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Canadian ISP Shaw falls over with 'routing' sickness

Sarah Millin

Shaw has been having weird problems for the last month. MLB.tv was blocked for several days. Any email domain they didn't like got blocked for a few days. I suspect they are trying out some new security features and breaking things along the way.

'Geek' image scares women away from tech industry

Sarah Millin

just read the comments

Wonder why women don't want to be in IT or stay in IT? Just the read all the comments here. Really guys, could you dig up some new stereotypes?

p.s. There was a woman programmer, Lois Haibt, who worked on the Fortran team.

p.p.s. why is the only female avatar available a blonde with a certain reputation?

IBM launching American-only software support

Sarah Millin
IT Angle

British Columbia

The capital of British Columbia is Victoria. And last time I checked, B.C. is still part of Canada. Why Americans would be asking what the "capitol" of British Columbia is to verify the call centre is located in the States is beyond me.

I hope the IBM move is not the beginnning of a trend in the industry. I make a lot of money off from folks who don't want their technical support to be in the Phillipines or India or god knows where.


Vista security credentials tarnished in malware survey

Sarah Millin
Gates Halo

some missing details

I would like to know if those Vista machines that were badly infected were using Internet Explorer in protected mode and the UAC was on.

Both these features can be a bit irritating but they do protect against malware.

Sparks fly over electric shock dealing Dell laptop

Sarah Millin

oh, it's shocking all right

Just spent several hours "downgrading" a Dell XPS M1530 to XP Pro, and it has been shocking.

Every time you touch the bloody thing without grounding yourself, there is a large noticeable shock.

Talk to Dell today about the downgrading (they were useless, couldn't even find information on their own web site about the process) and mentioned the "shock" factor. Support person had no idea what I was talking about.

Maybe they figure anyone who buys a laptop loaded with Vista requires electro shock therapy as they are clearly crazy!