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Pentagon in QuEST for quantum-teleport spooky IT


Re: faster than light communication

Actually entanglement has been used for communication (very primitive though).

What was done was a beam of entangled particles was shot through a beam splitter and then into a collector for each beam. In front of one beam was placed a peice of cardboard with UCLA (I beleive) cut out of it. Supprisignly both collectors showed UCLA even though the second collector was totally unobstructed. I can not find an online reference to this experiment but recall it from a book called "Entanglement: The Greatest Mystery in Physics" by Amir D. Aczel.

Microsoft delays SQL Server 2008 release again


What tool have you been using?

SQL 2005 was a vast improvement for me and everyone else I know. The new environment nicley intergrated two tools into one and is much easier to work with. We also found that the upgrade eliminated a lot of deadlock and timeout issues.

As for using more resources. Sure, but that is every new version of pretty much every software program released. You don`t get new features for nothing.

FBI rings warnings over VoIP phishing cons



How does this connect with VoIP at all? Really all this could be done over a regular phone. I guess the criminal could be using VoIP to be more mobile and less traceable but that is not outlined in the article.


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