jumping through hoops to trace the problem to my home setup.

This is the second time this has happened to me, a week in November being the last time.