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Kafkaesque cloud outage traps Microsoft Hotmailers

Roger Barrett

I think I've had this problem for a few months.....

I access my Hotmail account using Live Mail and a couple of months ago I started getting a deltasync error whenever I used dial up to collect my mail, it seemed okay on my laptop if I had a fast enough connection. Just loaded up Live Mail now (on dial up) and it seems to work! I had contacted the Live Help Team and their solution was to get a faster connection, ahh if only.

Anyway, lets see if this is the fix that I have been waiting for.

Google says desktop PC is three years from 'irrelevance'

Roger Barrett

This is just a preview — your post hasn’t been submitted yet.

But..but..but....I don't have a mobile..what will I do in 3 years time? Will I exist???

Music biz unites to save 6Music

Roger Barrett

While I try not to bash DAB

I do have to agree that one of the causes of 6 Musc is low number is probably the low uptake of DAB radio, I have bought 3 (bedroom, kitchen and one for my mum) but maybe I'm an outsider. The two main places I listen to the radio though are in the kitchen and in the car, if car makers could be persuaded to start fitting DAB as standard to new cars I'm sure listening figures would increase.

While a move to FM might be advantageous for listening figures, one of the things I like about DAB is the ability to show the track that is playing, its a feature not every show uses, but listening to a station like 6 Music which plays tracks not always recognisable, it is a good to have.

If DAB uptake could be increased, much to Mr Orlowski's I think we'd see an increase in listener numbers for 6 Music and probably the Asian Network as well.

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This can only be good news

I hope...Not really sure what else I'd listen to, Radcliffe & Maconie in the evenings on R2, but the rest of the time, my lovely looking Marshall AMP DAB radio is on 6 Music (Sorry just had to say I owned one, the volume goes up to 11!)

There was an article in the Independent on Saturday about this, although they quoted a listening figure of 700,000 not the 30,000?

It does seem odd that to try and open the market to more competition, they want to close the two stations with the lowest listening figures, as has been said already getting rid of the expensive DJs on Radio1 would produce enough spare cash all by itself!

I dont think getting rid of Radio 1 is the answer though, perhaps I'm nostalgic, but I think there is to much heritage in the name, okay yes that makes me sound very nostalgic and I'm only 32.

Cost cutting and capping wages right across the BBC is whats needed, it started with Jonathan Ross and should continue across all radio and TV stations, if people leave then fine, they can go and work for the competition and if they take listeners/viewers with them that should appease some of these commercial stations.

Microsoft slams nails in Windows Vista, XP SP2, 2000

Roger Barrett

Civ4 in Win 7

Is this right? I installed Win 7 on my laptop and have a copy of Civ 4 Complete that I Was going to install on there. I know there is a lack of updates for Win 7 on the Civ site, but there is a link here


Which would seem to explain how to do it, not tried it yet though.

BBC to cull radio stations, halve websites in painful biz review

Roger Barrett
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I'm sitting here listening to 6 Music right now, cant they just get rid of the crap that is Radio 1 instead?

Google profits from UK.gov's climate change quango rivalry

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Still missed it

I'll no doubt be flamed for this, but I use Bing, and they don't even make the first page!


Google will build 1Gbps fiber networks to the home

Roger Barrett


Sorry, my mistake, I've not used Chrome for so long, does NoScript work now as well?

Roger Barrett
Big Brother

bit like Phorm or possibly Sky?

So, in theory Google could provide the content (Via Google.com), provide the browser and provide the adverts and of course you can't run NoScript or AdBlock on their browser so suddenly guaranteed eyes on all the adverts!

Perhaps even worse than Sky who "only" provide the news, sport, movies and the distribution network.

It all sounds a bit creepy to me, but of course people will no doubt pay the nominal fee just to get the incredible fast pipe into their house.

At what price freedom? well...not a price, but the speed freedom is given away is about 1Gbps

Sony to co-launch 3D TV channel?

Roger Barrett

So this means......

Is there now a defined 3D spec for TV makers to start producing sets? I thought it was still someway off? Although I am confused by how the fantastic game Invincible Tiger for the 360 and PS3 has an option to choose a 3D in the display options, did I miss something?

Sony PlayStation network moves into reality TV

Roger Barrett

The scary thing is

They might actually succeed, I'll throw in a conspiracy theory here, but it is amazing how many film studios are now part of the Sony company, cant name any off the top of my head, Universal? Paramount maybe? I'm sure someone has a list.

But much like the whole X Factor crap, moving over to buy the Rage Against The Machine single is all well and good, but again, dont Sony own majority shares in both related record companies?

I guess you could view it as another route into your home, much like Sky own/rent the satellites, produce the news/Simpsons etc, it all becomes one conglomerate company where we again begin to loose choice before we even know it is happening.

Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

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okay, I'll bite

I have to admit I quite like the idea, although more for a change in the Links toolbar which I use quite a lot, I have about 20 shortcuts on there and just the other night I was wondering whether some kind of Ribbon/spinning toolbar would be sensible, or maybe I could just buya wide screen monitor to make them all fit....Of course if a plugin is available for the current version of Firefox, feel free to let me know.

Firefox 3.5 patch coming soon as Mozilla cranks up downloads

Roger Barrett


Is anyone else having problems with restarting after changing themes? (I'm running it on XP) It seems to shutdown, but I have to finish it off in Task Manager and then restart it again.

It also seems alittle more sluggish than what ever the version was I had before, and why do we know have those little "+" marks on the tabs, they just take up excess room.

Mobile phones to get universal charger

Roger Barrett

I thought we were all getting

Those cool wireless charging plates? I want to be able to charge my mobile ( If I ever get one) my mp3 player, my digital camera and my electric toothbrush all from one easy to use plate, I'm sure we were promised this, weren't we?

Microsoft issues emergency IE patch as attacks escalate

Roger Barrett

tried looking at Empire with Firefox

Used Firefox last night and tried looking at Empireonline.com and its been blocked by my phising filter, is this the same problem?

Homework late? Blame Russian hackers

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Way back in the crazy PC days of '94

We used to do a lot of work for our Business Studies class on the computer but were always told to keep at least two copies on floppy disk as "one was broken and one is about to break" so we never had an excuse for not handing in work.

I would of hoped by now teachers would of caught up and surely every kid at school now has a mobile phone with a memory card in or mp3 player to save work to that could be used as a back up device, or even just a basic memory stick and at the very least you cold hand that in and teacher can look at it/print it out for you.

I like the idea of the internet not working though, means they cant be cutting and pasting from google searches and the like and they do still have these amazing things called libraries I believe with books!

Kings of Leon to freetards: Y'all are trash

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Nice one

I for one, perhaps the only one here looking at all the comments have the album on preorder and am looking forward to hearing it in full. I've never quite understood the whole lets steal it because they have lots of money and don't need any more and all they do is party, by that reasoning is it okay to go and steal one of Branson's cars or Alan Sugars with someone standing there handing you the keys of course, just to try and even up the similarities a little. Or even one of your beloved Linux, Mac Os, Windows boxes, because well, you've got 2 or 3 really good fast ones and I'm still running a machine thats god forbid 5 years old ( and yes I know some of you have Acorn Electrons plugged into an old Matsushita TV and are still playing Repton and Cybertron before you say anything!)

These guys work (hard or not, I have no idea, but they work for it, any musicians on here who'll let me come and steal all their music or sneak into a gig and not pay the door fee? no, didn't think so) so they work, they produce something and if a billion people buy it and they make a million billion pounds, well good for them, if they release another album a year later are we to expect its going to be free because they now have "enough"money? we're not in some kind of Star Trek Utopian society where every one works for the common good and everything is all so wonderful in the federation, so I for one say well done, nice one, keep up the good work and any chance of a UK tour near York?

Thanks you/rant over

Ten of the Best... iPod rivals

Roger Barrett
Gates Halo

Zen Vision M 30GB for me

Been using the 30GB Zen since launch, taken it round the world for a year charging in Canada/USA, New Zealand/Australia and now back in the UK it gets daily 12 hour use, then charges over night for another full day plugged into the office hi-fi. Disappointed to hear the bad reviews for the X-Fi as I only have a couple of gig left before mines full and really want to jump up to a 60GB to give me plenty of future space.

I'm a bit confused by the hate for Windows Media Player? I use it to Sync my Zen very easily, just plug it in and drag across the latest CD, only small problem I had initially was my pc is old and a USB 1.1 speed for the initial sync took a loooong time. Admittidly if I want to scroll through the albums on my pc, it does stutter a little, but thats probably my pc.

Anway just wanted to chuck in my twopence worth.

Nintendo Wii US sales 3x PS3, Xbox 360

Roger Barrett

I have a Wii

I'm 30 and currently playing Zelda - Twighlight Princess and having a great time, Metroid Primie is another great title, Endless Oceans is unique and quite enjoyable, Mario Kart is fantastic, and Super Smash Bros is on the way!

As soon as I saw the article I was expecting someone to have made the comment that the Wii is only a novelty console and it wont last, but its not there! maybe because the "novetly" factor of this machine is that they continually innovate, like Jaowon has said ( not sure if you were tying to imply that it was a good thing or not!)

The new Alone in the Dark looks amazing on the Wii, and the controls seem quite interactive, using the controllers for everything from hot wiring a car to dual gun firing - although will this be a bad influence on todays youth and lead to another Tanya Brown investigation, who knows?

The New Order: When reading is a crime

Roger Barrett

so This Terrorism Act would cover...

The Jolly Roger Cook Book Disk? I've not seen a copy for years but when I was at school pre email it was certainly passed around on 3.5" floppies, I had a copy, although all I ever did was read it and wonder how people had found out that baked banana skins had such an effect on people, or the frog backs, or the copper pipe or the telephone hacks etc etc, would this now be covered? should I make sure all my old floppy disks are destroyed?? Should I be posting anonymously?

Five misunderstood Vista features

Roger Barrett

I'm still on XP, but.....

I have a Limited Account, Games Account and an Admin Login for my XP machine, I'm the only person I know who does this, even the IT Dept at work all have their default login as admin at home and at work! and any time I mention running as a Limited User they look at me like I'm mad.

Am I the only who makes use of User Accounts in XP? I've not seen much of Vista but my sister has it on her laptop and her boyfriend, also in IT set it up and there is no User Login screen so I guess this also has admin as default. I should think Microsoft have their work cutout trying to convince people to use Limited User Accounts, the only program I use regularly that requires a Admin account is my tv guide and that I have configured so it asks for the Admin password to run, everything else seems okay to me.

Anyway just wanted to get that off my chest, I've been wondering for al ong time if anyone else uses Limited Accounts.


BBC should not pay for fibre, Ofcom tells MPs

Roger Barrett

wow, what a response

Just had a read through the responses to the article and my post and wow, no flaming and great discussions, I guess when Microsoft/Apple/Sony/Nintendo aren't mentioned, kind words can be said.

First though thanks to all who poked holes in my supermarket theory, I did feel it was a little thin, so now rethinking, what I see is, if ISPs put up prices so they could fix the network and increase the available bandwidth to us the end user then that would be an acceptable solution, problem for this would be the same as we have with the train pricing (another one of my poor thought out analogies here) should the rail network charge more to perform upgrades or should upgrades be performed first and then a price increase to go with the improved service a bit like the chicken and the egg thing I guess, actually I quite like the rail network and train company vs. communications network and ISP analogy, but of course Network Rail and various train companies don't seem to be doing a good job of that anyway.

I do like the idea though of an increase in charges or perhaps a total re-evaluation of the whole charging system if it meant a better network was available and I like Richard Austins idea of a flat rate payout from each person initially willing to sign up, all houses connected but only those who make the first payment can get connected, a bit like an installation fee I guess.

Again no poxy icons for me.

Roger Barrett

Can't think of anything suitable but AARRGGHHH!

First of all I'm pro BBC, I like the BBC, I don't mind paying a license fee etc etc, but...surely if the iPlayer is adding huge traffic to the network the BBC should be expected to contribute to an upgrade. If a new airport/supermarket is built at the end of a country lane (this may work out to be a terrible example here) surely this new building is expected to contribute to the cost of upgrading the road?

Now I'm not saying it should only be the BBC, all the video on demand services, and ITV, Channel 4 etc have their own as well don't they? plus the Youtubes, the Xbox Live HD movie service all these new technologies are contributing to what is in effect a traffic jam of digital proportions that needs sorting out.

As well as the media services, surely a complete FTTH network would do wonders for the British service economy and again the big banks, large IT companies and who ever else add masses of traffic tot he current network should be expected to contribute, now I'm not saying these organisations should stump up the whole cash amount but a substantial contribution would be good, the remainder coming from the Government, EU funding(EU?)

Just a thought,

No poxy icon 'cos there is nothing to show my anger and laziness of all these organisations sitting on there hands saying they shouldn't have to pay AARRGGHH!!

DAB: A very British failure

Roger Barrett

Keep the DAB

I already posted on the review article for the Pure Highway but again feel I should post again here, just because. I think one of the let downs for DAB radio has been the so slow uptake by car manufacturers to include DAB radios as standard kit. Surely 75% + of radio listening is in the car on the way/way back from work etc? Including the radios here would introduce the extra stations to every new car and push people into buying DAB for their home as well.

I think the Pure review mentioned Ford are considering DAB as an option which is a start, but it needs to be there now, the extra cost of a DAB radio being fitted into even a basic model Fiesta would not even be noticeable would it? The three DAB radios we have are fantastic, living in slightly remote North Yorkshire, where we get 1 mobile phone provider and only if we lean out the window, we're too far from the phone exchange for a decent broadband connection and yet DAB is fantastic. Comments of poor DAB reception make me wonder where the flippin' heck you are? Ohh and just to mention it again, get along to PlanetRock.com and fill in the support page for them.

Pure Highway in-car DAB radio

Roger Barrett
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About time

The quicker DAB gets fitted as standard to cars the better, the two main places I listen to the radio are in the car and doing the washing up, two places where ultra sharp mega high quality, super-duper hi def does'nt really matter and to be honest, I've not noticed, We have three DAB radios at home, all Pure models, and the recently purchased Marshall amp styled XT-1 is great, waking up to Alice Cooper everything blasting into my ear.

Just a side note to the He-Man fan, have you actually used a DAB radio or just read it on the fount of all knowledge that is the internet? Like digital TV, digital radio is amazing! and can everyone go along to planetrock.com and sign up their support for the station? Thanks

Please don't leave me... bitch

Roger Barrett

Facebook invitations

Just reading this article and as a "never been there, never will" non facebook person, is that right? basically I dont want it, but...I do get invites from friends, yes those in the real world, and every time someone new invites me, the email kindly lists all the other people who have previously sent me invites, so...does this mean that Facebook know who I am?

They must have my address from the first person who sent me an invite and then as more people invited me, there details are tied to my account, would this be right?

Investors cheer Toshiba plan to drop HD DVD

Roger Barrett

Who cares?

Valid point Jon, is'tn the uptake of even the mighty Blu ray soo small to hardly have any impact anyway and if you were to buy it you'd need a HD Ready TV to get the best from it anyway, so that'll be two items (DVD player & TV) that are needlesly being chucked out, if I was to get one it would be when my CRT tv dies.

By the time Blu ray gets a big enough chunk of the market, surely most movies will be on download? Which I think would be a shame, I for one like case, booklet, etc plus I'm so far away from the local phone exchange I'm still on dial up anyway.

Quick question about the licensing of the technology though, does every manufacturer of Blu ray players and Blu ray discs have to pay a fee tot he Blu ray forum? and does anyone know how much this is expected to bring in in revenue terms? I supopse this happened with CD and DVD anyway, but I dontl ike giving money to Sony when ever possible.

United Arab Emirates plan zero carbon desert city

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A good start surely?

At least these people are making an effort, surely thats a good thing? like all the effort to make electric cars, yes the power is still coming from a coal/nuclear power plant but it becomes possible to replace this one unit with something greener in the future.

The same could be said here, if nothing else it can be viewed as an experiment on how to live in a city with as little impact as possible, yes I know the building work and materials might not be green, did they say concrete would be used? I dont know, and dont know what they could use instead, just a thought there.

Surely implementing solar panels and creating micro climates should be commended and seen as a start, at least they are doing something?


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