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Vendors launch sticker chart to boost 3G take-up

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-> Always connects

Yup. No probs there

-> Always at least 512kbps download, 128k upload.

Yup. Many multiples of this in fact. I average around 2Mbps down/1Mbps up wherever I am. Bursts of around 6Mbps are common.

-> Always low latency, typiGcally < 50ms

Not quite always but latency in the realm of 80ms is common

-> session preserved if momentary loss of connection

Yup. No worries at all there - the entire system is designed around this premise.

All of this is on the NextG HSPA network down here in Oz. Been commercial for nearly 2 years now and covers 99% of the population. Dont knw why you have problems but it isn't inherent in the technology.

iPhone passwords not worth the paper they're written on


this one is huge

Many people are missing the point here. This trick works when you have a policy based pasword enforced from an exchange server when you connect to a corporate e-mail system. This is quite simply huge. No corporate in their right mind would allow these things on their network now. Words cant describe how huge a hole this is. Stunning incompetence!

Other smart phones are people too, says ex-Apple team


Linux smartphones - they dont exist

I cant for the life of me think of a single Linux "smarphone" device shipping in commercial quantities anywhere in the world so HTF are they accounting for "19% of the smartphone market"? Even the linux based "dumb" phones of which there are millions shipping worldwide every week are completely closed - they might as well be proprietary closed OSs.

Doing a little more digging it appears the referenced gartner report is counting shipments of Japanese i-mode phones as "smartphones" in the 19% Linux shipments. This is just pure bollocks and shows just how useless gartner stats are. And the stats a 3 freaking years old.

The reg can do better than this crap.

Apple swipes £121 for 'free' MobileMe trial

Jobs Halo


More evidence that apple are basically evil. Much much worse than MS/IBM/any of the technology incumbents.

the halo because compared to steve jobs SB is an angel....

UK auction delay would be major blow to WiMAX



"since low frequencies are poor at supporting urban areas, because of interference and low capacity."

Ummm - bollocks. The frequency matters very very little in urban environments. Capacity is exactly the same. Interference can be completely negated with proper radio planning. It can almost be argued low freqs are better in urban environments for in-building coverage performance.

Wimax is in serious trouble - it may not even reach the dizzying heights of "CDMA2000" in terms of subscribers at the current rate.


LTE 20MHz >300Mbps


LTE speced for ~320Mbps downlink for each 20MHz of spectrum - much more that 100Mbps!

Samsung fêtes 'first' HSUPA phone


Hardly the first HSUPA phones

Samsung are a little late on the picture - HSUPA on phones has been around for a few months now. The i-mate 8502 and 9502 were commercially released a while back down here in Oz.

Aussies to get 3G iPhone in June... and unlocked?


hsdpa - faster than 7.2

HSDPA goes to 14.4Mbps right now. Down here in Oz we have had a national 14.4 HSDPA network for nearly 18 months.

WiMAX is more of a crawl than a Sprint


re: No comparison of blighty with uncle sam

Sam, mate,

DEont know what you are on about with population densities but down here in Australia we have had a nationwide HSPA network covering more that 2 million km^2 (99% or so of the population) for 18 months, It is providing speeds of up to about 6Mbps with averages in the 3-4Mbps. It is soon to go to 21 Mbps. That is in the most sparsely populated continent on the planet.


4Mbps - there joking arne't they???

4Mbps - what a joke!. In Oz I get more than that now with HSPA and have done for the last 12 months or so. And I get it just about everywhere.

Apple ignores Jesus Phone life raft


if the iphone is so simple

how I install a ringtone over the air? How about download MP3s over the air? What about when I am at level 98255 in my favourite iphone game and a phone call comes in and the app is terminated with extreme prejudice?

Tokyo 250Mbps mobile supernetwork speeds into life


not silly

"...bearing in mind my "broadband" at home delivers 1.4mbps...

I know I get continually confounded by the nomenclature, but does that mean at 250mbps it would download ~ 32 megabytes a second at full chat?? Whereas my broadband tops out at ~175 kilobytes a second, roughly 180 times slower* :(


Yes - that is exacactly what it means. Here in Oz we have a commercial HSPA nationwide network that gives a theoretical 7.2Mbps. real world you get between 2-6 Mbps which is 250-750KBps. Its not silly.

Texas Instruments sounds alarm on 3G


'Elreg full of luddites

Despite what they luddites say here 3G services are driving significant uplift in ARPU for carriers that have deployed it. Customers want and use 3G services.

Moto and Nortel talk wireless merger



WImax wont be ubiquitous.

It is better described as the "BetaMax" of wireless broadband technologies.

O2 misses iPhone targets


90K sales per month aint that good

if 90K per month ih the runup to christmas is O2's "best ever device" then they are in serious trouble. While this is a"good" figure it 'aint great. In fact it is damn poor in some respects for a carrier with 18M odd subscribers