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CBI calls for other people to suffer cuts


If you work in the public sector then the party is over

My hope is that the front line people who do the actual work don't get it in the neck, just the dead weight that has been added over the past ten years.

Google Caffeine jolts worldwide search machine


Adblock + google = less stupids

Background pictures, gahhh!

Still waiting for Google crack. Oh, wait...

Apple lifted 'make web go away' button from open source


@Dan 55 & others

It would be nice of Apple to 'check in the changes', but they are under no legal obligation to do so, unlike the GPL with its (re)distribution clauses with regard to source code modifications. Arc90 made their bed, and Apple laid its skinny arse on it. End of.

New cycle helmets emit stench if they need replacement


Make it smell of chocolate, and use a dye

Some people have no sense of smell, and stinking after a minor bump would be a right downer, especially if you are on your way into work. "This season, your near death experience on the roads will be mostly smelling of peach Melba, with a dribble of purple down the front."

...or gaffer tape an iPhone4 to your bonce and make use of that 3D gyro sensor (iOMFG.app).

Supercomputer oil slick sims predict greasy Atlantic


NASCAR simulations?

What gets my goat is the scrabbling to get some political mileage out of this cockup.

Bebo rave becalmed by waves


I'm with Brian

You can tell the younger generation of 'entitles-me' babies are here. Get off mommies tit and grow the fuck up, the world is not a safe place.

The number of mod-downs should tell us how many we have here. ;-)

Ye olde London comes to the iPhone


Why no android version?

Because Apple has mindshare among the public, its a recognizable 'brand'. Android phones are in competition with it, and each other. Suppliers have to promote their phones as well as Android, guess who wins the marketing war on this split?

If they labeled the phones "GooglePhone compatible" or just "Google" (with the in/famous logo) instead of droid' then I think it would have a higher profile among the public - Google is a well known name. WTF is Android? A movie? A T800? An embarrassing SciFi sounding name?

This is not Captain ranty, go look at http://www.androphones.com/all-android-phones.php and imagine if all of those had a little "Google" logo on the screen side of the phones (so you can't help but always see it).

Israelis build floating electric hover platform


*cough* its bindun


Silver is the best conductor (unless anyone knows differently, or a room temp superconductor that won't snap like a dry twig?) but oxidizes rapidly, maybe a coating of gold and an aramid thread to stop it stretching. Part of the payload can be a small battery so it does not crash to earth, or deploys a foil or parachute when the power goes.

As to arming it... Meh.

UK.gov issues death warrant for ID cards


Repurpose the hardware/systems

...or are they going to be junked and sold at auction?

Queuing for an iPad? Why?


For now, its just a blip of the new

If it still has good sales and market share, oh, about a year from now, when the new product shine has worn off then call it a success. For now its a leap in the dark for Apple, given the previous failure of tablet devices in the consumer market. Time will tell, all this pro/con ranting will have no effect - but its fun for us IT types to do!

Searchers say bug bars way back to Google


tin foil hat conjecture (FUD mode=ON)

Wonder if Google OS will disable copy&paste of URLS so you HAVE to click on the link (or type it) instead of allowing C&P'ing the actual web address for the search results.

I should be a consultant, the amount of evil ideas I have.

Foxconn website defaced after iPhone assembly plant suicides


If you went to Bridgend, you would want to top yourself as well

My first serious girlfriend *cough* came from that town. She used to jump off buildings for fun as well (really, she did!). The hospital there also had a bit of a one-way reputation as well.

TwitPic-nicking Mail nicked


Brute force protection

Time to stamp "FOR SALE" in big black letters in the middle of the image. Maybe some alpha channel tweaks so you can see the underlying portions of the image - but not so much that it can be shopped' out . People who pay get an image with some stenography applied for asserting copyright. Anything else is asking to be the first port of call for the unscrupulous.

Anyone know if there is a package that can apply "security paper" style processing to an image? I would love to see the cack hit the fan as the presses rolled...

Government yet to set ContactPoint closure date



It works! Its fantastic! - "Please, I really need this job."

Load of old tosh! - Everybody else.

Was it ever so?

Captain Cyborg sidekick implants virus-infected chip


Capt'n Cyborg and the boy witless.

Reading glories in stats, cookery and body mod fetishes? I suppose someone has to (clean the telephones) but its sadly disappointing that its promoted with such enthusiasm. I would keep quiet about that if it was my uni.

'Being fat is no worse for you than being a woman'


@General Monkey

Jeez, would have to be a fracking BMW driver that survived.

Plug-in pledges to rid web of Justin Bieber



Like it says on the tin: "Meh".

Phoenix Mars Lander officially dead


LOL @ passive-agressive INTPs

Relax, this is not your dayjub[1].

[1] I'm keeping this misspelling.

Transit site coughs up private info for 168,000 passengers


Brain dead

One quick google for "sql security test suite"...

iPad to become inflight fatcat fun-slab


£2,000 extra NOT to sit.

...and the blankets don't shed blue fluff everywhere either.

Win XP SP2 support to cease in two months



Try an experiment running Win3.1 in a VM (QEMU or summat that you can dial the speed down on) and have emulations of the hardware drivers you can customize to suit your needs. Using your loaf might save your bacon when the last i386 on earth goes *pop* :-)

Then again, a lot of cheapo embedded stuff still uses i386 processors.



National Archives preserves Labour government websites


Its like having a collection of used sickbags

Only useful for pointing out embarrassing moments.

Google heats up native code for Chrome OS


I might allow LLVM...

But executing some x86 blob compiled for fecking C? At least with JS the hackers are looking for holes to exploit, not a shotgun already pointing at your head - was your nads, but we had a bit of stack overflow/array barf into some data area that just happened to hold some data suspiciously looking like a syscall instruction...

Intel chief commits to doubled profit, revenue growth



Old news to the embedded (SoC) people. Who did they nick the powerpoint slides off?

City Police still using Terror Act to bother photographers


Aldermanbury Square?

You mean like on google streetview?

Microsoft: 'Prepare for 15 billion more clients'


Sidelining the PC for control freakery and profit

Using the internet via a PC is getting old for some people, and smartphones (to be followed by TVs) are the driver for this with the FaceBook App as a prime example. It might be a return to the days of the proprietary app - which may hold some appeal to the service providers (imagine no AdBlock).

Imagine the internet as a distribution medium, but with companies having total control over the presentation. No wonder MS have seen the light and are moving in this direction. As far as truly embedded systems and SoCs, these are mostly ARM, MIPS for such stuff as Setop Boxes running a full OS (Linux mostly - its everywhere) and PIC, AVR for itty-bitty things running uCOS or nothing.

Without a cross-platform (cross compile) solution (sorry about that word) MS are limited in their penetration, unlike Paris users of course.

Microsoft's Courier tablet dies before it lives


Book form factor

Tilt to only power/display the page you are viewing (optional!)

landscape and portrait keyboard modes for when you want to enter text

something completely different on one page (index,browser,notes)

fold around (if two cameras) for dual skype/video/photo

detach for seaparate pads (portrait or landscape hinge) - maybe sell per pad and join (filesystems etc)

Oh, for a _giant_ Nintendo DS!

'Virtual sit-in' tests line between DDoS and free speech


Turkeys @ xmas moment

Whats despicable is that he's masking this job protection protest tantrum by referencing some real hero's of the common man. No more hero's any more, just twat danglers and self interested, narcissistic wankers.

Microsoft phones coming next week?


RE: I just want a phone

"I just want a phone". A reasonable request, the market is large enough to accommodate various needs... and someone downvoted that? Huh? Its not Tard Friday[1] is it?

[1] Every Friday of the month.

Brown's website as mad as he is


Lets ban banning things.

Its Friday ok?

Darling confirms telephone line tax


The sense of giving us bad news before an election...WTF?

Fuck off badger. I have no landline and only a dongle for mobile internet, but I suspect that tax will eventually creep over to my O2 contracts. The bastards.

'Go veggie to save the planet' UN, EU plans debunked


Specialized Tarmac owner

The production costs of a bicycle itself are roughly _inversely_ proportional to the weight of the bicycle. There, corrected that for you.

Bikes are not green, just greener than a car. Rubber, steel, oil, plastic, leather, drop forging, turning braising. Its just less of everything and the damn things tend to last longer as well being simple machines. The only 100% guaranteed green form of transport is to just go walk barefoot (see? I did not forget about shoes!).

If cars drop from the picture as far as a moderately cheap and convenient form of transport then just watch the bastards in power try to tax and MOT the bikes (including Paris of course, she needs a good going over now and again).

Blunkett: 'The dog howls when I whip out my ID card!'


Be Pure! Be Vigilant! BEHAVE!


Apple bins iPhone covers


Apple stores need the shelf space

Getting rid of some of the woofy dangly tat for some more expensive items? (iPad?)

Ex-worker blamed for car immobilisation hack


Raise you a euphemism

As in pummeled into the back of the net?

Legless Lithuanian attacks copper with todger


Giant balls

I have the most odd picture in my mind, of one Ivan Dobski.

More doubt tossed onto iPad numbers


Apple is not releasing a tablet

They are only pretending to, just to show up the copycats (Padtards? As in hung by your own...).

Wondering if Steve can do the Nelson Muntz mocking laugh...

Ballmer: One day, Bing will actually make money


Is this a plotline from Dune?

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen - BillyG

Glossu "Beast" Rabban - SteveB

Feyd-Rautha - ?

BVH leaves the beast in charge to screw things up, then has FR come into play in the second half as a savior.

Westminster politicos told to grasp Vista nettle


Visa == Good news for us

So the MPs are getting Vista, thereby throwing a spanner into their already suspect productivity and therefore preventing further damage to the UK by handwaving laws through and various other despicable actions. Hmm, I am seeing the hand of BuSab in this.

New music file aims to sink piracy using blogs and Twitter



Won't be long before someone does a nice little app to strip the crud from the MP3 data... given that this takes off of course (like a lead brick I think).

ACLU challenges US laptop border searches


You can have the encryption key when you find a way to extract it from my brain.

Its called "torture". Pretty effective actually.

Brown offers free laptops to deprived UK schoolkids


fleabay anonymity

So, one PC for legit work and harmless fun and another (anon, or tied to some chav) for, errr, 'interesting' excursions around the intertubes. Bargain! Oh, we out not to tell the terrorists about this though.

IT workers told, 'Put down the biscuits, fat boy'


pry my biscuits

If it was the NBA then you would get fit, on the other hand if it was the NRA...

http://www.nba.com (fit people)

http://home.nra.org (Charlton Heston lovers)

German shoppers slug it out with salami


Only oldies shop at Toom.

Finish groaning and get over to Karstadt.

TechCrunch knocks off Vulture Central RegPad™


Can you handle the crunch?

Like that episode of the Mighty Boosh. The Regpad should be an e-ink device in a handy roll form, for all those 'private' skiving moments.

Ballmer waxes lyrical about Windows 7 double bubble sales


I think it goes: Vista! Oh noes, run away! ...success!

Even for marketing hype, its pitiful.

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie


Shoplifter woman in white YAY! (thanks for spotting that)

Did anyone else notice the shop was full of sweet FA? We have Win7 and uh, mice! yes mice, and uh...

Student boffins take on iTunes' not-so-smart Genius


Pick your A music recommendation engine

Anybody ever thought the reason iTunes on MS blows is that there is probably a thick gooey nasty off-centre shim of cocoa/carbon/whatnot to Win32 API. I am thinking if that is the case then a lot of Mac stuff could possibly run on Windows (badly?).

I think its good that there are various methods for this, the final arbiter of course being your taste.

Musos demand Guantanamo Bay playlist


Killing in the name of...

Nice. You can track the number of torture sessions by the royalty payouts.