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Gov claims 'password protection' OK for sensitive docs


Why oh why?!

More data stored on a PC that shouldn't have any information on it. As for the governments belief that everyone in the UK will buy the "password protected" bull then they are dillusional.

What is even worst is that it isn't a laptop but a PC... Time people begun thinking about protecting OUR personal information. If this information is sitting on a PC or laptop we have a right to know that it is secure. At the moment no one can give us this 100% certainty. There are products out there like BackStopp from Virtuity (www.backstopp.com) that protect data from these types of theft, even protecting a desktop PC utilising RFID technology. If the machine leaves, the data is securely deleted. Now why aren't they using something like this to come out and say "A machine was stolen, but we know the data was securely removed an hour ago without being accessed"?

Rant over..

Join the army, get your ID pinched - MoD laptop goes AWOL


Encryption isn't the solution

Reading through the comments over the weekend about this theft. A lot of people have been suggesting the use of Encryption. Encryption is a means of slowing down the theives from accessing the data, but if they want to get to the data then they will know how too, it may take days, but they can get to it.

Anyone looking for a method of securing laptop should look at a method of ensuring the data is removed should the machine fall in the wrong hands. The best tool I have seen for this is backstopp (www.backstopp.com). They also have a white paper suggesting methods on how these stories can be stopped. We found them extremely useful.

Something has to be done to protect our identities and our bank accounts.