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TomTom UK and Ireland

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Ref: hmmmm

I'm not astroturfing with my recommend of Co-Pilot Live - it does almost exactly the same job as TomTom on the iPhone but it's less than half the cost. What's not to like about that?

Also, in regards to battery life I'd be amazed if people who are going to use an iPhone as a satnav don't already possess an in-car charger...

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Try an alternative...

I've used GPS systems for a few years now (started with ViaMichelin on a Palm handheld) but lately I've only used TomTom kit as it's so intuitive to use and reliable.

However, I was disappointed at the high cost of adding it to the iPhone so I bought CoPilot instead (it's about £26.99 from memory) and it's a very decent app with some nice features.

We still have our standalone TomTom for foreign journeys so the iPhone one is more for occasional use but I'm happy using either.

Kiwis go all black over copyright enforcement laws

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I guess you're not on Twitter then?

Palm's new OS not dead, just going Nova

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What's the plan?

The comparison to Apple may be on the right lines (remember BeOS? Shades of Access there...) but the difference is that Jobs came back to Apple with a grand plan. Palm don't seem to have that yet, unless they're being as secretive as Apple usually are.

I'm a Palm fan - have owned at least nine of their devices from a V to a T|X via Treo 180/600/650/680 and currently using an old Zire as a stopgap until 3G iPhone arrives.

Until they invent something that makes the users life easier, then the gradual decline will continue. Like the iPod, iMac, iPhone - all things that in some way had existed before but Apple made them compelling to use and own. Go PALM!! You can do it...

Apple update trick triples Safari share

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Oh come on. It must be a seriously slow news day for this story to appear.

Are you the sort of person who just installs updates without reading the explanatory information? Then you probably have IE7 as your default browser and you deserve it.

At least Apple make it easy to get rid of Safari if you don't want it, unlike Microsoft. So, at worst you've wasted no more than 15 minutes downloading, installing and removing. Woohoo...

And to double market share people actually have to use it after downloading it.

I'm surprised that this story is generating so much news coverage. Apple even listened to the criticism and put it in a separate box marked 'New Software' and you still complain?

Please find some more interesting 'news'. Haven't that casino in America bought any new things off ebay recently?

Let this story lie now. It's old news.

O2 misses iPhone targets

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We're not daft...

Personally I was quite ambivalent about the iPhone until I tried one in the Apple Store. Now I want one but I'm not buying now because (a) my contract isn't finished yet and I'm not paying for two, particularly when (b) they've already said a 3G version will be released relatively soon.

Given that the lack of 3G seems to be the only significant weakness in the handset it would be daft not to wait for that to be fixed before throwing a load of money at Apple and O2.


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