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Nuclear power is the climate superhero too nervous to wear its cape


Broke? The UK rich have increased their wealth by £274 billion over the last 5 years.



Broke? Fossil fuel companies have been making $3 billion profits a DAY for the last 50 YEARS and have just announced theirm most profitable year ever.




Broke? "Our" govenment just gave ~£37bn to Harding.


None of those new designs help with the enrichment of nuclear material to weapons grade... coincidence that there has been a lack of funding?

Samsung teases 11 Texas fabs as $50 billion CHIPS Act vote nears


If this also forces them to come up with ways of reusing more water and generating their own power, then it could be a good thing long term.

British boffins make touchless computing tech on the cheap



*cough* x86 extensions *cough*

Is a lack of standards holding immersion cooling back?


Standards could let us implement this at home and join it to the heat-pump to help heat the house :-)

End of the road for biz living off free G Suite legacy edition


My main issue moving (I have also wanted to change my domain and email address) has been those companies that key your account to an email address and then don't let you change that :-(

Murena and /e/ Foundation launch privacy-centric smartphones


Still enjoying some /e/ on my Fairphone 4 :)

IBM-powered Mayflower robo-ship once again tries to cross Atlantic


Re: Here's the "crew".

- https://mas400.com/people

= "You need to enable JavaScript to run this app."


Mitsubishi Electric again admits to widespread quality control cheating


Glad my new air source heat pump isn't a mitsubishi!

Repairability champ Framework's modular laptop gets a speed boost


Re: I'll Be!

So hope they can add some more options to the mix at some point!

Pop!_OS 22.04: New kid on the Ubuntu block starting to show real muscle


Not a big fan of systemd and the rest, but this has been my only OS for a couple of years now and with Valve's Proton it's all I could want.

All the power of linux with some of the few good UI parts of both Windows 10 and MacOS, without their problems, is how I'd describe it.

BT starts commercial trial of quantum secured London network


"EY will see all its data traffic between its two London sites carried over the quantum secured links"

Wouldn't it be better to build a dedicated "quantum" network and just use that for OOB key transmission?

I think that is the route the chinese are going down with satallites, if I remember an old el-reg article correctlly?

Red Hat signals Intel's software-defined silicon will debut in Linux 5.18


"Xeons with unused cores that could be turned on to permanently upgrade a processor, ..., certainly has appeal."

That sounds like paying twice for the hardware to me...

The most interesting thing would probably be if they put some of their FPGAs on die, IMHO.

Twelve years after Intel was fined $1.2bn for unfairly running over rivals, an EU court says: No need to pay


Re: Brown Envelopes?

Socilism for corps.

When ERP projects go awry: Surrey County Council incurs £3.2m additional costs in delayed Unit4 project


I *suspect* the results of such a study would be revealing. It would be good to know.

John Edwards takes the reins at the UK's data protection watchdog


"don't stop believing" - That's worked out well so far for Brexit and Covid...

UK Telecommunications Act – aka 'power to strip out Huawei' – makes it to the statute book


Re: Communism bad

"if the private companies act with integrity"

Russia blows up old satellite, NASA boss 'outraged' as ISS crew shelters from debris


cooperation > competition

Tech bro CEOs claim their crowns because they fix problems. Why shirk the biggest one?


Re: But it's up to us


UK Treasury and Bank of England starting to sound serious about 'Britcoin'


The entire point of crypto is to validate transactions with no central authority.

If there is a central authority then this is needless, we already have a much better system for this!

Rolls-Royce set for funding fillip to build nuclear power stations based on small modular reactor technology


It's from 2014 - since then we have obviously cleaned up all that nuclear waste and have our coastal defences completely ready for the ocean rising. Or not.


In related news https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/risk-nuclear-leak-sparks-call-installation-flood-defences-9146887.html

Turns out there is something everyone may agree on in Congress: Let netizens use mostly algorithm-lite apps


"a search engine or recommendation system that requires a user to supply a specific input, such as a request for nearby coffee shops or songs by their favorite artist, would be exempt" - cos they would never use any other info to find and order those results, right? Right??

COVID-19 cases surge as do sales of fake vaccination cards – around $100 for something you could get free


an idiot and their money...

Space is hard: Rocket Lab's 20th Electron launch fails


Re: What one has to remember is.......

We have - it's called insurance :-)

Google Docs users, you are on notice: Code rewrite may break browser extensions


"which is unacceptable if we want to maintain a smooth 60 frames per second (FPS) in the terminal"

In what version of the universe does a terminal need to render at 60 FPS for??

South Korea orders urgent review of energy infrastructure cybersecurity


Re: Is transportation by road so special?


Big Tech bankrolling AI ethics research and events seems very familiar. Ah, yes, Big Tobacco all over again


Then there is the bigger picture, of why is history repeating itself? Why have we not learned this lesson?

Half of Q1's malware traffic observed by Sophos was TLS encrypted, hiding inside legit requests to legit services


"nearly half of all malware TLS communications went to servers in the United States and India." - This fact seems a bit commy!?!

Telecoms Diversification Task Force urges UK government to give smaller hardware vendors a bigger slice of the 5G pie


"Smaller telco kit makers should provide 25 per cent"... "If this 25 per cent suggestion becomes law, it could give room for other smaller traditional (non-OpenRAN) vendors to grow in the UK market. Samsung, for example"

Just because they are not in the UK doesn't mean they are small, what would be the point of replacing one huge monolith with another?

W3C Technical Architecture Group slaps down Google's proposal to treat multiple domains as same origin


If Google want their domains to be as one... then they can move to one domain.

A borked bit of code sent the Hubble Space Telescope into safe mode, revealing a bunch of other glitches


Time for NASA to switch to rust?

ISP industry blasts UK Telecoms Security Bill for vague requirements, high costs of compliance


Is this the end of the last semblance of conservatism, and their "small" govenrment?

The sooner AI stops trying to mimic human intelligence, the better – as there isn't any


I remember it as tanks and trees... but I have just found this: https://www.gwern.net/Tanks#origin

President Biden weighs in on Amazon unionization efforts, warns giant to steer clear of threats, coercion


Re: Ah, Amazon

Not just US either... https://news.sky.com/story/boohoo-facing-possible-us-import-ban-after-allegations-over-use-of-slave-labour-12232343

Netflix reveals massive migration to new mix of microservices, asynchronous workflows and serverless functions


Re: Additional Features Services and Innovations

Why would Netflix upscale? A 4K sub allows you to watch films that are output in 4K.

Otherwise they would quadruple their bandwidth needs for no reason...

Don't scrape the faces of our citizens for recognition, Canada tells Clearview AI – delete those images


"alaskan pipeline" I mean, I know people will use literally anything as slang for something sexual; but you can't block on that!

It's a huge and relevant current issue - blocking that is just as bad as China blocking Tiannaman Square.

No ports, no borders, no hope: Xiaomi's cool but impractical all-screen concept phone


Re: Reset hole?

I don't see how capacitive buttons are any different from soft buttons, they both require a circuit to detect them?

Big data: Study suggests even a moderate gambling habit is linked to increased mortality and other bad stuff


Re: "the study is silent on these factors"

All that is true, although one large difference is there aren't any multimillionaire prostitutes "donating" to our politicians.

Amazon deploys AI cameras inside delivery vans, misspells 'surveillance' as 'safety' in reason why


Re: Put those cameras where they are actually needed...

and in the board room, to make sure they are paying some tax.

Showering malware-laced laptops on UK schools is the wrong way to teach them about cybersecurity


Why ethics? Are there good malware that we can choose to install on kids laptops?

Manchester United email servers remain offline amid what is being called a 'ransomware' attack


anonymous "cyber security expert"

It's cummings... and I claim my free eye sight test!?!

How's this for open government? Amsterdam, Helsinki put their AI system designs on public display


I think the important not about this has nothing to do with machine learning really.

In the example explaining the parking network the only bit of ML is probably the camera numberplate recognition (that may not even be using ML), but it is the explanation of the system as a while that is the interesting thing, such a good idea.

It's the year of Linux on the... ThinkPad as Lenovo extends out-of-the-box Ubuntu support to nearly 30 machines


Oh yeah, they were beaten to it by a few months! I totally missed this https://twitter.com/TUXEDOComputers/status/1263862722564960256?s=20


Is that the first laptop you can buy with Linux and AMD? I'm very tempted!

Contractor convicted of pinching supercomputer cycles to mine cryptocurrency


Re: Economics 101


Although, what is the likelyhood of that AU$76,000 being lost revenue, not being able to charge someone else, rather than actual cost of running the machine for whatever length of time?

MacOS on Arm talk intensifies: Just weeks from now, Apple to serve up quarantini with Kalamata golive, reportedly


Exactly, that is why it is called a simulator and not an emulator!

Laughing UK health secretary launches COVID-19 Test and Trace programme with glitchy website and no phone app


Re: Oh No Surely Not...

you'd think so, but my bank can't even handle that!



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