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Reborn Nokia phones biz loses its head


Where are Ericsson?

Making infrastructure, and quite successfully I'm led to believe.

Technology shares slide with Brexit vote, except ARM



I see what you did there

NASA prepares to unpack pump-up space podule


Big metal and kevlar ballons especially

Investors furious that Amazon only made $482m last quarter


Re: It's a tax dodge and always has been

But you've got $1M invested in future research, diversification, hardware or infrastructure rather than $650k profit and

US Navy's LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf


Re: It was named after the explorer Juan Ponce de León

Assuming jigawatts is a bad pronunciation of gigawatts, at the expected top end of LAWS powers it's about 8000 (8066 to be precise)

WIN a RockBLOCK Iridium satellite comms module



Open source high impact terminator

The fact it's probably not actually open source is a minor detail that should troll the stallmanites every time it's mentioned.

Boffins BREAK BREAD's genetic code: Miracle of the loaves


Don't forget the ketchup

Android seven-inchers swipe rug from under Apple


This is just a reflection of the new entrant to the market (Android) competing effectively on price and growing the overall market significantly. Nothing significant has been taken away from Apple, although I'm sure there will be people who have moved from iPad to Nexus or Kindle.

Wait a couple more years until the market stabilises and then this kind of information will be much more meaningful.

Big labels try for ISP blocking on 3 more 'pirate' sites


I hadn't heard of any of them

Thanks for the handy heads up to some new torrent sites.

Labour claims 'highest ranked UK politico in World of Warcraft' title


WoW is for carebears

Now if he'd played Eve I'd have been impressed. The scale of betrayal and infighting in Eve still pales in comparison to local poltiics though

Drinking too much coffee can MAKE YOU BLIND




Zombie PC herders issue commands from Tor hideout


Re: What legit TOR traffic will a company ever use ?

What you've just discovered is "churnalism", where the journo copys and pastes straight from the original article without applying any intelligence.

British boffin builds cool maser after argument with wife


Post-Olympic normality is resumed.

Sorry about that.

My post olympic normality was resumed when they put the spice "girls" and a bunch of "supermodels" on the stage at the closing ceremony. A finer collection of talentless oxygen thieves in one place than I thought possible.


Re: PLease tell me he patented this

A method - perfectly good for patenting (although arguably weaker than other patents). Also, he has an example of how you would do this - again perfectly suitable for an "instrument" type patent which strengthens the original one.


Re: Rule Britannia anyone?

Which is lovely, but if we keep giving great shit like this away we'll always be at the mercy of the banks to create wealth, and not make the money we're capable of from a high tech industry


PLease tell me he patented this

Otherwise, he's a fool

Gov must act on 'innocent' web-browsing copyright timebomb



Can you even claim copyright of a tweet? I thought there were certain barriers that had to be overcome for something to be considered copyrightable?

E-Cat pitching cold fusion to Australians



Stop giving these guys airtime.

Samsung: World LOVES our chips 'n' mobes – expect a record quarter


Does this make a mockery of the fact that the injunction bond recently awarded in the US to apple was only ~$90M?

I thought that was way too low.

Google denies Redmond report of a spamming Android botnet


Saw this and checked my spam folder to be greeted by...


Well, that's me sold. And it's not as though malware on android is not known or anything is it?

Stephen Hawking to demonstrate speech via brain scan


although the iBrain does carry a USB port for uploading.


Microsoft next-gen Xbox details leak


ARM or x86?

Slide 9 - colour me surprised!

Microsoft and Nokia dub Google troll moan 'desperate', 'frivolous'


Re: Actually.....

I find this a bit wierd. Nokia claimed/pledged/promised they wouldn't file patents against Linux kernel and now it's being used as evidence? How about google's pledge not to do evil?

These aren't contracts. They're public statements of intent and hence are only valid until they change their mind.

Hands on with the Intel-powered Orange San Diego


Re: Oh FFS!

"I was immediately taken aback by the San Diego's 4in capacitive display, which wows with a resolution of 600 x 1084 pixels and 16m-strong colour palette"

Reads like it's straight from a press release.


I'm all for reading reviews that have a bit of personality, but this reads like you were given a script from Intel!

China relaxes .cn registration rules


Don't allow two letter domain names

Which means dreams of ba.cn as a marketing site for gods own food will have to remain a dream

Google to bring Raspberry Pi to Bash Street


100 teachers over 3 years?

Honestly, google are getting a load of great press over this but that's 30 teachers a year compared to 24,000 schools. Drop in the ocean Eric.

Nokia Lumia 900 WinPho 7 smartphone


Re: 75%?

With respect (always a good start to a comment) that's horseshit.

I've had a lumia 800 since practically launch, and while the battery life stank to high heaven for a long while, it's pretty much on a par with my other halfs iphone 4 now. The UI is slick - never had any stutter or sluggishness at all, reception is great - and I'm on three, which is always a coverage challenge... As for Apps - sure, there are less there, but apple and android practically had a three year headstart - what do you expect?

Apple sued for every touchscreen device by Flatworld prof


Re: Can I...

"If you want something to happen you sue."

Errm, isn't this what he's doing?

O2 declares 4G trial success... with 1000 users


"which makes one wonder why O2 wants any of the old analogue TV spectrum at all"

Breakneck speeds, low latency and excellent coverage with less base statiosn would be the obvious answer.

ISPs should get 'up to' full fee for 'up to' broadband



I found out the hard way what BT consider to be a bad enough line to get out of the contract. I moved house and am at the end of the exchange, and would be getting 3Mbps from a 10Mbps line. Apparently it's only bad enough if it drops to 0.5Mbps...

Not enough to cancel the contract which has 12 months left to run, instead I pay £130 to install at the new place or £170 to buy myself out.

Teens break up with Facebook


Re: What about overall growth?

er wut?

Teens on social networks grew from 73% to 80%: Growth of 9.5%

Teens on twitter grew from 8% to 16%: Growth of 100%

Who needs graph reading skills?

Female Chinese astronauts must have no scars, straight teeth



The reason they want attractive women in space is probably the secondary benefit of presenting them to the population once they've returned. Nothing says "study hard" than a hot woman being heavily marketed by the Party

Apple to reveal plans on Monday for $97.6bn cash hoard


I'd like to see them try and buy ARM to lock in that supply. This would spark a massive bidding war and my shares in ARM would go thorugh the roof.


Everything Everywhere grabs UK 4G wheel, rivals thrown off bus


How fragmented is the LTE spectrum?

I wanted to see how badly fragmented the LTE spectrum was and so came up with some pictures rather than the usual unreadable tables you see.

FDD is not good. TDD however looks well organised and well planned - wonder why.


Acer Iconia A100 7in Android tablet


All I can see are the 512 MB ones at that price :(

O2 launches democratically-minded MVNO


Coverage is not a right

@dafydd - there comes a point at which is is not economical to put new sites in to cover the last people. All operators make different decisions about that so I suggest you either check out which is best for your area, get one of the gateways you mention or suck it up

Swedish military bras burst, melt during 'rigorous exercise'



We're in the age of user generated content and there's nothing on youtube? For shame :(

Fon community embraces GSM


Low power GSM

There were a load of low power GSM licenses bought a few years ago for 30k - surely Ubi or fon can buy one of those and then build there own modern (simple) GSM / GPRS core with a roaming deal with one of the big 4 operators for national coverage?

Microsoft's Bing in travel trouble


no surprise

small internet search specialist in "Microsoft please buy me" shocker.

NASA unleashes Moon-attack probe


Lola resolution

Anyone know what the LOLA instrument on LRO resolution is? I was wondering whether it would be able to resolve what's left of the lunar landers, the buggy etc.

Asus Eee Box B206



Just checked back on this review.

Regarding Noise - this is practically silent. I've had Eve-online running on a 42" LCD and 720p content running and I can't hear it at all. I'm not even convinced there is a fan in there and I do mean that.

Just a shame that boxee and iplayer aren't playing nice at the minute :(

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Boxeee media centre

Got one of these as a boxee media centre, and so far, with the caveats on file formats above, it's working great. A bit disappointing that MKV is not supported, but you can't have everything.

London cab & bus trials for satnav speed-governor kit


Data link

so if there's no data link, how do you update the speed limits when roadworks are in place?

Pirate Bay co-founder claims 'we lost'



This feels to me like FUD on the part of TPB.

Two scenarios here:

1. The prediction is right, and they can claim it was pre-judged, a sham trial etc. Loads of publicity and potentially a mistrial

2. The prediction is wrong, they're innocent - who cares?

Smart, if slightly underhand move by TPB

Multi-sense VR helmet in development

Paris Hilton

Now with full on Pornovision

5 minutes after first alpha product is released

Asus confirms Eee Box 206

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me want. Stocking date seems to be the 16th at a few online retailers

Huawei shows tiny HSDPA Wi-Fi hotspot gadget


Sweet Jesus

That's great!

Beeb to cut the f**king swearing


Fucking marvelous

That's all we need. Jonathon Ross back on TV, even if he's not swearing

Lewis Hamilton mulls riding Virgin


off for a ride

I'm sure he'll accidentally give his family the wrong date so he can have those 5 seats and his lovely lady all alone up there