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US reactor breaks fusion record – then runs out of cash and shuts down


Re: What a waste of money

Problems? Oh, I don't know about that...


Hey, you know what Samsung is also burning after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco? $2.3bn


Re: 2.5 million phones is a lot of landfill


We worship his shadow.

Adventures in (re) naming your business: Fire up the 4-syllable random name generator


I'll just leave this here...


Jupiter's throwing a firework party for Juno – and Hubble's peeking in


Dive! Dive! Dive!

Picked up some Juno stickers n' other stuff from the JPL table at the last Yuri's Night @ California Science center. :-)

If you are a space geek, SoCal is one heck of a place to be. Historically (you won't believe how many ex-Apollo workers there are here. Their reminiscences are fascinating) as well as Space-X, Virgin, Orbital etc. etc.

Lightning strikes: Britain's first F-35B supersonic fighter lands


Re: Curious minds want to know

Oh yes, I heard about that big ball of mud. Should be up on The Daily WTF.

Amazon slashes mobe prices to get more eyes on lockscreen ads


It is not the ads...

I live in Murica now and ads wash off me like a greased ducks back in a hypersonic wind tunnel. If I went back to Blighty and Tesco were handing out free gold bars, I'd be switched on cynical and wondering what angle they are playing.

It is the trickle of my limited Internets data allowance that irks. THAT. Bugger the tracking reasons because you ain't getting away from that anyhow.

Fear and Brexit in Tech City: Digital 'elite' are having a nervous breakdown


May be a tad opinionated...

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Convention_on_Human_Rights - "...the convention entered into force on 3 September 1953. All Council of Europe member states are party to the Convention..."

The EU was formed in ~1993. The Maastricht treaty, and all that subsequent jazz - If you remember the fuss over it at the time. So, only those treaties and such after 1993, or those superseded by EU rulings are potentially going to get a full kerb stomping and kicking if we go full article #50. This is only conjecture from a poor semi-edumacated lad (thank you Labour, Tories. A pox on _all_ your houses), but I suspect the shape of the future to be somewhat familiar and not utterly alien. Human nature and history being what they are (rare bright spots in a whole load of crap.)

I'm disappointed that we may be leaving the EU. Note: not sad, weepy nor panicky Kermit the frog arm wavy. The dissembling, rhetoric and overtly emotional appeals to illogic are prime fuel for the dysfunctional who just love having an enemy, any enemy to fill up on hate with. Politics and soap opera indivisible.

This needs to stop or we'll continue to tear ourselves apart. I loath the GWB with us or against us partisan mentality that seems to wash over politics today. We need to get real and work it out, think instead of blamestorming the other side. Calling brexiters names will only push them Trumpwards. What happens if you get called a bad name? You think better of the name caller? Love em' up more, right? Use your noodle and persuade. Be subtle instead of deionising[1] putdowns.

OK, time for my meds and a cold shower. Nurse!

[1] Demonising of course, but I let the spell checker have its way.

Bacon is not my vodka friend


The best cocktail in the world...

Ordered by my missus in Oklahoma City (we were doing a cross Murica road trip from GA to CA.) It had some French liqueur in it, violets or something. Very well balanced, delicate, not too sweet or overpoweringly boozy. Perfection, IMHO.

The bar was banging out G n' R, which we danced to, and... and... my memory fails after that point.

As to the bemusement of Brits encountering the strips of lard called bacon here in the USA, I finally figured it out! You gently heat strips of the things until the lard melts off. Then turn the heat up a bit. Decamp the crispy jerky impersonators to a paper towel to soak off the excess. Crack in egg or two into the lake o' lard and fry as usual. Fried bread optional. The lard imparts flavo(u)r[1] and is good hearty morning scram, or a general purpose day after bear soaker. Note: Don't use the really cheap "bacon", go to Whole Wallet and splash out for something that is not 100% subcutaneous oinker fat.

[1] Transitioning between spellings I am.

Technology shares slide with Brexit vote, except ARM



Those words burned into my brain after reading too many ARM documents & datasheets. Seems somehow... relevant?

I'm off for a nice cup of tea and a sit down to rest my brain from the headless chickens I've encountered today.

Discworld fans stake claim to element 117


Re: periodic table


I noticed that some of the more "interesting" elements were absent, though the little containers existed to fill in the gaps. Its a fun day out, the views outside (Hollywierd sign, the city spread out below) are impressive, and... the parking is free (yes, wierd for Los Angeles.)

Tesla parades sleek model body and fab batt at Roadster fans


"Flat roads in... Southern California"


UK urged to stop bigging up startups, feed 'growing' firms


Re: More to the point...

Rob m8, they have some seriously cracking brews going on here now. IPA seems to be goer with most Merkin's (+missus) around here (SoCal) but my fave is Lagunitas "lil somethin"[1] - guaranteed to get you wasted in a most delightful way.

There are some crazed, trying too hard, "craft" brews that are well weird to be sure, just avoid anything described on the menu or label that looks like it should be for a wine ("buttery", "caramel", "chocolate", "mature abandoned socks" etc.)

[1] Served @ Ink N' Iron fest while The Damned & Buzzcocks played on...

SKYPE has the HOTS for my NAKED WIFE


Yes, I went there and said "avatars."

I wonder if we could do lip syncing & voice changing avatars instead? A Muppet Show Webex would be a hoot. Might have bindun, but I'm too lazy and caffeine deficient this Saturday morning to look.

PS: Future Shock! The story of 2000AD - futureshock2000ad.com

Watch: Kids slam Apple as 'BORING, the whole thing is BORING'


"Computers? Beep beep beep. Does not compute! What use are they?"

Speaking as a kid (~13yo) who used to design processors (74LS181 FTW!), burn EPROMS with my home made device, and burn holes in the carpet while etching PCBs - Don't underestimate the kids. You show them the widest range of things in the hope of sparking an interest, and then let em' freely choose. Show them the wide open possibilities and not the soft bigotry of ignorance and presumption.

Title is what someone said to me as a kid. I've never forgotten it.

Don't go away, IBM and SAP – Larry's not finished with you yet


"...swapped a bunch of big guys – ... – for a hunch of other guys; small bug agile."

Am I getting bitrot or is Larry afraid of Igor the insect?

NASA's Opportunity rover celebrates 10 years on Mars with a FILTHY selfie


Shameless promotion: Want to meet the JPL geezer?

A free public lecture hosted by a space advocacy & STEM outreach (non-profit) org in the CA southland:

Saturday, Feb. 22, 3:30 pm

OASIS Lecture Series

10th Anniversary Landing of Mars Exploration Rovers

John Callas, Project Manager, JPL

Long Beach City College Planetarium

4901 East Carson Street

Long Beach CA 90808


Disclaimer: I'm a member of OASIS.

Peeping Tom suspects cuffed after 'falling through women's toilet ceiling'


Decaying Mall Corners

Nothing like 'The Bluff', but not the least dangerous area to av' a lark in. Yep, very stupid: FALL FAIL.

Guardian's Robin Hood plan: Steal from everyone to give to us


Re: I am going to start a british web-based newspaper

The lawyer of unintended consequences has spoken! We will all be rich!

NZ bloke gets eel stuck up jacksie


Pet Shop Boys

Look up that Americanism.

Thumb Up

Eel meet again, don't know where, don't know when...

Would that be in UK asparagus units or the large white variety I've seen in Germany? The German stuff can be very... interesting looking. *cough*

Thumbs up there, because thats safer than an eel up there.

NASA funds sexy, stealthy, sideways supersonic flying wing


The pilots are going be lovin' it, flying sideways.

I imagine the next step is for the cockpit and engines both be at the centre and rotatable as one unit.

NASA's $2.5bn Curiosity rover: An Apple PowerBook on wheels


It was such a bad article...

...that all us commentards came out in force (~2 pages so far) to increase the hit count and load up adverts (for those without advert/pic blockers.) Nice.

The spiky rubberhead pic. Because I really dig the look.

Success! Curiosity Mars lander arrives precisely on schedule


So thats where they are dumping all those unsold Chevy Volts.

Excellent news!

As my JPL bumper sticker says: "I love the smell of rocket fuel in the morning"

Pasadena to party hardy as Martian landing looms


Culture shocked

As a Brit ex-pat and member of the LA OASIS society[1] I'm continuously in jaw dropped mode. I've been introduced to the Space-X CEO, know people who's lecturers worked with Wolfgang Pauli and other scientific luminaries. It goes on and on, including people I know who work for JPL. The UK efforts, sadly, make it look like WASA[2].

Its an utterly different world and those not familiar with it have no idea of the core of talent, commitment, money and opportunities. The UK is no slouch when it comes to talented scientists, but everything else seems so shoe-string in comparison.

[1] https://info.aiaa.org/Regions/Western/LA/Lists/Calendar/DispForm.aspx?ID=159

[2] http://www.welshspaceagency.org

PS: One space science meeting was at Northrop Grumman's cafeteria, the exterior of which is best known to Star Trek fans as the place where Spock was attacked by the fried egg monsters: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation:_Annihilate!

Google and Facebook tool up for coupons fight


Green Shield Stamps, by the barrowload

Coupons? Looks like everybody is wanting to get out of the dollar, fast.

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?


Lots of good suggestions made y'all made

The Centrifugal Rickshaw Dancer

Dying Earth series


The Reproductive System (Sladek)




Helliconia series

Naked came the robot

The diamond age

Israel mulls creation of elite counter-cyberterrorist unit


Darwin's Fix++

...and the site hosting the source of the automatic updates

...and each package source code

...and the developer with either a gun to their heads, or an agenda



End to end security for everything. Who do you trust?

I'm off for my Friday pint, not sure whats in the pint, it might be mind control drugs or GM water, you never know! *wibble*

Small business denounces extra red tape


The glass cellar

"women had no rights and were forced to stay at home with the children"

Yeah, it sure beats going down the mine and end up dying of pneumoconiosis while the coal board drags its feet on compensation that might have made my grandfather live longer, or in less pain. Or maybe it would have been more equal like my great-great grandmother and the kids down the mine along with the men? As to the company store - it was (economic) slavery. No wonder the miners had such a radical outlook after such exploitation (though it was transmuted into greed later by certain union leaders with political rather than humanitarian agendas).

Stop with the divide and conquer mentality promoting your own kind of sexism, we all live different lives, and the best thing we can do is to help others achieve, or at least try, whatever we want to do without getting caught in the traps of poverty and ignorance, or stomping on each other like rats in a trap.

Firefox 4 for Android shuns ARMv6 phones


Casting (typedef) structs to char* WTF!?

Utterly evil, never mind that it could be structs compiled (#pragma) packed or unpacked, or both options in different libs and the calling code (the horror, the horror...)

Its a big sign that someone is not paying attention to architecture and portability issues.

HP's 'vision' should embrace Apple, not copy it


When dinosaurs roamed the earth

It is the age of shambling zombie corporations. Once lively and fleet of foot, they now roam the world to feast on those still living and productive. Brains and talent ripped out and devoured in greed, with nothing at the end of the day to show for it except more corpses and undigested great ideas, products and talent slowly decomposing within the putrid frame of the mega-corp as it shambles it way to a fresh victim.

Hadron Collider 'could act as telephone for talking to the past'


Travel from time T2 toT1 obviously requires a T-800.

I'll get my coat.

Sexy eco-bulb wins Design of the Year


So they've given on of the chair fetish then?

Product design is an incestuous field of luvvies contained within the M25. Artisan fail: Because you did not make it yourself.

London's Olympic clock claps out



...the first of many.

App Store not invited to web's date with destiny



When I pointed a while back that this was the score, I got shot down here. LOL! That that server to app link - all it needs is a basic UDP/TCP over IP and whatever protocol some demented megalomaniac developer can think up over lunch.

The only reason HTML is still here for apps is developer laziness - its a done deal so we only plug in the component and point it at the same port 80 address.

Dim Brits think TARDIS IS REAL



...in the room.

Time for a cider my luvvers.

Connecticut suspect's 'half-ro' haircut wows web



Phil Oakey a bit shiner on top nowadays. Still got it though, go see them if you get the chance.

Microsoft 'paid Nokia $1bn' for WinPho 7 deal


Not a member of The Register?

The FUDy shills are out in force today. *sigh*

The Node Ahead: JavaScript leaps from browser into future


Premature optimization is the root of all evil

All this newbie code monkey jabbering, click-jerk down-voting and inter-generational cluebat swinging. I really, really, really, could do with a few pints about now to deaden the pain of it all.

Oh yes, I was going to say something about measuring bottlenecks, profiling and such. Too late, I've already got my coat on. Have a good weekend all.

Julian Assange™ applies to trademark himself


Cunning plan

"This is the warrant for your arrest Mr. Assange."

"What? Did you get permission to use my name? No? Remove my name from that document immediately! I'm gonna sue you!"

2. Profit!

Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4



Thank you all. I've really enjoyed this flap in the peanut gallery.

Mobile spyware tool helps paranoid spouses prove themselves right


Marrying the wrong person?

Working at your marriage is a lot art when the current environment encourages a lazy, entitled attitude with the ease of bailing out if it. Eat-prey-cheat and the rest of the divorce glamor industry don't help either, bashing from Kay Hymowitz telling us to "Man up" because we're not good enough (LOL!) The list is endless; various cultural bits of shiny-shiny worthless tinsel pulling couples apart or preventing them from trusting one another. I'm glad I'm not a young bloke in this horrid era. One major cluebat for y'all is: Men don't (often) commit because women are (often) bad at *keeping* commitments (look at the gender ratio for *who* files for divorce.)

Dear US gov: Stay the hell out of Silicon Valley


"Secret History of Silicon Valley"

I'm a bit late here, but this insightful talk (~1hr) is worth a view. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTC_RxWN_xo

Customs officers get X-ray machines for down under searches


Path of least resistance

1. Fill false preggers bump with Kg of the good stuff and walk on through (sans THz scanners).

2. Find an under 18 year old stupid enough to be a mule (not exactly hard, that one)

3. Either rohypnol & make a deposit in an unsuspecting lightweight thinker or a fake ID and take acting lessons in not firing on all thrusters.

Ways and means people, ways and means.

Turn your mobile phones in to a live gig speaker


Moshpit or GTFO

I feel the evil need for a portable FM transmitter and the latest Beiberific or BrokeNCYDE abortion.

Man found guilty of battery after ejaculating in co-worker's drink


Yes, but did she spit or swallow the drink?

I know, this Mr Obvious is going to hell.

/coat, the shiny metallic asbestos lined one.

Apple brings multi-touch, full-disk crypto to latest OS X



Like wot VMS and other OSs had yonks ago?

'Most stupid criminal ever' blew cover on Facebook


Post anonymously?

Would have got away with it, if it weren't for 400 of those pesky kids.

Three-day gaming session kills Chinese man



FIFY. ;-)

Five Reasons to be cheerful about Nokia-Microsoft


Microsoft and the version #3 rule.

Punting a WP7 on Nokia hardware should be simple - munge the existing drivers for the WP7 API and you could 'knock one out' (yes, I know) in a hurry. Its an engineering problem, one Nokia are good at (sans all the engineering teams walking out, err...)

I expect WP7 to advance quite a bit and catch up, as long as the consumer unit and BU don't go to war over features. The only thing that would work against that is lack of communication between, and commitment from, MS and Nokia engineering teams. The only thing that could _really_ bollox it all up are their respective bureaucracies, but we have already tread on that ground, around and around, like Marvin the paranoid android stuck in a hole.

There is enough cash floating around for them, I think, to do it the X-Box way and chuck it around until something sticks, all gooey and cheaply, to whatever demographic is unfortunate enough to be in the way. As with any MS product, I would wait for version #3 though (I'm joking, really!) before it hits its stride and the money sucking starts in earnest.

PS: Nokia, please get an industrial designer that did not work on chunky Casio watches for orienteering bods. Thanks, much appreciated.

Who needs 600 friends when you're a bride of Christ?


Time heals

Give it up on the ancient feuding people, I'm all for multiculturalism! For instance I'm *just* starting to get uses to all those Roman/Frenchy/Viking sorts hanging around these Isles. It does add a bit of colour to the place you know.

Y Cymro.

PS: I really don't mind them but hey do often reek of garlic and drink that awful alcoholic red stuff made from some some bizarre small squishy fruit clumps. As for not believing in lots of gods that you can actually see (sun,rock,plant,animal,sky) and only in one invisible one, Well, It might impact the hut prices around here (its already at two goats and a hen!) Thats all I'm saying, you know.

/ tongue, cheek, coat.