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Walmart takes its DevOps platform and piles it high on GitHub

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Looks like guthub has had a bit of a problem



Clinton defence of personal email server fails to placate critics

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Heard at least one report about the email system that was used and it was basically the same setup as her husband used while he was president. It was installed under orders from the state department.

It was not illegal to use private emails systems (virtually everyone was using the official network as little as possible) both democratic and Republican.

All the law required at that time was that all work related emails were logged onto the official system if they ware not using official channels. The law requiring everyone to only use official email system can't into effect 18 months after she left.

Panda antivirus labels itself as malware, then borks EVERYTHING

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just wondering

If ITunes being down at the same time is just good timing or bad I.T. choices? ;)

Sorry, chaps! We didn't mean to steamroller legit No-IP users – Microsoft

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Re: Interesting...


"I am no DNS expert (I'm not even "competent" - so there'll be a job at Microsoft for me somewhere then)"

Nope no job for my laddie!!

You can Spell DNS, that makes you too overqualified for the job...

The... Windows... XPocalypse... is... NIGH

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Microsoft missed an opportunity here...

Think about it.

They could take XP of the shelves for a few months, tinker with the OS a bit, rebrand/rebadge XP to "Windows Corporate" double the licence and cash in as IT everywhere would want to licence it. Give it another 5 years premium support (more $$) and hey presto

Roberta Is your mother's brother she don't talk about.... ^_~

Big blue Avatar movie spawns THREE SEQUELS

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You Big Blue pile of Frakin' Shtako!!

That means it's gonna be another 5 years before we get to see Battle Angel Alita on the big screen!!!

Curiosity photographs mysterious metal object on Martian rock

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So basically...

...Curiosity just got given the finger from Mars then?

BOFH: The Great Patch Mismatch

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Re: This brings me happy memories

Ahh... HALON, the IT's equivalent of a neutron bomb..

gets rid of pesky people leaving data centre unscathed. ^_^

Google Nexus 7 blighted by brightness blunder

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looks fine to me

Never noticed a problem with images, but I've nothing to compare it against...

Google Nexus 7 shipping cock-up enrages fandroids

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bit worried...

Ordered on the 16th

Delivered on the 19th

Money still in my account on the 20th. ^__^

Hoping Google don't notice till the 27th lol

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just have to say...

Got my nexus 7 an hour ago...

Loving it so far, no defects apart from a tight cover to the box...

Raspberry Pi safe and warm in TINY Lego fortress

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for those "nanny's" who want everything "non-plastic" & child friendly

why don't you whip up some pastry dough and form it in to an environmentally edible solution :P

Flame icon to well ...bake the pastry...

White AMERICANS will have become MEKON brain-men by 3000AD

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Their is an easy remedy...

Make them watch "Fox News" their brains will shrink rather than grow.


Nuke icon 'cause We're all dooooomed!!!!!

ISPs should get 'up to' full fee for 'up to' broadband

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Siding scale payment is the way to go...

I also endorse this part payment for partial speeds.

Death Star dinosaur aliens could rule galaxy

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Re: Repeat

Actually! everyone who says "Voyager episode : Distant Origin 1997" did it first your FAIL ^_~

It was the main "reveal" of the final episode of "Space : Above and Beyond" 1995-1996

Turned out the "Chigs" (aliens bad-guys) were actually descended from either Bacteria and/or Dino's DNA f early earth. It was spread across the galaxy when the Asteroid that killed the Dion's hit earth...

Sugar content now to be measured in Cadbury Creme Eggs

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I liked the old runny filling!!

only got half way through one of the fondant ones before giving up!

I like my eggs runny!!!!

flame icon - well everyone loves a flaming egg!

Just like a real computer: Android gets Android IDE

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IT Angle


You tried "terminal IDE"?


Climate models need revising: Droughts, heat waves not such a big deal

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Would be nice...

... If they were talking bout the effect on "cash crops", you know, the ones we need to survive and feed ourselves.

So we know that grazers like cattle won't run out of food if the climate changes but what about us?

Would a couple of years of the corn/maze harvest failing put a major dent in out food production...??

Ten... digital adult toys

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IT Angle

Movie quote time...

From "Top Secret!"

Nick Rivers: "You don't scare me. My manager is on his way to the American Consulate."

German: "Do not be so sure Mr Rivers. Evidently, your friend did not realise that here in East Germany we use 220 volt current. He was found in his hotel room impaled on a large electrical device. Our surgeons did what they could, but it took them two hours just to get the smile off his face."

Space: 1999 returning to TV?

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Didn't SKY...

get some of the rights to "Blake's 7" a few years ago??

I remember they were trying to get something off of the ground, but it stalled at tender for script stage or something like that.

First-person shootout world record set

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i took part ...

It was a good laugh till the last 5 mins of the game.

Up till that point the human side was doing quite well close to the machines spawn point nice mountain for cover next to the machine spawn area.

Then the machines got the upper hand and camped directly out side the humans spawn points.

Inside spawn points you can't shoot, but CAN be killed.

Machine spawn points was an 4-5 open areas so they can move in any direction once they spawned.

BUT the humans spawn inside a few vehicles with a single exit.

The machines camped out directly in front of the exit to the humans spawn points, killing us as soon as we spawned. a few humans got lucky and was able to get outside the spawn point for a second and kill a few Machines before getting killed in a hail of laser fire! :(

Kiwis collar Megaupload kingpin, Anonymous exacts revenge

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one point no one has made...

...or if they did i missed it!

Now people who used "megaUpload" to store LEGAL files have now lost them and that same data is now effectively owned by the US government.

I can see a few Class Action lawsuits in the future... ^_^

Etailer punts steamy lace-up 24-port switch

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Paris Hilton

@AC 22:08 You should see the google search for ...

"Fanny Wang" headphones 0_0

Paris icon... well you get the drift ^_~

Raspberry Pi Linux micro machine enters mass production

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@Rogueelement eyesight fail..

See the board at the top of the article?

See that silver rectangle on the bottom centre of the card?

Yup!! THAT'S the HDMI socket (hint you're looking down at the top of it rather than into the port as you usually see one.)

Should have gone to Specsavers ^_~

Bill Cumming

Why you no use correct pic??

Here's what the board ACTUALLY looks like:



I can't wait to get my hands on one and set up a tiny low powered XBMC system.

Nearest supernova since 1986 blasts boffin off her chair

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@ Ugotta B. Kiddingme

Oi! Trekie

You spelt "non-Sequitur" wrong in Nomad's quote.... ^_~

Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’

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i'd not use the phrase ...

..."Guest Shot on the show..." they might still be testing cannon myths... >_<

Also when the shot went awry it was during testing (they just had 2 perfect practice shots and this was going to be the third and last test shot)...

SSDs choked by crummy disk interfaces

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RE : Dumb question time

The mini-PCIe SSD in the notebook is NOT using a PCIe connector!

It's a SATA connection using the mini-PCIe physical socket.

Think Intel do a "mini-PCIe" socket SSD that works in a standard MINI-PCIe but not sure!

GCHQ code-breaking challenge cracked by Google search

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the prize is in...

... the journey, not in the destination.

The solution to get the pass code includes grabbing a couple of files from a website.

Those IP addresses are probably logged and matched against people clicking the "apply here for a job" button.

If they get a match then that's the start of the first part of the interview... ^_~

Mine is the coat with the unencrypted Thumb drive from GCHQ in the pocket...

Virus infects killer US air drone fleet

Bill Cumming

From other sources..

Can't find the link at the moment but their was a report that the "Virus" / "Key Logger" is actually part of a Department of Defence Security Package installed in some DoD machines.

It was just not supposed to be in the UAV Control machines, but when equipment was shared between internal departments in cost cutting exorcise, it spread.

BlackBerry BBM, email downed in epic FAIL

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Wonder if its...

... due to the upgrade of the BBM backend to handle external Android apps in a few months time... ^_^

"BBM down" or "BBM on Android" ...Sither way is good! ^_^

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

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Rest in Peace...

Amazon to whup Apple rivals when Kindle Fire hits UK

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US -> UK prices

People tend to forget that all US prices are listed Excluding tax (no standard tax rate between states!)

So the $199 is actually £129.32 Ex Vat or £155.18 Inc VAT (@ 20%)

So at best I can see them setting the price at between £169 & £189 inc vat.

Amazon accepts Kindle Fire will be rooted

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cheapest Kindle for us outside the USA...

will be $109 (the $79 is for an add supported kindle which currently is US only).

If you're ordering from Europe with a non-US address you'll be directed to the non-add version.

Facebook 'personal' news feed gets algorithm rejig

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i was an unwilling recipient of the "new" facebook layout last week.

At the moment you have the choice between seeing "top News" or "Most Recent" in the new layout you DON'T get the choice.

I had to wade through 20-30 old posts Facebook had helpfully "pinned" to the top of the list, most were 5-8 hours old and I had already read them, and their is no "remove all option" so you have to manually go through all the pinned items to remove them before you get to your Latest entries.

Come back 10 mins later...

You have another 20-30 old posts pinned to the top of your feed... and it begins again...

their was no option to turn the "feature" off!

They changed me back to the old version a couple of days ago but don't know how long it will stay like that...

Fox turns LightSquared political

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Urgh! Faux News

The President could single handily save an orphanage from burning to the ground and Fox 'n' Friends would still make it sound like he started the fire just to look good!

Winter for webOS, winter for Droid, but springtime for iPad!

Bill Cumming
Big Brother

Now i've got tht daft tune...

... Stuck in my head... you know the one from "The Producers"

"Spring time for iPad and Germany" (or something like that....)

Hologram Live

Bill Cumming


They probably used "ScreenShot" to take the screen shots.

Amazon's cloudy vid-tablet breaks cover: Not an iClone

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Amazon "Prime"

If "Amazon Prime" is linked to an account rather than a device then this would be a major selling point. I'm in the UK and i had a US Prime account trial and guess what! with a simple change I could access the free streaming movies!

If that works in some form on the Amazon-pad then you'll find a lot of non-US people lining up to get one!

I'll definatly be saving my pennies to pick up an "Amazonian Fondleslab" ^__^

beer: well i've had a few ..*hic*

Space junk at 'tipping point', now getting worse on its own

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@ John Arthur

GSO does not mean "not moving" it means moving forward at the same rate as falling towards the ground. (Remember Douglas Adams explanation of flying " falling towards the ground and missing")

Things are still whizing about at a few hundred meters per second.

Also it's not all in a nice circle around the equator, they tend to pass overhead as well...

How to... re-energise your Android smartphone's OS

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Love this mod

I've been using it for over 6 months (ever since I got my Desire HD)

it's fast, and stable (even when over clocked to 1.4Ghz) battery life is good with this mod.

Oh and i've set a lower screen density (effectively giving me more screen acreage!).

I've tried a few of the "sence" and "Miui" mods (LeeRoid being one) and they just don't feel as snappy as CM.

Amazon Free Apps start to rile developers

Bill Cumming

What this article fails to mention..

...in the original Blog Post:

Amazon can Re-Write the description of any app in it's store.

So Shifty Jelly said that Amazon added items in the description that his app does not do, and he was left dealing with the new 100+'s customers complaining the app didn't work as described.

Glasgow cammer not thrown in slammer

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@Ben 45 Heard of "R5 (bootleg)" disks

From Wikipedia: In an effort to compete with movie piracy in these areas, the movie industry chose to create a new format for DVD releases that could be produced more quickly and less expensively than traditional DVD releases. R5 releases differ from normal releases in that they often lack both the image post-processing and special features that are common on DVD releases. This allows the film to be released for sale at the same time that DVD screeners are released. Since these screeners are the chief source of high-quality pre-DVD release pirated movies (in comparison to cam or telesync, mostly), this allows the movie studios to beat the pirates to market."

They were probably selling the R5 disks legally

Blighty gets gold-dispensing ATM

Bill Cumming

When I win the Euro Millions...

I'm gonna empty that thing out...

Just got the heck of it... ^_^

Mines the one with the bulging pockets full of gold bars....

Scientists print out solar cells using inkjet tech

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Paris Hilton

perpetual printing...

now if you hooked up a roll of continuous paper to one of these printers and started the printer...

Then used that to power the printer...

Would that count as perpetual motion....?

600 tonne asteroid in low pass above Falkland Islands - TONIGHT

Bill Cumming

Wo cares if it hits us....

I'm more worried that it will take out our FreeSat service!!!

I can live with it hitting the atmosphere! not a flamin' Communication Satellite!!

BOFH: CSI Haxploitation Cube Farm Apocalypse

Bill Cumming

Doesn't help that...

...Every action / drama show on US TV in the past 2 years have been heavily sponsored by microsoft...

So instead of CSI Las Vegas or New York using a secure police network to share info they "Send it to their sky-drive account..." or use "Bing" to search for suspects...

Bill Cumming
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CSI may be the popular choice... but Red Dwarf done it better...


Three to supply UK Chromebooks' 3G access

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From what i've seen...

If you get a Chrome OS laptop from "3" you'll get the first 3 months (3Gb) free out of the box,

Then you can choose between a "month to month" or fixed contract period (prices not disclosed).

And with "3"s current "laptop buy-back offer" (£150 if you've a laptop younger than 3 years old) if you take out a new laptop deal it might bring the costs down to a reasonable level.

Three adds iPhone 4 to unlimited data package

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... is unlimited till you hit the +20Gb mark a month, then they restrict you...

that's if you can get +20Gb (O2's networks been terrible lately)

Lot's of complaints about slow / non-existent speeds.

whereas 3's AYCE people have been hitting +40Gb with no complaints from 3...