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HPE's private London drinking club: Name that boozer

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Hoist and PEe?

Tea, Earl Grey, hot! NASA blows $125k on Star Trek 3D FOOD PRINTER

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Someone mentioned beer along with the assembled pizza? I just read about this beer concentrate. Our astronauts will be set:


Americans resort to padlocking their dumb meters

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Big Brother

Tinfoil Cures All

It's nothing a little tinfoil hat can't solve.

CA auto-immune update trashes systems

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It's too bad eTrust didn't quaratine itself before running amok with other apps. That's twice in five weeks an update has ruined my morning. I've already got the renewal for eTrust in process and am upgrading to ITM (includes PestPatrol); what have I done?!?

AT&T reveals slipping iPhone sales

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iPhone = Yes, AT&T = No

There are probably quite a few folks, at least here in the U.S., that want the iPhone, but not AT&T's crappy service/coverage. I'll keep holding my breath that another provider will offer it.

Microsoft delays Iowa data centre plans

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Shareholder Greed

While I can understand shareholders wanting their billions back and then some; I think the continuing expectation of double-digit returns should be better managed. We've had too many instances of companies cooking the books to meet shareholder expectations which usually fueled compensation packages for those same chefs, I mean executives. Just my 2 cents...

Don't shout at your disk drives, warns Sun engineer

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Paris Hilton

@Simon Ward

If only I could forcechoke some of the users or do a "Scanners" number on them, I wouldn't need percussive maintenance. No physical evidence either...

Paris, because forcechoke wouldn't work on her, her throat muscles are too well disciplined

Enormous HP box spotted from space

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Everything but the kitchen sink.

I miss out on some of the references being a Merkin and all, but still choked on my coffee at some of the images. St. Nick just delivered some playmobile figures for my kids and we just got a new digital camera, so I might have to put something together for the folks here across the pond...Wal*Mart+iPhone maybe...

Bus-spotting paedo terror bust: Shock CCTV image

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Just discovered your work...

when will it show up on Cash and Carrion gear? Being a "colonist" I miss some references (Croydon?, but can assume it's like downtown Newark, NJ), but still enjoy them immensely.

VMware catches Foedus

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Foedus - Qualifying Virtualization

I ran into Foedus a few years ago when the pharma sector was determining how best to implement VMware in a high-regulated (21CFR, Part 11) environment. Up to that point many of the IT folks in that sector had been virtualizing the low-hanging fruit and leaving the regulated/qualified systems alone. A guy from Foedus gave a pretty good presentation on this subject...