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80-year-old cyclist killed in prang with Tesla Model S

Mike Ball

So what's the story??

What's the story here? You state that its not known if AP was in use, so it's 'car hits cyclist'. Good grief. Why not publish a story that says 'Mercedes on cruise control hits cyclist' when it unfortunately happens? At least wait until there are known facts to make a story.

Got an Apple Mac, iThing? Update it right now – there's a shedload of security holes fixed

Mike Ball

Airdrop also fixed

They don't mention fixing Airdrop on OSX - which has been crippled since El Capitan, and now works.

Firefox 21 ships with performance-profiling Health Report

Mike Ball
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I just want the Flash plug-in to stop crashing. Please. Please. Please.

ISS and Atlantis crews face 'daunting' box-shifting job

Mike Ball
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Just amazing

I love reading this stuff, it blows my mind. Its easy to get a bit blase these days about what mankind has achieved with technology, ingenuity and courage. It almost sounds a bit 'matter of fact' until you start thinking about all the things that have to work properly and reliably to make attaching a skip full of stuff, swapping it for rubbish and bringing the skip back to earth possible!

T-Mobile imposes swingeing cuts on fair use data limits

Mike Ball
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You've GOT to save it for home broadband?

.... or you have to pay more to do it? Not clear from the T-Mobile statement after the link..

Blighty's kids nosedive down global reading, maths rankings

Mike Ball


Whats this points system then? We all happy we understand exactly what it's measuring and how the numbers are produced? What was the average number of points for each subject last year and the year before?

Crap, I don't want to read the OECD report and methodology, I've got better things to do, the pubs are open.....

iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install

Mike Ball


16GB 3GS successfully updated last night from 4.0 to 4.0.1 . Didnt run like a dog before, doesn't now. Not jailbroken. Desktop PC, not laptop (so no power management interference). Decent USB cable, not a 75p eBay cheapie. Boring. But I like the pretty taller signal bars.

Mitsubishi iMiEV five-door e-car

Mike Ball

Mystery route

You drove the thing WHERE? Don't think the A419 runs between Chichester and Stroud. You mention Chichester twice - don't you mean Cirencester?

GM Volt to deliver three-figure fuel economy

Mike Ball

Numbers, numbers

Typical leccy /hybrid vehicle news item.. Loads of stats about mileage, range, recharge times, yadda yadda. All hot air and pr puff. The manufacturers are falling over themselves right now to act like the numbers are "real" and the vehicles are nearly in the showrooms. Boring stuff ... this sort of item will only get interesting once the subject matter concerns testers getting their hands on a 'real' vehicle and producing real world numbers.

Tesla speeds to $1m profit

Mike Ball


Sold 109 cars ..... but I wonder how many were actually shipped - I've lost track of whether Tesla are in 'normal' production mode now..

Sky hints at 3D TV launch

Mike Ball
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How about......

... fixing the *** bugs that still bedevil the HD box and give us the long overdue HD EPG before announcing yet more blue-sky features?

Sony PS3 sub-£300 Blu-ray Disc player

Mike Ball

He certainly did....

Same things struck me - my PS3 feeds optical DD/DTS audio to my AV amp, and plays Blu Ray DVDs at 1080p/24 according to my Pioneer plasma.... so how did the reviewer ascertain his 'facts'??

Tiscali hits 'undo' after bandwidth throttling chokes iTunes

Mike Ball

Not just Tiscali

It hasn't just been Tiscali - it's also affected Pipex users (like me) - owned by Tiscali. It's a shame that, judgeing by some of the Apple and Tiscali forum posts, quite a few users were driven to actions as extreme as re-installing Windows before the relevant helpdesks took a cool look at the pattern of complaints.


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