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Mesh intros bonkers BMW-designed gaming PC


Looks Like

Darth Vaders Sith Blade server and a disc array to me... but on its side......

3D BD spec due H2 2010, says AMD


said it before, say ti again

thats great and all, but what about us blind in one eye types? i cant see sh!t when it comes to 3D TV.. am Is till going to be able to watch movies in plain old high def on blue ray or should I just sell my TV now?

Fanbois Apple buyers howl over crocked iMacs


ordered 40...

received them two days later.

all of them worked.

cant see what the fuss is about.

PS3 to go 3D in 2010, says Sony


well that sucks

im blind in one eye and as such 3d makes no difference but some odd some colours around edges.


UK.gov denies innocent will be hit by filesharing regime


can we just

get on with the revolution please?

Microsoft in Bing jingle kiddie vid outrage


am I the only one

thats worried about Microsoft and their obsession with small children recently?

Apple blueprints the iShoe

Jobs Halo

Lysergic acid diethylamide

Jobs has obviously been taking it again.

Yank slams El Reg 'zio-fruitcake' Playmobil 'crap'


zionist tea cakes

I *think* its a half arsed attempt to call the reg zionists

Sony jumps on the 3D TV gravy train



rapid open and closing goggles?


so hows that going to affect my epilepsy then?

Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test



is it always the Microsoft fanbois who go bat sh!t crazy over things like this?

nice report, I shall be duel booting this laptop on the basis the report above shows me what I need from both O/S.

thank you.

Apple tried to quash Sunday Times' Jobs profile


@ Nordick Framelhammer

Trollish name for a trollish poster? nice.

Hackers stuff ballot box for Time Magazine's top 100 poll


6 weeks

I must of been on a role, and now ive lost the game.


Teens reject Microsoft's Zune

Jobs Halo


"Unfortunately it suffers from the "Vista effect". All their new products seemed to be getting panned by people who've never used them these days. "


sounds like most of the comments about apple products by el reg readers....

Vatican researcher claims Templars worshipped Turin Shroud


I thought the templar

were evil, greedy, child abusing wankers.... and as such I would of assumed the catholics would of loved them, go figure.

I've only shagged two blokes, insists Paris Hilton

Thumb Down

I can Actually believe this

I mean, have yous een the video? sack of spuds comes to mind when viewing her performance frankly.

Asus Eee keyboard opens CES


will it run

with the PS3?

MacBook Air owners get laid



not bloody sitting, dropping and using them as somewhere to write notes on then.

Gates predicts 'significant' US recession


he also said

the internet was a fad...

looks like the financial crisis will be over sooner then we thought.

Scottish NHS data safeguarded by bizarre questionnaire


this is not

anything new, it may just be the first time its been reported though...

down in the south, various abandoned hospitals in the area - including psychiatric and pediatric institutes - still have photographs, files and in more then one contracts with drug suppliers laying about discarded on the floor.

you can find more by googling "urbex UK" - some even have photographs of the documents, xrays, files and contracts that have been found.

Google takes aim at drunken messaging


when will this

become available as an add on for exchanges and black berry servers.... just wondering... cos'....

I mean, its not like i spend all night in the pub p*ssed and drunk emailing clients or anything....


Apple probes poison-pumping Mac claim

Dead Vulture

"distinct hot rubber-like sugary smell "

I Love the smell of Hardware in the morning.....

Apple condemns FileVaulters to seventh circle of Safari hell

Gates Halo

just be careful

what you are cleaning so as to speak and when,

I'm willing to bet a lot of these are because of people emptying their user cache and system caches - and it happens on my machine when I do that, but not when I have not gone an insane cleaning spree using main menu or cocktail....

Get to know how the O/S works and the back bone behind it before poking it with software designed to reset the machines to as close to factory as possible and then bitching about it not being how it was before....


Oz woman sold mobe with preloaded smut



cor blimey cobber!

HP measuring up necks of global EDS staff?

Dead Vulture

how did

no one see this coming? have we all forgotten Compaq/HP? HP Invent/Synstar?

HP are IT's biggest asset strippers, just a shame their are no assets in EDS worth stripping....

Boffinry bitchslap brouhaha: Higgs and Hawking head to head


2 scientists enter



id pay to watch the two of them beat the snot out of each other... imagine the spectacle of the victor throwing the other into the LHC and...


what would happen if you put someone inside the LHC?

Coming soon: Facebook - The Movie!


I would rather

see the true story of how a couple of kids stole their mates code and blagged it this far...

Russell Crowe to play Bill Hicks?

Jobs Halo

Im wondering

if the Mac zealots are the same ones who are screaming at the idea of crowe playing hicks....

anyway Ive heard of hicks as well. but then Im not Under 20 and think comedy starts and finishes with little Britain.

steve, because Im sure he is a hicks fan.

Apple is Fisher-Price of sound quality, says Neil Young


I Keep all my music

on ADAT, only listen to each tape once a year and only then through my behringer mixing desk and dunlavy sc-v speakers.

this guy is a ballbag. I buy cd's and download and the difference is nominal....

most people cant afford audio systems on which you could tell the difference so I would say his point is null.

wonder if he has ties with the BPI...

Rare Mac Trojan exploits Apple vuln

Jobs Horns


have to download and install it though, less of a trojan and more of an exploit of un intelligent people methinks

mines the hat with the big "D" on it

RAF strafes Next in pirated duvet copyright rumpus



like revenue raising to me.

Welcome to Las Vegas - Home of the technology superpower you've never heard of



certain UK Projects to shame thats for sure

Cops demand more time in marathon OiNK investigation



was always seen, by alot of people I ome into contact with as stuck up, secretive and rude to non members, perhaps embracing the spirit of "the scene" would of prevented this from happening?

*certain* other sites that have open reg thursdays, invite codes that are not like gold dust and a mod team that does it job never seem to have these sorts of issues, and no I'm not talking about TPB.

'Extreme porn' law could criminalise millions



what about being involved in the... errr.... filming of such things?

and can i know claim political asylum in holland because my life style choices are being repressed and made illegal by the British government?

Pro-smoking website redirected to 'baccy free zone

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what ever happened to

freedom of choice? do we ban drinking? fast food? cars? microwaves? all of these can kill, for instance i lost a family member ue to a drunk driver who plowed her down, do we ban alcohol because of its nock on affects? - no.

your all a bunch of righteous cretins frankly - forcing your life choices on others and when you get your own way, wanting more, more, more.

I'm sure you are all very happy about the smoking ban in mental health institutes after all it means now the mentally ill will be able to go crazy locked away in a much quicker time frame, as smoking for most is the only crutch they have, the only thing thet can rely on - forget the damage mentally that is doing to the people detained in these wards.

oh and im a non smoker by the way

nightclubs and bars now smell of stale sweat and farts, i preferred the smoke frankly..

MySpace Music leaves creators cold


could it be

that hardly anyone actually uses myspace these days and as such its not important?

or am i being far to simplistic?

Pregnant man to hit Oprah with ultrasound



this guy is just plain greedy.

Critics chuck MS 'friendly worm' plan on the compost heap


another step

towards skynet methinks...

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic


bit heavy handed

for the RIAA...

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon

Thumb Down

my hearing

i swear, if it wasnt for the fact my degree is in audio engineering, id say that my serious degradation in hearing is down to these things, i think they should be banned, im amazed we as a society feel the need to ostracize children and teens in this way, one day these kids will be in charge, and we will be old, and they will remember the way we have treated them.

Time Warner splitting up AOL


ill miss...

being able to take the mick out of so called "experts" in my office who use AOL.... shame

Video games blamed for England Euro flop



it its a good thing that not only the strong in body, weak in mind can prosper in our society, i think greens just P*ssed off because he sucks in Pro Evo...

Frenchman spit-roasts 550kg camel



"Roast me Amadeus" comment here.

Chernobyl to get new steel lid



not only are they going to build next to a really unstable structure, but they are getting the french to do it.... great,

still could be worse... they could be using polish builders.

Boy racer cuffed for 140mph YouTube jaunt


ive seen

an RS Fiesta hit 140 easily with alot of work done on it, then again ive also seen 3rd line engineers do some work once in a while so maybe im just in the right place at the right time.

fair play to the guy for managing it, but what a prick for posting the video.

on that note im going to go record myself driving home in the morning in my BMW NOT being a wanker, another video that will astound us all

NASA: no fix needed for shuttle


cant they just

park up and go for a coffee on the International Space Station thingy and wait for the AA (Astronauts Association) to send a tow shuttle out to them?

Teachers vote to ban internet


and this is a surprise because?

Teachers are constantly trying to avoid work - they are better at it then us IT professionals, not to mention teachers get paid more then most of us as well.

more excuses for them to do little or no work and get paid huge amounts for it.

Burned by a MacBook


me too

i left my macbook pro charging, in a puddle, covered in cling-film, under the sofa, with my pet rats chewing the cable, while my pet dog defecated on the keyboard and my 3 year old son hit it with a hammer he found laying about and it burnt me too!

who would of thought it....

United grounded by computer failure



of united airlines really, ive had to fly with them 3 times this year and every time theres been an incident, from no food on a 10 hour flight through to loosing a wheel and having to go back to boise to get another.

useless airline is useless

Terminator kill-bots to be run by system called 'Skynet'



eds cant even get wserver 2003 working correctly - we have nothing to fear if the terminators are going to be engineered by them

Bloggers mourn bald, rich Fiorina


Oh how i love the month of april

but seriously, you almost had me going there ^_^ thanks for cheering me up on a working Sunday.