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Leica unwraps £16k, 32Mp camera

Paul Gordon

A bit overkill...

...for putting the picture of my cheese sarny I had at lunch on Facebook.

UK's number one router open to VoIP hijacking

Paul Gordon
Black Helicopters

Blatantly Twats

"Iirc, you require a land line for VoIP to work? Or are you using some form of experimental broadband delivery service we don't know about that doesn't require a standard land line?"

Erm, cable broadband anyone? I'm on Skype and have no landline, but I digress....

Not had any experience of the Home Hub, but my parents are signed up with BT for basic broadband. With the amount of crap that their software puts on a PC it's unsurprising that vulnerabilities arise. Needless to say I've scourged their laptop of everything with the remotest resemblance of BT.

Trust no ISP software!